diumenge, 28 de desembre de 2008

GARO Special - Tsubasa Yamagatana


We ignore if Tsubasa was so bossy and so jealous of his territory before to stumble across Kouga. Such a surfeit of responsibility is almost unavoidable for a proud character: he has grown surrounded by people (or family, at least), people he loves and, if as Rin said, their mother was killed by a horror, his obsession to protect them all makes sense. Therefore, he believes to be fair everyone to count with him for everything, and gets angry if not.

We saw him pretty legalistic, without any regard to the circumstances. Perhaps this was the reason they never gave him all the information he might need. Mix this with his pride, and you will get a character as difficult as Kouga’s, but with a different hue. Although they both are proud, Tsubasa gets his strengh from this pride ( "I’ll protect Kantai!") And Kouga gets his from his faith.

But pride is like a sandcastle: it does not support attacks, neither solid arguments nor evidences. In a reasonable and well-intentioned person, it is doomed to be removed. So, Tusbasa will warned to swallow it when he feels in debt with the ones he had rejected so much surly, and which had forced him to look inside his heart, in order to get strength and compassion from there.

Chap. 2. Rin yearns for her brother being sympathetic and smiling, before becoming a Makai Knight. Tsubasa will have to face his pride before retrieving his nature.

To summarize, it is a case similar to Kouga’s. But, unlike this one, Tsubasa will retrieve his friendly and social nature, so we can discover that his bad change of behavior had not yet fully rooted in his personality, it was a patch added to deal with some exceptional circumstances.

After watching reality with a clearer light, Tusbasa will be able to collaborate, even hand over to another the pre-eminent place, if that other had more possibilities to achieve the goal.