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GARO Special: The Beast of the White Night. “Making Of” –sort of–

Updated: September 4th, 2008

I have found what could be the Making Of of the Garo Special. They are two videos about a TV show amusing enough... but they are not subdued. Attention: there are spoilers!

A comment by Yee has uncovered a better truth: they are THREE videos. She has told that it is the second in order. So:

1 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rNpOUG1xBK4/
2 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ved6xHNY_IQ/
3 - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/shHRO4UBGmM/

Thanks a lot, Yee!

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Yee ha dit...

Hi Mitra,

Actually, there is three parts in MAKING OF GARO SPECIAL as follows:

Part A - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rNpOUG1xBK4/

Part B -

Part C -

Yeah, Konishi Hiroki is so dashing, hilarious, cute & nerdy as the Garo TV newscaster, presenting this Garo Special or "Making of the Beast of the White Night" to the audiences..interviewing the creator - Keita Amemiya which is mostly in part A, then the action director in part B and CG director in part C.

I loved part B & C the most. Can one image Kouga being afraid of insects.... haha Konishi is, so funny the way he react when insects land on his arm and they purposely rewind it 3 times in slow motion too...everyone teased him how can GARO be like that neh! He was such a good sport to hide under his table and pretend that it's OK to come out now to continue with his news reading after the insect incident..HAHAHA! He was so sporting and cute to break into the "Under the Aurora" song when he spotted a rainbow when in location...what a guy, he does have a passion in singing!!

Wanted "Dead or Alive" for the spot the couple in the mall was my favourite caused more KOUGA x KAORU moments!! Yeah, managed to spot them at three scenes and sigh...they seems to be eh, eh not in sync with the handshake neh...but still good contact with each other! It seems that the mall scenes is also fans gathering as well...lucky fans indeed to participate in Garo and receive handshakes from them and oishii rice cracker too...so envy!

There is also a section called Garo TV Sport....really hilarious, how can Konishi race with a 5 years old Rin and not win..pleeease his legs is so long!! Little Rin was so kawaii going around casting her "Smile a Smile" magic charm on everyone on the set except Konishi..if I'm not mistaken?! Ray is good with the yoyo and all boys seems to get along with each other fabulously. Everyone work so hard in the exercise section, stretching and practicing till perfect except for Ray, where is he...? Konishi is so awesome with all his actions scenes by himself and so does the rest of the cast, everyone is incredible! Sugoi neh!

So touching at the final scenes where everyone receive flowers from Keita Amemiya and tears of joy from Konishi..sob really gonna miss GARO but this is such a GREAT way to complete this series and just can't ask for more neh...sob, sob! This is a MUST-SEE for all GARO fans..you will simply love it.

Too bad now that Konishi is concentrating his career more in musical and especially in the Japanese version of "Les Misérables". Oh gosh he can really sing so well, I happened to saw in YouTube one of the fans upload the part where he was singing...If I'm not mistaken as the character of "Marius Pontmercy" anyone can confirm this? I hope he will come back to TV drama soon, gonna miss him in action....GANBATTE KONISHI!

Yet to have time to comment on the English translation on KAORU yet, another great analysis..too exciting watching the Making of...you know!

Thanks again, Mitra!

Mitra ha dit...

Hey, Yee! So great to read you again!

Thanks very much for telling me about the third video; you can see I’ve updated the three (trilingual) articles with it.

Really, it has the most amusing scenes, I’ve enjoyed it a lot –the best one: the atack by insects... and the “newscaster” under the table, LOL–.

I knew about the videos through a blog from an Italian fan, also the one from “Les Miserables”. I’ve understood –my Italian isn’t good– its blogger writes in an Italian forum, and they uploaded two songs by Konishi: the first post has both links –no video–.

This man got a lovely voice! Did you get the four songs by Garo Project? If not, I know a blog by a friend of mine which uploaded them... you will tell. I love specialy “Orora no shita de”. Ultra its beautiluful melody, I remember the few first times I heard it: the increasing participation by the chorus did me to cry!

That Italian fan I told before says that Konishi is in a film, too, but I have’nt undestood its title –but there is a picture–... plus getting on with “Les Miserables” till novembrer 2009 (I think!). She is/was in Tokyo and has got a lot of news and pictures, and swears to go to alls his theatre works. How is your Italian? Do you want the link?

Yee ha dit...

Eh, my Italian are only limited to food caused I like Italian cuisine, so technically it's non exist..LOL!

Yeah, I've found out the name of his movie. TORIKON! リターンズ Returns (2008年) I think is based on the manga "Triple Complex" about 3 guys. Konishi played a supporting role and he seems more mature, there is a trailer here where you can watch him in action - http://www.toricon.com/

Yeah, how can I forget to mentioned GARO OST!! I was so thrilled to know that they are the singers in Garo Project and absolutely loved "Boku wa Mada Koi o Shite wa Ikenai", "Boku ga Ai wo Tsutaeteyuku" and of course "Orora no shita de"! Those lovely romantic songs just simply heightened their romance, since we just can't get enough of it! Konishi has a very unique voice that is melodious and husky! In fact am listening and watching their MVs whenever I miss Garo!

Wow, your friend is sure a super fan of Konishi to really want to catch all his theater act, gonna cost a bom!

Mitra ha dit...

Hahahaha...! So you ARE a true Konishi's fan! So great!

No, that Italian fan isn't my friend: just a blog I visit from time to time. It looks as she knows Japanese, so she can be aware of everything... but my Italian isn't good at all, I only can understand what is seemed to my two languages, but such a method deceives a lot.

I downloaded Garo OST only two weeks ago -I din't find it in Japan last July!- thanks to a friend. I didn't find either anything by Garo Project there... and this same friend gave me the links to download the four songs. Blessed him!

I also like very much the also romantic "Akai bara"... you forgot mention it(!) Konishi shows there his dominion of his voice! Pitty the song is bad adjusted in the video.