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Garo - Red Requiem


Una altra versió de la mateixa història? Un nou argument?

¿Qué será? Qué será, qué será, qué será... (mordiéndome las uñas de nervios)

Next year! I hope it will not be worse...

Official page.

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7月23日から 8月18日まで。


Summer Holidays

From July 23th to August 18th.

I am sorry.

Vacaciones de verano

Desde el 23 de julio hasta el 18 de agosto.


Vacances d'estiu

Des del 23 de juliol fins al 18 d'agost.


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GARO Fanfic - Exiled’s return, 1

Fanfic located shortly after the White Night
Chapter 1: Shadows

The horror monitors the doorway closely. With its round eyes. Its antennae, despite rising nearly a meter above its dry head, are not very useful to catch something into another dimension. It waits, knowing no congener has enough will to implement such a plan. It can afford to be patient, if keeping its hunger under control.

A hint of a shadow crosses within the doorway. Its arm rushes between dimensions, hits a violent bang on the shadow and withdraws. Well, it sighs, looking at that dark blood staining its claw, it is one of those silly marauders. Changing plan, right now. It rushes on the other side looking for its victim, which leaves quickly the possessed human in order to escape quicker. Useless. It reached the other with ease and soon became energy and nutrients stored in its second stomach, the reserves one. Right when it took the opportunity to take the unfortunate human back to its world, it hears a scream. Another terrified human, an unwished witness, flees. The stranger is in a hurry to return, unwilling to atrackt the attention upon itself, among humans, or among the horrors lurking among them.

Back in familiar territory, the body carried with it disintegrates; it can not taste human flesh and see if it really worth to come out and run the risk of bumping into a Makai Knight. So, the Bariri horrors are the top class: more intelligent and wise, have food at hand, and dominate the other horrors by fear of being devoured.

As the human flesh adulterated by a marauder is neither one thing nor the other, is not helpful at all. It shall wait another chance. The doorway is in the proper territory, and only a human being is needed to start to wander there freely.

Its patience is rewarded when it sees the next shade. Or not. Barely its claw rushes through the doorway, the pain tears its body, its arm draws in. Its hand was severely cut with the unbearable effectiveness of metal soul. What a misfortune that a Makai Knight was watching the place, and closed it quickly!

The Bariri horror had a big tantrum in seeing its plans thwarted, so now is hunting other horrors indiscriminately to relieve its pain while its arm begins to regenerate.

When it regains control over itself realizes that, provably, that Makai Knight is the one its is looking for. Well, it is hitting its revenge when the time comes. Having encouraged himself, seeks and finds another doorway in the same area. Now, it understands why sometimes it is necessary to venture into the human world. After all, it harangues itself, according to the reports of other horrors collected by it, they are natural predators of humans, and the Makai Knights are very few.

It takes time and patience to see its hopes rewarded. With intimate joy, it watches the red blood staining its new hand, and does not resist the temptation to lick blood and flesh torn off its victim. Humans are almost insipid for Bariri genuine taste, it decides soon. A single look to the other side of the doorway, where a human being should have a hemorrhage, and focuses on itself.

Its long antennae descend until its ends can move among the remainings on his hand, to copy their DNA. He believed that its transformation would be complete in about ten seconds, as usual, but did not know that the huge differences between its own DNA and the human one requires more time and, even, pain.

Hardly a minute after, Poisoned Edge goes, enthusiastic, into the humans’ world.

*     *     *

“Zaruba, are there any more dark doorways?”

“That one was the last. You’ve worked hard today, and you’d rest for a while, Kouga. Imagine that tonight have to hunt”.

The young man thinks that the tiny talking head of his ring is right, and he begins to walk toward home, wishing to contemplate again his beloved’s face and to get lost into the warmth of her arms.

A while later, his developed perception warns him that someone is following him.

“Zaruba, is there any horror over here?”

“Not at all. Why?”

“Forget it.”

Kouga knows, from his experience, that a human with hatred and determination enough can be more dangerous than a hungry horror, and he can not rise his sword against him. Well, he is reaching home and nothing has happened. If he feels it again, he is going to intercept that one.

His step is quick and his face softens when he sees in the garden, with her back turned to him, her figure.


“Watch the fences!” she exclaims.

Kouga automatically turns his head to right and left, before to understand that the news is not for him. Why have she not turned to receive him? Perhaps, he was not be heard. Then, he hears other voices. What is happening here?

The first thing he sees when he reaches where she is, around the corner of the house, is a huge truck. And then, a couple of men holding some long wooden boards, trying to make them enter through the door. Again? Puzzled, he watches the girl.

“Kaoru ...”

“Hi, Kouga” she says, not yet turning to him. “Be careful with the little table at the door!”

Where is her hug, which makes him to come back happy home? Where is her look that always welcomes his return? Suddenly, he wants to throw out those strangers who snatch from him the affectionate greeting to which he is entitled.

“Kaoru, what’s all this thing?”

“I’m tired of the depressing decoration in the dining-room, it's so dark!”

Kouga can not imagine what she meant by "dark", but she takes his arm and drags him inside the house, and then he understands. His eyes did not expect to find so much light in the dining room and have to blink.

“Where’re the curtains?” he protests to his enthusiastic girlfriend.

“We’ll change them. They’re almost opaque, and always keep the dining room in a terrible darkness”.

Moreover, the dark (and noble) wood table, chairs, sofas and cabinets have been replaced by other more simple and clear: only the wooden backrest in the wall remains intact, making a rare contrast.

A sudden anxiety holds the young man. Without any warning, the furniture among which he has lived almost his entire life has disappeared. Meeting Kaoru allowed him to remain strong in his humanity, but not anymore. He did not care (well, not much) when she changed the decoration of her room, but now she has invaded his territory. Maybe he should not have said "my house is yours" when they met again after her return from Europe, but then he felt he wanted to do it. Is he being possessive with his belongings, or selfish with his territory? Is he losing heart about his confidence to her?

“What do you think?” the girl asks, brimming with hope.

He, confused, can not open his mouth. Leaves the dining room with big strides, leaving behind a saddened and disappointed Kaoru.

*     *     *

“Excuse me, can you help me with a wounded person, please?”

Late to work: that is what she needs to end the day. Kaoru follows, resigned, the man of the striped shirt, hoping that may help to forget how Kouga had stood her up.

“Maybe it’s enough to call an ambulance” the stranger says, stopping at a small deserted street. “I forgot my mobile within other trousers”.

When the girl begins to search for the small device into the full depths of her bag, she senses that something is wrong. Her brain barely registered a quick movement by the unknown one, and some long fingernails, unusually long in a man, before to feel a hurful pain in her left arm. The stranger shows an evil smile, blood on his hand. Colored drops on the floor. Her own arm, bloodied. Has that guy snatched her flesh? Is that white thing a bone?

Impressed by the vision, Kaoru faints away.

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GARO Fanfic - Garo's Secret

Why they say that Garo is the highest among the Makai Knights?

(Reorganized chapters):

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5, the end.