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GARO Fanfiction - Update

I have found a new fanfiction in the internet:

Treat a Child Like a Child , by Impulsivebrain

GARO Fanfic - Dreams (Chapter 4th and last)

Kaoru was reading a magazine at the living-room just to forget her sadness. She knew that tonight she was not going to sleep either, like the former one, and the former to this. Well, she made a choice and must learn to live with it.

Kouga returned from his hunting. He seemed so tired! That horror had to be really hard to beat. Good time for some good news. She got up from the sofa.

“Kouga, are you fine?”

He stared at her, and his face relaxed.

“Yes, I am.”

“That’s good, because I want you to know... I’ve renounced to that grant.”


She nodded.

“I’ve sent it today. I won’t leave.”

Alarm in Kouga’s face. What’s the...? He spun around and almost pushed the entering buttler down.

“Gonza, when does the car of the Post Office come?”

“Over four in the morning, sir” he answered, trying to get back his dignity.

The younger man ran outside, and Gonza left too.

Some minutes later he came back with a white envelope in his hand and held it in front of Kaoru’s face. It was her resignation, why have he retrieved it? Then, he ripped it. She did not understand anything at all.


“You must go.”


“Dreams coming to truth have built the human world, giving us a chance, and the power, to make things better. Your work is to fulfill your dreams. Mine, to be sure you can do it.” He felt worried in seeing her starting to cry, and took her face between his hands. “Kaoru, why...?”

She shook her head to soothe him.

“So you are a dream protector.” She giggled, but he clearly did not find it laughable.

“I protected yours when I had just met you and, even, was sure you wouldn’t live more than a hundred days. So, I think I am.”

Kaoru’s heart filled up with a tenderness born from the beauty of what she had just heard, and embraced him, her head on his chest. He surrounded her with his arms until she stared at him.

“I owe you one. No, I owe you many ones.”

“You owe me no ones.”

“I do.”

Kouga’s lips reached hers and lingered on patiently, until she allowed him into, and relinqued herself to his amazing sweetness.

“Settled debt” he whispered afterwards.

She was breathless, so shocked she felt. Then, she grinned.

“I remember Zaruba telling me that you were a hiden diamond. I was late to accept he was right.”

He still kept her between his arms, and tightened them. Kaoru trailed her own arms until his shoulders, letting her fingers run upper through his hair. She could stay like this forever. But another hand went up from her waist, took the back of her neck and pulled it to him. A tiny kiss on the corner of an eye. At her nose. On the corner of her mouth. At her ear. On her neck. She enjoyed it all closing her eyes, and ended with a blissful sigh.

She looked at him. Waiting for more? Trying to get herself lost whithin the depth of his look? She did not know. In any case, Kaoru felt pouring her whole self to him, and felt that he was there to catch her. So they could get lost together? No, he led her inside his well kept heart, so he could return to her such a great trust. She even did not see his lips approaching hers again. She felt that kiss as one more manifestation of which already her heart was living, just as felt how he was trying to inlay her body with his. But the kiss changed, filling up with passion. And broke.

Kouga’s sight showed the strengh of a taken decission. He lifted her on his arms and carried her upstairs, without breaking eye contact. Now, Kaoru felt his arms becoming like both poles of a powerful battery. But this time she was not afraid. Everything was perfect.

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GARO Special - Jabi and Rin Yamagatana

The main female characters in the Special can be treated very briefly and together for one single reason: they do not change.

Rin is always the same girl proud of her power and yearning for her brother. When power brings fear, we ignore if it makes her to feel more caoutius or insecure. When Tsubasa recovers his real self, to feel happy was the only possible option.

In the series, Jabi was a more complex character than here, as we saw in the duality of his behaviour to Kouga. In the Special she is a fighter and nothing else, although grateful for her release (who would not?) It would have been more consistent if she would have asked whether Kouga had managed to save Kaoru.

It is a pity they had not worked over these characters, very important for them to get more attention.

GARO Special - Tsubasa Yamagatana


We ignore if Tsubasa was so bossy and so jealous of his territory before to stumble across Kouga. Such a surfeit of responsibility is almost unavoidable for a proud character: he has grown surrounded by people (or family, at least), people he loves and, if as Rin said, their mother was killed by a horror, his obsession to protect them all makes sense. Therefore, he believes to be fair everyone to count with him for everything, and gets angry if not.

We saw him pretty legalistic, without any regard to the circumstances. Perhaps this was the reason they never gave him all the information he might need. Mix this with his pride, and you will get a character as difficult as Kouga’s, but with a different hue. Although they both are proud, Tsubasa gets his strengh from this pride ( "I’ll protect Kantai!") And Kouga gets his from his faith.

But pride is like a sandcastle: it does not support attacks, neither solid arguments nor evidences. In a reasonable and well-intentioned person, it is doomed to be removed. So, Tusbasa will warned to swallow it when he feels in debt with the ones he had rejected so much surly, and which had forced him to look inside his heart, in order to get strength and compassion from there.

Chap. 2. Rin yearns for her brother being sympathetic and smiling, before becoming a Makai Knight. Tsubasa will have to face his pride before retrieving his nature.

To summarize, it is a case similar to Kouga’s. But, unlike this one, Tsubasa will retrieve his friendly and social nature, so we can discover that his bad change of behavior had not yet fully rooted in his personality, it was a patch added to deal with some exceptional circumstances.

After watching reality with a clearer light, Tusbasa will be able to collaborate, even hand over to another the pre-eminent place, if that other had more possibilities to achieve the goal.

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GARO fanfic - Somnis (cap. 3)

La seva precissió en trobar horrors no era la mateixa que quan Zaruba el conduïa. I el criticava. Gairebé el podia escoltar dient-li “massa a poc a poc, Koga, aquest horror ja es deu haver cruspit algú”. Fins it tot amb aquest benvolgut company –no l’havia considerat mai “benvolgut”– desaparegut per a sempre, en Koga havia aconseguit trobar-lo abans de matar ningú. Corregué per la enfosquida escola estalonant l’home al que havia posseït. De cop i volta, el crit d’una dona, molt a prop.

– Maleït sia! Es veu que encara hi ha algú, aquí! –es queixà.

La següent sala a la que entrà li tenia reservada la terrible visió d’una persona essent posseïda per un horror, mentre l’amfitrió que havia tingut fins llavors queia a terra. No ho va poder evitar. En Koga se li acostà, essent saludat per una veu femenina.

– Benvingut, Cavaller Makai, m’alegro de tornar-te a veure.

– Per què? –va dir ell– Per què has llençat així la vida d’aquest home?

L’home tot just desposseït es recargolà a terra per uns moments, abans de desintegrar-se. L’horror havia s’havia apoderat ara del cos d’una estudiant, una ceramista. Hi havia peces de ceràmica dins d’un forn obert que deixava anar altes temperatures a l’exteror.

– És per a tu, Cavaller Makai! –“ella” pretengué sorprendre’s.– Que no t’agrado? –Es caricià la cara, després els pits, i les cuixes.– O és que no ets prou humà per adonar-te’n?

En Koga apretà les barres i desenveinà la seva espasa de metall de l’anima. Això serà molt desagradable, pensà. La “noia” començà a caminar al seu voltant, a poc a poc, amb les seves mans plegades a l’esquena.

– Però, vaja, sembla que ets prou humà com per a tenir un costat fosc.

De què dimonis està parlant aquesta cosa?

– Oh... –ella féu morros– no te n’adones, oi? Segur que saps que puc llegir les aures humanes, i puc veure un forat negre... m’aniria bé. Amb un cos com el teu, alimentar-me em seria bastant més fàcil.

Aquest horror vol tornar a canviar de cos, per què és tan capriciós? En Koga pensà que ja s’havia esperat prou i massa. Aixecà la seva espasa i atacà.

La “noia” saltà cap al damunt de l’armari, el qual tremolà i quasi es trencà. No podria lluitar-hi. En Koga s’hi acostà, mentre ella continuava parlant.

– Que potser no creus en el teu jo fosc?

I tant, que hi creia, en Koga. Fa focs dies quasi destruí la seva ànima i el seu cos.

– Sento dir-te –respongué ell– que el que veus només és una cicatriu del que fou.

– Ah, sí, la cicatriu, també la veig. Ben gran, ja ho crec. –Ella féu una rialleta ximple.– Ja sabia jo que eres prou humà.

L’armari cruixí i ella saltà a terra, apartat d’ell, al costat del forn obert.

– Fa tanta calor, aquí... –La seva veu era massa sensual per poder creure-se-la. Es tocà el cos un altre cop, però s’aturà en copsar la impaciència d’en Koga.- No ho veus, oi?

– No hi ha res a veure. Calla d’una punyetera vegada! –Ell s’hi acostà a poc a poc.

– He pres el cos d’aquesta noia en el teu honor, ja t’ho he dit. Guaita: és una artista; sobre la seva taula hi ha molts llibres de grans ceramistes... els seus ideals.– Ella es callà un moment i el mirà perillosament.– He fet blanc! El forat negre creix i creix, Cavaller Makai. Encara no saps de què et parlo? Em pregunto si seràs capaç d’evitar la meva escomesa.

Una commoció interior sacsejà en Koga. En efecte, ell s’adonava que alguna cosa anava molt malament, però la seva veu no perdé la fermesa.

– Saps que un Cavaller Makai no és una presa fàcil.

– És veritat, però si aconsegueixo que el forat continuï creixent...

Ell atacà un altre cop, li calia fer-ho. El seu cor l’avisava que podia trobar-se davant davant del seu més digne rival horror. La porta del forn es mogué de sobte. En Koga hi xocà. Ella la mogué en la direcció oposada per colpejar-lo un altre cop, i ell sortí llançat violentament contra el terra.

– Ja ho veus, Cavaller Makai, aquesta dona ha tingut grans somnis, però jo vaig arribar. –Una pausa dramàtica.– I. Li. Has. Fallat.

Ella el mirà un altre cop amb gran intensitat.

– Bé, molt bé. Em pregunto quants cops has fracassat en protegir somnis humans.

En Koga es doblegà com si li haguessin donat un cop de puny a l’estómac. L’horror rebé tot l’impacte de la seva mirada plena d’odi, i somrigué amb dolcesa, però no pogué continuar amb la seva enraonamenta perquè en Koga havia llevat la seva espasa per tal d’invocar la seva armadura. Però es quedà immòbil com una estatua.

L’horror encara no havia recuperat el seu propi jo, era massa aviat per transformar-se. Gràcies a que aquest pensament s’havia infiltrat a la seva ment, es va poder adonar a temps que l’armadura no devia ser invocada amb tant d’odi dins seu cor, es recordava de la tremenda lliçó que va haver d’aprendre, i la qual quasi va susprendre. A més, ara sabia que l’horror tenia raó: s’estava convertint en un bon anfitrió per a ell. Es preguntava si tindria oportunitat d’ocupar-se del forat negre.

En Koga es dreçà amb tota la seva dignitat disposat, si calia, a travessar-se amb la seva pròpia espasa. Cap preu no era prou alt per evitar que un horror usés el seu cos per matar gent. I... ja ho crec!, tampoc hi havia preu prou alt per evitar que un humà acomplís els seus somnis.

Com que la mirada de l’horror esdevingué més i més plena d’odi, en Koga va saber que el forat negre s’estava començant a tancar.

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GARO Especial - Jabi y Rin Yamagatana

Los principales personajes femeninos del Especial se pueden tratar brevemente y juntos por una razón: no evolucionan.

Rin es siempre la misma niña convencida de su poder y con nostalgia de su hermano. Cuando el poder la conduce miedo, ignoramos si ésto la hace ser más prudente o más insegura. Y cuando Tsubasa recupera su yo verdadero, estar contenta era la única opción posible.

En la serie, Jabi era más compleja que aquí, como se ve en la dualidad de su comportamiento hacia Koga. En el Especial no es más que una luchadora, aunque agradecida por su liberación (¿quién no lo estaría?) Hubiera sido más coherente si le hubiera preguntado a Koga si había conseguido salvar a Kaoru.

Es una pena no se hayan trabajado más estos caracteres, suficientemente importantes como para dedicarles más atención.

GARO Especial – Tsubasa Yamagatana


Ignoramos si Tsubasa ya era tan mandón y celoso de su territorio antes de tropezarse con Koga. Que tenga un empacho de responsabilidad es casi inevitable para un carácter orgulloso: ha crecido rodeado de gente (o al menos, de familia), gente a la que ama, y si, como dice Rin, su madre fue muerta por un horror, razón de más para obsesionarse en protegerlos a todos. Por tanto se cree con el derecho a que se le tenga en cuenta para todo, y se enfada si no es así.

La hemos visto legalista, sin consideración a las circunstancias. Quizás por esta causa nunca se le da toda la información que probablemente debería tener. De lo cual, combinado con su orgullo, resulta un carácter tan difícil como el de Koga, pero con otro matiz. Aunque ambos on orgullosos, Tsubasa saca la fuerza de ese orgullo ( "yo protegeré Kantai!"), Y Koga la saca de su fe.

Pero el orgullo es como un castillo de arena: no soporta ataques, ni argumentos sólidos, ni evidencias. En una persona razonable y bien intencionada, está condenado a ser arrinconado. De forma que Tusbasa se verá obligado a tragárselo cuando se vea en deuda con aquellos a los que tan ásperamente había rechazado, y que lo habían obligado a mirar dentro de su corazón, y a extraer de ahí tanto la fuerza como la compasión.

Cap. 2. Rin añora los tiempos en que su hermano era simpático y sonreía, antes de convertirse en Caballero Makai. Tsubasa deberá mirar cara a cara orgullo antes de recuperar su naturaleza.

En resumen, es un caso similar al de Koga. Pero, a diferencia de éste, Tsubasa recuparará su carácter amable y social, descubriémdonos que su cambio a conducta detestable todavía no había arraigado de lleno en su personalidad, sólo era como un retal añadido con el fin de enfrentarse a unas circunstancias excepcionales.

Vista la realidad con una luz más clara, Tusbasa será capaz de colaborar, e incluso de ceder a otro el lugar preeminente cuando cree que tiene más posibilidades que él de conseguir el objetivo.

GARO fanfic - Dreams (Ch. 3)

His precision in finding horrors was not the same than when Zaruba led him. And critizased him. He almost could hear him telling “too slow, Kouga, thant horror would have already feed itself.” Even with that beloved companion –when did he refered him as “beloved”– gone forever, Kouga had achieved to find before killing someone. He ran through the darkened school stalking the man it had possessed. Soon, a woman’s scream, very near.

“Damn! There’s still somebody here!”, he complained.

The next room he entered into, kept for him the terrible vision of a person being possessed by a horror, as the former host fell down. He was not in time to avoid it. Kouga approached, and a female voice greeted him.

“Welcome, Makai Knight, it’s a good thing to see you again.”

“Why?”, he said. “Why have you wasted that man’s life?”

The depossessed man writhed on the floor for a moment, before to desintegrate. Obviously, the horror took a student girl, a ceramist, after him. There were some ceramic pieces inside an open oven realeasing and intense heat outside.

“It’s for you, Makai Knight!” it pretended surprise. “Don’t you like her?” It caressed first her face, and her breasts, and her thigs. “Or, aren’t you human enough?”

Kouga pressed his jaws and took out his soul metal sword. This is going to be nasty, he thought. The “girl” started to walk around him, slowly, with her hands joined at her back.

“But, well, you’re human enough to get a dark side, aren’t you?”

What the hell is this thing saying?

“Oh...” she pouted, “you don’t realize it, right? But you know I’m able to read human auras, so, I see that black hole... I could fit there. Whith a body like yours, I’d able to feed myself quite easier.”

That horror wants another body change, why is it so whimsical? Kouga thought he had waited too much. He raised his sword and attacked.

The “girl” jumped onto a cupboard, which trembled and almost broke. She would not be able to fight there. Kouga came closer, as she went on with her talk.

“You don’t believe in you dark self?”

Oh, yes, Kouga knew he had got one very well. It almost destroyed his soul and his body forever some days ago.

“I’m afraid”, he answered, “ you only are seeing a remaining scar.”

“Oh, the scar, yes, I see it, too. Very big, indeed.” She giggled. “I knew you were human enough.”

The cupboard cracked, so she jumped down, away from him and beside the open oven.

“It’s so hot here...” Her voice was too sensual to be believed. Touched herself again, but stopped suddenly as realizing Kouga was getting impatient. “You don’t see it, yet, don’t you?”

“Nothing needs to be seen. Stop your stupid chatter!” He approached slowly.

“I took this girl in your honour, I said you already. Look: she’s an artist; on her table has got a lot of books about great ceramists... her ideals.” She paused an looked at him dangerously. “Target hit! That black hole is increasing right now, Makai Knight. Don’t know what I’m talking about, yet? I wonder if you are going to be able to avoid me.

An inner commotion was shaking Kouga. Indeed, he realized something was going very bad, but his voice was still firm.

“You know a Makai Knight isn’t an easy prey.”

“True, true, but if I achieve that hole went on growing...”

He attacked again, he had to. Something within his heart warned that he could have met his horror match. The door of the oven moved suddenly and Kouga crashed into it. She moved it to the opposite direction to hit him again, and he was expelled violently against the floor.”

“You see, Makai Knight, this woman had some great dreams, but I came here.” A dramatic pause. “And. You. Failed.”

She paused again to watch him intensely.

“Good, very good. I wonder how many times have you have failed to protect human dreams.”

Kouga bent down as he was hit onto his stomach. Then, the horror received all the impact of his hateful look. She smiled sweetly, but could not go on her talk because Kouga had rised his sword to invoke his armor. But he remained motionless as a statue.

The horror had not uncovered itself: too early to transform. Thank to this thought infiltrated into his reluctant mind, he could realize the armor should not be invoked when there was so much hatred within his heart, he remembered that hard lesson he had to take, and almost failed. Plus, now he knew that the horror was right: he was becoming a good host to it. He wondered if there would be a chance to take care of that black hole.

He arose with all his dignity, ready to run through himself with his own sword, if needed. There was not a price too high to stop a horror of using his body to kill people. And... oh, yes, there was not either a price too high to allow a human being to fulfill his or her dreams.

As the horror’s look changed to an intense hatred, Kouga knew the black hole was starting to close.

GARO fanfic – Somnis (Cap. 2)

En Koga es va despertar de cara avall. La primera cosa que els seus ulls van veure fou la preciosa cara de la Kaoru i el seu coll tendre, deliciós. Tenia el seu braç esquerre agafat al seu cos suau, desitjable. I la primera cosa que va pensar: “és meva!” Però la satisfacció produïda per tot això es va difuminar de seguida en va sentir que alguna cosa no rutllava.

Es tombà sobre la seva esquena i els ulls aterraren al dosser sobre el seu llit. La seva mirada resseguí els elegants plecs vermells fins al seu començament, mentre es feien més i més profunds, autèntiques i enormes arrugues. Fascinant. Arrugues. Alguna cosa estava seriosament “arrugada”. Els seus plans per a la seva primera nit amb la Kaoru.

No hauria d'haver passat així. Hauria volgut que fos més que la prolongació natural del seu amor. Volia que hagués estat el seu homenatge personal cap a ella. En comptes d’això, va ser aclaparat pel seu propi desig, i era una cosa que el desconcertava força. Així, la “primera nit” se'n va anar a l'aigua.

En Koga es va llevar i s’afanyà a la sala d’entrenament per a desfogar la seva ràbia contra ell mateix.

* * *

La Kaoru va veure molt difícil trobar-se amb en Koga l’endemà. Les seves sessions d’entrenament es van fer més llargues de l’habitual.

Mentre l’esperava per a sopar, es preguntava un cop i un altre per què ell l’estava evitant. Després del que havia passat a la nit, no tenia lògica.

Certament, no havia estat el que ella hauria volgut, ni tan sols el que s’esperava. Sabia que en Koga no era un home romàntic, ni amable. Malgrat que s’havia cregut amb el dret a esperar un començament suau el primer cop, li faltà temps per ajustar ment i cos, i només obtingué rudesa. Deixant de banda que ocasionalment es va sentir arrabassada per sensacions sorprenents, por i mal dominaren la nit. Li havia de fer entendre que així no es feien les coses. L’estimaria prou per poder acceptar-ho?

La Kaoru decidí entrar a la sala d’entrenament. Ell no va semblar adonar-se'n, malgrat que es posà a la paret, sota d’un llum. Però, res.

En Gonza va arribar amb un sobre vermell. En Koga s’aturà per atendre’l i, un cop destruït, mentre arribava a la porta es girà cap a ella:

– Que tens intenció de quedar-te aquí per a sempre?

– Koga! –La Kaoru va veure la seva oportunitat i s’afanyà cap a ell. –Un moment!

– Hi ha un horror. – Ell s’allunyà un altre cop.

– Espera, sisplau! –cridà.

Ell es girà cap a ella.

– Saps perfectament que aquestes coses maten la gent. Ets tan infantil! –I se n’anà.

La Kaoru encara no entenia moltes coses d’en Koga, i va tèmer que mai no podria. La noia va començar a tèmer que la seva conducta d’avui podia tenir una causa més important. Que potser ell havia perdut el seu interès en ella després de l’última nit? No ho volia creure. No podia, ell havia arriscat tant per ella! O el seu amor s’havia, simplement, esfumat? Una commoció interna vessà com una marea, i les seves cames no pogueren aguantar el seu cos.

* * *

Unes nits després, en Koga tornà a casa de la seva cacera. En Gonza hi era per a rebre’l com sempre però, quan el jove se n’anava escales amunt, afegí:

– Sisplau, no sigueu gaire dur amb ella.

En Koga l’observà amb sorpresa, i les alarmes sonaren al seu cap. Continuà pujant les escales, més a poc apoc. Un cop a dalt la vegué, asseguda a terra amb la seva esquena a la porta de l’habitació d’ell. Empassà saliva i avançà, silent. Se li aturà al davant. El seu cap s’inclinava al costat de la porta. Dormia. És adorable, pensà. La seva cara era la llum que il.luminava la seva ment: el món semblava un lloc millor amb la Kaoru al seu costat. Prou que sabia que feia dies que ella havia inentat parlar-li, però ell estava empipat, i no volia que ho veiés.

En efecte, en Koga havia rastrejat l'enuig fins al seu començament, quan la Kaoru va rebre la carta amb la concessió de la beca. Cada cèl.lula, cada nervi del seu cos, fou dolorosament tocat per la notícia... especialment per la seva il.lusió d’anar a Itàlia. El seu jo lluitador no ho va poder acceptar, i es defensà com un animal salvatge, marcant el seu territori. Així fou nat el desig compulsiu que arruïnà la seva primera nit plegats. Després el jo salvatge, i també el normal, la castigaren tot prohibint-li d’acostar-se a ell de cap manera. Eren com desconeguts un altre cop, malgrat que això li feia mal, i estava segur que a ella també.

En Koga prengué l’adormida Kaoru per dur-la al seu llit, però ella es despertà a mig camí i el mirà. Ell li tornà la mirada, ja sense esperances d’estalviar-se l’esbronc.

– Deixa’m anar, sisplau, –digué. Ell ho féu a desgrat.– Per què m’evites?

– Hauries de ser al llit.

– Em costa d’entendre’t; sisplau, ajuda’m.

Ell podia sentir la seva desesperació, esquinçant-li el seu cor en el procés, però s’havia acostumat a ignorar el seu dolor. El d’ella també?

– Va ser això, doncs, –deia, mentre la seva veu perdia permesa,– la nit que vam compartir no hi va haver horror, però tu necessitaves una presa de totes passades.

No!, va cridar la seva ànima. Per segon cop en Koga va veure com la seva estimada, amb els ulls humits, es girava per anar-se’n, com aquella altra nit en què un horror peix descobrí el seu secret. Ho recordava massa bé: ella fugí d’ell. Un altre cop, no! Calia fer alguna cosa, ara mateix!

S’arrapà al seu braç, l’estirà i la tombà cap a ell.

– Això no és veritat!

Ella es deixà anar amb aspror.

– Quina és la veritat, doncs?

En Koga no podia respondre. Com fer-ho, si s’havia acostumat a reservar-se per a ell mateix cada pernsament i cada sentiment. Prengué la seva mà entre ambdues seves i la posà sobre el seu propi pit. Calia que ella sentís els batecs del seu cor; calia que sapigués que ell només estava viu des que ella entrà a la seva trista vida. Ella, era la seva vida, que no ho entenia? Ell necessitava tant de conservar-la!

El jove no es resistí quan la Kaoru provà d’endinsar-se a les profunditats dels seus ulls foscos. Tot i sentir-se indefens, ell es refiava d’ella i li donà la benvinguda.

Després, la mà d’ella es desplaçà més enllà de les d’ell pujant pel seu pit, fins cariciar-li la galta amb suavitat.

– No vols que me’n vagi a Itàlia, oi?

En Koga girà la seva cara prou per posar-hi un petó lleuger. El polze començà a fregar-li lleugerament els llavis, què s’obriren. El noi sentí acostar-se el perill i va haver d’enretirar-la d’ell amb suavitat.

– Bona nit. –digué ella, mentre entrava a la seva habitació.


Ell restà on era, la seva voluntat subjectant amb força el seu jo salvatge, què reclamava la seva presa. En Koga respirà amb profunditat per calmar la seva tensió. Llavors, escoltà alguna cosa a través de la porta de la Kaoru. Plorava.

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GARO fanfic - Dreams (Ch.2)

Kouga woke up facedown. The first thing his eyes saw was Kaoru’s beautiful face and her tender, delicious neck. He had his left arm wrapped around her smooth, desirable body. And his first thought was “she’s mine!” But the satisfaction those things gave to him was quickly vanished by the feeling that something was not working.

He turned on his back and his eyes landed on the canopy above his big bed. His look followed the elegant folds of its red fabric until their beginning, as they became deeper and deeper, true big wrinkles. Fascinating. Wrinkles. Something was seriously wrinkled. His plans for their first night.

It was not supposed to happen like this. He had wanted it to be more than a natural extension of their love. He wished it would be his personal homage to Kaoru. Instead of it, he got overwhelmed by his own desire. That amazed him too much. And their first night, ruined!

Kouga got up and hurried to the training room to vent his anger against himself.

* * *

Kaoru found very dificult to meet Kouga that day. His training sessions became longer than habitual.

As she waited for him to have dinner, wondered once and again why he was avoiding to see her. After what happened last night, it made no sense.

Certainly, it was not what she had looked forward to, not even expected. Kouga was not a romantic man, she knew, neither a kind one. Although she had the right to expect a slow and soft beginning at the first time, she only got a lack of time to adjust her mind and body, even roughness. Left aside that incidentally she felt robbed from herself by a lot of amazing sensations, some fear and pain ruled last night. She needed to make him to understand this was not the way. Would his love be enough to accept it?

Kaoru decided to enter to the training room and opened its door. He did not seem to notice. She stood at the wall under a light to make her visible. Still nothing.

Gonza came in bringing a red envelope. Kouga stopped his training to attend it. After its destruction, as he reached the door. turned to her.

“Are you going to remain there forever?”

“Kouga!” Kaoru got her chance and hurried to him. “Wait a moment!”

“There is a horror over there.” And started to move away again.

“Please!” she yelled.

He spun himself to her.

“You do know those things kill people. You’re such a child!” And left.

Kaoru did not understand a lot of things about him, yet, and began to be afraid she could not. Never. The girl began to suspect a major cause of his behavior today. After last night, has he lost his interest on her? She did not want to believe it. She could not, he risked so much for her sake! Has his love just vanished? An inner commotion flew like a tide, avoiding her legs to support her body.

* * *

Some few nights later, Kouga came back at home from his hunting. Gonza received him as usual but, when the young man was going upstairs, added:

“Please, don’t be too hard to her.”

Kouga stared at him in surprise, and some alarms began to sound within his head. He went upstairs slowlier. As reached the top, he saw Kaoru sat on the floor with her back against the door of his room. He swallowed, and went forward, slowly, silently. He stopped in front of her. Her head was bent down at the side of the door. Asleep. She was lovely, he thought; her face was the light enlightening his mind: the world looked a better place with Kaoru beside him. He knew she had tried to talk to him for several days, but he was angry and did not want to show it.

Indeed, Kouga had tracked his anger until its beginning. It started when she got that letter about the grant. Each cell, each nerve in his body, felt hurt by those news... specially by her illussion to leave. His fighting self did not accept it, and defended itself as a wild animal by marking its territory. So, that compulsive desire ruining their first night was born. Next, it... and he... punished her by forbidding her to be close to him in any way. They were like strangers again, although it hurt him, and also her, he was sure.

Kouga took the sleeping girl up in his arms to carry her to her bed, but she woke up half way and stared at him. He stared back, his hopes she would not scold him tonight, gone.

“Please, let me go”, she said. He did it, reluctant. “Why do you avoid me?” she began.

“You should be in bed.”

“I can’t understand you, please, help me.”

He could feel her desperation, ripping his heart in the process. But he was used to ignore his pain. Hers too?

“It was this, then,” her voice lost firmness, “that night we shared, there wasn’t any horrors, but you needed a prey.”

No!, his soul shouted. Kouga saw as his beloved one, her eyes moistened, turned to leave, just like that other night, the one that a fish horror uncovered his secret. He remembered it too well: she ran away from him. Not again! He had to do something, right now!

He gripped her arm, stretched and spun her to him.

“This isn’t true!”

She let herself go roughly.

“Which is the truth, then?”

Kouga could not answer, how to do it, as he was so used to keep each thought and feeling to himself. He took her hand with his both and put it on his chest. She must feel his heartbeats, he wanted Kaoru to know that he only was alive since she came into his life. She is his life, does she not understand it? He need to keep her so badly!

The young man did not resist when Kaoru tried to sink within the depths of his dark eyes. Even feeling undeffended, he trusted and welcame her.

Then, Kaoru’s hand went beyond his, upper his chest, and softly caressed his cheek.

“You don’t like I to go to Italy, don’t you?”

Kouga turned his face enough to put a light kiss in that hand. Her thumb started to brush lightly along his lips, causing they to part. The boy felt a danger and had to take that lovely hand softly away from him.

“Goodnight”, she said, as went into her room.


He stood where he was, his body claiming her, but now his will ruled. Kouga breathed deeply to ease his tension. Then, he heard something through Kaoru’s door. She was crying.

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GARO Especial - Impresiones personales (Actualización)

El Especial trata básicamente sobre lucha, y el resto son excusas para luchar. El carácter de los personajes recibe poca atención, ya que incluso Koga y Rei no hacen más que reafirmarse en las tendencias que ya despuntan en la serie. No sé si serán imaginaciones mías, pero parece que elmás cuidado (a pesar de no evolucionar) sea el del Rin.

GARO Special - Personal impressions (Update)

The special deals mainly about fight, and the remaining things are causes to fight. The characters themselves get little attention. Even Kouga and Rei merely reassert themselves in the trends which already were starting to be seen in the series. I do not know if it will be my imagination, but it seems that the one more careful treated (but always static) was Rin.

GARO Especial - Impressions personals (Actualització)

L'especial tracta bàsicament sobre lluita, i la resta només són excuses per a lluitar. El caràcter dels personatges rep poca atenció, ja qui fins i tot en Koga i en Rei no fan més que reafirmar-se en les tendències que ja despuntaven a la sèrie. No sé si seran imaginacions meves, però sembla que el més cuidat (però sense evolucionar) sigui el de la Rin.

GARO Especial - Jabi i Rin Yamagatana

Els principals personatges femenins de l’Especial es poden tractar breument i pletats per una raó: no evolucionen.

La Rin és sempre la mateixa nena convençuda del seu poder i enyorada del seu germà. Quan el poder li porta la por, ignorem si això la fa ser més prudent o insegura. I quan en Tsubasa recupera el seu jo veritable, sentir-se contenta era l’única opció possible.

A la sèrie, la Jabi era més complexa que no pas aquí, com es veu en la dualitat del seu capteniment cap a en Koga. A l’Especial és una lluitadora i prou, tot i que agraïda pel seu alliberament (qui no ho estaria?) Hauria estat més coherent si li hagués preguntat a en Koga si havia aconseguit salvar la Kaoru.

És una pena no s’hagin treballat més aquests caràcters, prou importants per a dedicar-los més atenció.

GARO Especial - Tsubasa Yamagatana


Ignorem si en Tsubasa ja era tan manaire i gelós del seu territori abans de topar-se amb en Koga. Que tingui un empatx de responsabilitat és gairebé inevitable per a un caràcter orgullós: ha crescut envoltat de gent (o de família, si més no), gent que s’estima i, si tal com diu la Rin, la seva mare fou morta per un horror, raó de més per obsessionar-se en protegir-los tots. Per tant, es creu amb el dret de que es compte amb ell per a tot, i s’enfada si no és així.

L’hem vist legalista, sense consideració a les circumstàncies. Potser per aquesta causa mai no se li dóna tota la informació que li caldria. Combinat amb el seu orgull, fa un caràcter tan difícil com el d’en Koga, però amb un altre matís. Malgrat que tots dos ho són, d’orgullosos, en Tsubasa en treu la força, d’aquest orgull (“jo protegiré Kantai!”), i en Koga la treu de la seva fe.

Però l’orgull és com un castell de sorra: no suporta atacs, ni arguments sòlids, ni evidències. En una persona raonable i ben intencionada, està condemnat a ser arraconat. I així, en Tusbasa es veurà comminat a empassar-se’l quan es trobarà en deute amb aquells que tan asprament havia rebutjat, i que l’havien obligat a mirar a dins del seu cor, i extreure’n d’aquí força i compassió.

Cap. 2. La Rin s’enyora de quan el seu germà era simpàtic i somreia, abans de fer-se Cavaller Makai. En Tsubasa haurà de mirar cara a cara el seu orgull abans de recuperar la seva naturalesa.

En resum un cas similar al d’en Koga. Però, a diferència d’aquest, en Tsubasa recupararà el seu caràcter amable i social, descobrint-nos així que el seu canvi de conducta detestable encara no havia arrelat de ple en la seva personalitat, que era com un pedàs afegit per tal d’encarar-se a unes circumstàncies excepcionals.

Vista la realitat amb una llum més clara, en Tusbasa serà capaç de col.laborar, i fins i tot de cedir-li a un altre el lloc preeminent quan creu que té més possibilitats que ell d’aconseguir l’objectiu.

GARO fanfic - Somnis (cap.1)

Fanfic situat abans d'acabar el capítol 25.

Per fi estava lliure d’horrors i de Meshia, gaudia de la companyia del seu estimat i mirava el futur amb optimisme. La felicitat de la Kaoru hauria estat completa si no fos perquè en Koga estava així. Ell no havia dit una paraula des que Zaruba havia deixat d'existir feia dos dies. Fa dol per l'únic amic que ha tingut en deu anys, es repetia a ella mateixa, no és estranya la seva tristor. Ella es va menjar el seu croissant sense gana. No hi havia res que pogués fer per alleujar el seu dolor, li caldria un temps.

"Me’n vaig a treballar".

Un lleu assentiment va ser la seva única resposta. Ella va posar-li la mà sobre l’esquena en senyal de solidaritat. Per primera vegada la va mirar, i va assentir novament.

Al llarg del matí la Kaoru també va haver d'anar a l'Oficina de Correus per a recollir una carta certificada. Venia d’una escola d’art italiana, potser era sobre la beca que havia sol · licitat feia uns quants mesos, abans de començar tot aquest embolic dels horrors. Va obrir el sobre amb ansietat. Era cert, que necessitaria el seu diccionari anglès-japonès, però el missatge central era clar: havia guanyat la beca!

Més tard, a casa, s'afanya cap a en Koga, que era a la seva sessió d'entrenament de tarda, i es va aturar un moment per mirar-la.

– No t’amoïnis– va dir, tot i la seva impaciència. –Esperaré que acabis.– Se sentia una mica decebuda de veure en ell continuava amb el seu entrenament però, què hi farem, és en Koga Saejima.

Quan va acabar, gairebé va córrer cap a ell i va començar a parlar emocionada, sacsejant la preciosa carta davant seu. Ell va contemplar el full, inexpressiu. Després que hagué acabat, en Koga va dir amb fredor:

–Felicitacions.– I va sortir de la sala d’entrenament sense ni tan sols fer-li una llambregada.

La vista de la Kaoru es va mantenir a la porta que ell acabava de tancat, amb la seva il.lusió de sobte robada.

Més tard, a l'hora de sopar, alguna cosa va canviar. Ella sentia sovint la vista d’ell a sobre. De vegades la hi tornava somrient, però en Koga no reaccionava. La seva mirada, cada vegada més intensa, la posava nerviosa, per la qual cosa no volia mirar-lo un altre cop. Tanmateix, això no servia per a calmar l'electricitat que s’anava aixecant entre tots dos, cosa que no l'alleugeria, precisament. Tan aviat com va acabar, féu bona nit i se’n va anar.

Sortia per la porta del menjador quan va sentir un soroll de cadira, i anava per mitja escala que va escoltar passos que s'apressaven rere seu. La Kaoru s’afanyà a obrir la porta de la seva habitació, però un braç va aparèixer des de la de la dreta i s’agafà al muntant oposat de la porta, barrant-li el pas.

Kaoru no va mirar en Koga, ja sabia què hi veuria. Ella es limità a contemplar l’interior de la seva habitació per damunt d’aquell braç vestit de pell negra, sabent que aquesta nit no hi entraria pas. Es va esforçar en calmar el salvatge batec del seu cor, encara més difícil, perquè la calor d'un altre cos s'havia afegit a la del seu propi, així com l'electricitat que semblava surar al seu voltant.

– D’això ...– Fins i tot la veu baixa d'ell va ser com una mena de explossió a la seva orella, quan s’hi havia acostat tant? –La teva habitació és massa petita.– Cada so d’aquella frase li va provocar petits espasmes al tot el cos.

La va sorprendre molt escoltar-se dir "on hauré d'anar?" La Kaoru ni reconeixia la seva pròpia veu tremolosa i inaudible, gairebé un xiuxiueig. Per què temia l'home que s’estimava?

Silenci. Quelcom invisible semblava espurnejar arreu. Silenci. Només la rítmica respiració d’ell colpejant la seva orella el trencava, malgrat el seu propi alè semblava absent. Llarg silenci. La seva ment es va tancar a tot, amb excepció de les onades de sensacions que anaven omplint el seu cos. Silenci inacabable.

Quan en Koga va atacar el seu coll, un gemec d'alleugeriment va escapar-se-li de la seva gola.

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GARO fanfic - Dreams (Chap.1)

Fanfic placed before ending Ch. 25

Finally she was horror-free and Meshia-free, she was with her beloved one, and faced her future hopefully. Kaoru’s happiness would have been so great if Kouga would not look like this. He had not said a word since Zaruba left to exist, two days ago. He was mourning the only friend he had got for ten years, repeated herself, no wonder he was so sad. She ate her croissant without appetite. She can not do anything to ease his sorrow, he was going to need some time.

“I’m going to work”.

A light nod was his only answer. She put her hand on his back in solidarity. He looked at her for the first time and nodded again.

Along that morning she also had to go to the Post Office to get a registered letter. It was from an Italian Art Shool, perhaps about that grant she asked for several months ago, before starting all that mess about horrors. She oppened the envelope anxiously. True, she needed her English-Japanese dicionary, but the main message was clear: she had got the grant!

Later, at home, she hurried to see Kouga, who was in his afternoon training session, and stopped a moment to look at her.

“Don’t worry”, she said, in spite her great impatience. “I’m waiting for you to end”. She felt a bit disappointed in seeing him to go on with his training but, well, he was just Kouga Saejima.

After finishing, she almost ran to him and started to talk excitadely, shaking the precious letter in front of him. He stared the jumping sheet, inexpressive. After she finished, Kouga said coldly:

“Congratulations.” And left the training room without even giving her a glanze.

Her eyes remained focused on the door he had just closed, having her illusion suddenly stolen.

Later, at dinner time, something changed. Kaoru often felt his sight upon her. Sometimes she stared back smiling, but Kouga did not react. His increasing intense gaze made her nervous, so she did not want to look at him again. But it was not use to calm down the electricity arosen between both of them, and that did not soothe her at all. As soon as she finished her meal she said goodnight and went away.

She was across the dinning-room door when a noise from a chair was heard, and was half way upstairs as she felt some quick steps behind her. Kaoru hurried to open the door of her room, but an arm coming from her right side reached the left side at the door, forbidding her to go into.

Kaoru did not look at Kouga, as she knew what she was going to see. She stared inside her room over that arm clothed in black leather, knowing tonight she would not enter into. She tried hard to soothe the wild beating of her heart. So difficult, because a heat from another body was added to her own, and to the electricity apparently surrounding them.

“So...” Even his low voice was like a sort of explossion at her ear; when did he come that close? “Your room is too small.” Each single sound in that phrase sent tiny shakes to her whole body.

Hearing herself to say “where should I go?” surprised her a lot. Kaoru did not recognize her trembling voice, almost a whisper. Why did she was so afraid of the man she loved?

Silence. Something invisible sparked everywhere. Silence. Only his rythmic breath pounding heavily at her ear broke it, although her own breath looked absent. Long silence. Her mind got clossed to everything, except for those waves of sensations filling up her body. Endless silence.

As Kouga attacked her neck, a moan of relief escaped her throat.

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GARO fanfiction - Videos

Article trilingüe / Artículo trilingüe / Trilingual article

Trobat a YouTube. L'autora n'és Roselaura77, brasilera. És la seva particular versió de Garo. És doblada al portugués però, evidentment, el diàleg canvia força. L'autora s'ha tirat a sobre molta feina! És una llàstima que el so no sigui gaire bo. Però, vaja, aquí ho teniu:

Encontrado en YouTube. Su autora es Roselaura77, brasileña. Ésta es su versión particular de Garo. Está doblada al portugués, pero evidentemente con el diálogo muy cambiado. La autora se ha tomado muchas molestias! Es una pena que el sonido no sea muy bueno. Pero, bueno, aquí lo tenéis:

Found at YouTube. Its author: Roselaura77, brazilian. It is her particular version of Garo. It is dubbed to Portuguese but, of course, the words told have changed pretty much. The author got a big work! It is a pitty the sound is not good. But, well, here you have:

Kaoru e Gonza no teatro BR 1/10
Kaoru e Asami no teatro BR 2/10
Kaoru e Zaruba como gente BR 3/10
Um outro Kouga? BR 4/10
Oh, beijo dificil BR 5/10
Kouga e Jabi BR 6/10
O pais de Kaoru BR 7/10
A declaraçao de amor BR 8/10
Kouga sem Kaoru BR 9/10
Kouga e Kaoru, juntos finalmente BR 10/10

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GARO Especial: imatges inèdites / imágenes inéditas

Article bilingüe / Artículo bilingüe
Only for Spanish people.



Sembla que la versió del Garo Especial que ha publicat Selecta Visión ha deixat de banda alguna escena. En la meva cerca de material, he ensopegat al YouTube un fanvídeo d'una tal Roselaura77, anomenat Destinos el qual conté, entre altres, imatges de la fi de l'Especial, que van des que Koga s'adona que la Kaoru ha tornat fins que la veu al jardí disposant-se a pintar.


Parece que la versión del Garo Especial que ha publicado Selecta Visión ha prescindido de alguna escena. En mi búsqueda de material, he dado en YouTube con un fanvídeo de una tal Roselaura77, llamado Destinos que cotiene, entre otras, imágenes del final del Especial, que van desde que Koga se da cuenta que Kaoru ha vuelto hasta que la ve en el jardín disponiéndose a pintar.

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GARO fanfic - Anguish (3rd and last chapter)

Fanfic placed after chapter 15th and before the 17th.

One afternoon Kaoru was leaving her job and found them, facing each to another in the alley, their swords out. Both of them turned toward her at the same time. Kaoru became rooted to the ground. She had expected to see Rei, like almost every day, but she never would have dreamed she could find Kouga there.

Rei sheathed his swords, and hurried to extend his arm to her.

“Come on, princess. The cinema waits for us”.

But she did not dare to move, she did not how to react, as her eyes and mind were focused on Kouga.

“Do you want to go with him?” His voice and look were very hard, as so many times before. He turned his face to Rei slightly. “It looks like not”.

Rei came even closer to her, but his sight did not leave his opponent, whom he talked pretty sarcasticastic.

“Perhaps you’ve lost something?” Pause. “And, do you think you’re going to find it?”

Kouga’s jaws trembled slightly: so much pressure they carried. A smile as ironic as frozen on Rei’s Face allowed to guess an imminent danger.

“You’re already late: life doesn’t forgive those who waste their chances ... nor those who aren’t honest”.

He turned again to Kaoru and extended his arm again.

“Don’t pay attention to him. Soon you’ll find he isn’t worth treading the same ground as you”.

She had heard everything that Rei had said, and wondered for the umpteenth time what Kouga might have done to him. She could not forget Rei’s kindness, and his details, for many days. He tried hard to please her, as if he really liked her. Perhaps he did. He smiled a lot and, specially, provided to her the fuel needed by her hurt heart. Her hand reached his instinctively, but Kouga came closer, very slowly, focussing on her his entiere attention.

“Haven’t you finished to play, yet? You’ve done enough showing clearly how good you spent your time with him. That's enough. If you want to play you'll get a new set of brushes if you want, but I won’t let you to continue making a fool of yourself at all”.

Kaoru was speechless. If Kouga had spoke to her that way just a month earlier, she would steeped in fury. But, things had changed very much in a couple of weeks. Now she could not open her mouth: anger, hope and need tried to threaten her by losing her self-control.

His accusations were truly fair. The first day she came home with flowers given by Rei, the underlying jealousy oozing through every gesture and every word by Kouga made her secretly happy. Yes, it looked as he really loved her but, for she did not know why, he did not allowed himself to admit it. So, she decided to attack his barriers to force him to react. As they had a meal, in any time she thought it was right, she filled her unsociable host’s ears with news abut her going out with Rei, which they were planning ( "do you think I'm interested in your life the slightest?" he said), showing him the gifts received from Rei ("go on eating chocolates, and afterwards you’ll complain about the dentist’s bill") telling him the nice details by Rei ("a poem written inside the breakfast? awful!"). Nothing was any use. That day with the flowers seemed to be the first and last one. What did he want from her? Why was he protecting her? Tears were robbed from her eyes as if her skin was cut off.

Desperation turned her reckless. One day as they were having lunch, she lied him by saying that she had accepted a kiss from Rei. The glass whose Kouga was going to drink shattered among his fingers. Suddenly anxiety, and a joy as wild as repressed, aroused whithin her. Kaoru watched the mess of glasses and water around him and wondered if she had pushed him too far. She looked at him, knowing that he might attack her now, she almost hoped. But Kouga did not return her look. His eyes were closed strongly, while his hand was still pressing the glass pieces nailed into his flesh. Then, he began to remove them. He stood up, “I’m taking care of it”; his voice only reflected an intense exhaustion. Kaoru understood it as it was a goodbye forever. As he moved away, his wounded hand was crying red tears on the floor, because his eyes were not allowed to cry. She fell back, defeated and hopeless. Kouga never was going to struggle for her.

But, look at him, now, struggling for her in front of Rei, in his own scatterbrained and clumsy way, but he does! Excitement and hope compressed and ready to burst made her unable to open her mouth, when he took her wrist and dragged her along with him. But Rei stood in front of him with growing anger.

“You, troglodyte dressed in white! You make her to cry!” He drawed his swords again. “Leave her to go right now, or you and I are going to end up everything here and now!”

But he only gained from Kouga a look of complete disdain, and steeped with fury. One of his swords rushed toward Kouga’s neck, whose weapon intercepted it halfway, while the other shorter one stayed away from its target to prepare for a lunge. But Kaoru, after witnessing the exchange between both men, and not knowing whether to feel worried or pleased, put her free hand on Rei’s arm. She had to do much effort into talking.

“Rei, don’t be worried, I thank you everything you’ve done for me, but everything is fine”. And nodded to show her agreement.

The staple of the knight in black loosed, and his raised sword lowered slowly. He looked at her, incredulous, pained, without knowing what had just happened. Kaoru could not see the glance of victory Kouga had gifted him, just before feeling her arm being stretched again, and saw how Rei was left behind.

Not much later, Kouga stopped his fast walk and gazed at her. It was "that look". She saw it for the first time yesterday, when he returned to visit the Makai priest Amon. A sort of curtain had left his eyes, and their message was the one she understood well, the one she had bet so much. What did happen on that mysterious meeting? Truly, she did not mind.

For the third time she felt tighten her arm, but this time he received her to his chest. Kaoru felt as all the ghosts that had tormented her flied, scared by the heat of that body, by the soft brush of those lips, which seemed as if they were looking shyly for anything within her hair.

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GARO Fanfiction - Update

Ritratto di un amore. 4 chapters.

Erotico, Romantico
Introduzione: Posto questa fanfiction nella sezione Crossover perchè purtroppo non è stata aggiunta la serie Garo, anche se l'ho richiesta...questo telefilm mi piace tantissimo e adoro la coppia Kaoru/Koga, protagonista del racconto...Buona Lettura ^_^

I have felt tempted to put it in the Protected Stories blog. Finally, as romanticism is the very first element of this fic, I think this is its right place.

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GARO Special - Rei's evolution


Unlike the series, here we see this character fully integrated. No inconsistencies and ambiguities anymore: this is Rei Suzumura.

He is an ironic man, but affable (we had already seen it), used to live with people, with a bit of unconformism. Using a motorcycle to move around when you could use faster means of your own sphere of action, seems to tell us that he takes life calmly, he is a relaxed man.

Chapter 2. When the series was over, Rei ended up being a friend of Kouga. He started in a good way with Tsubasa, and did his best to put a bit of peace between their confronted prides. He regreted every time that Tsubasa rejected his attempts which, in fact, did not pretend anything else than to get a effective collaboration among the three of them.

But we can see an opposite tendence to Kouga’s: if this one begins to do timid attempts to get together with other people, Rei’s progressive isolation is obvious. We see he rejects a disciple, and he is not with the group of people on farewell time. He has grown with family, and now, he is alone.

Chapter 2. His madou pendant, Silver, is sorry because he does not accept Akatsuki, whom he has shown interested: Silver alerts he will feel very alone. Now, as happened at the end of the series, he has made clear his intention to remain lonely.

It is a calm decision, taken with knowledge of the facts? He does not seem to exhibit any evidence of a depression, so we can suppose that he has already left behind his period of mourning. So, why to become more and more alone? Perhaps has he repressed his mourning? Has not he forgiven himself his unsuccessful protection of his loved ones, and remorse poisons him slowly?

Let’s watch a symbol. If they have decided Rei to wear a black coat and Kouga a white one may be coincidence ... if you believe coincidences to be accidents. But it is not my case, which allows me to go further in my deductions.

From the point of view of physics, color white is the union of all colors of the spectrum, and sunlight is the prime example. Opposite to it, black is the absence of light. On the other hand, a coat is an externat piece of clothing, so it symbolizes what is visible about a person. Acording to these "parameters" Kouga shows himself in progress to light and, also, it is clear Rei’s way to darkness.

Chapter 2. Then, we can wonder whether Rei’s case is the same of those people who have continually television, radio or music turned on because they can not be alone with any background noise. Will the noise of the motorcycle be a resource so he did not listen to himself, his inner complaints?

Going even further, and getting into some eastern beliefs (you would be surprised to know the high number of Western people believing them) we might wonder if in the future Shizuka should reincarnate with the specific purpose to forgive Rei, so he would allow himself to leave the world of the darkness. Did Kouga and Kaoru happened something like this?

GARO fanfic - Angúnia (capítol 3r i últim)

Fanfic situat després del capítol 15 i abans del 17.

Una tarda, quan la Kaoru sortia de la feina, se’ls va trobar al carreró, encarats l’un a l’altre, espases fora. L’atmòsfera es podia tallar amb ganivet: era com si estiguessin submergits en un combat silenciós. Amdós es tombaren a l’uníson cap a ella. La Kaoru es quedà palplantada, havia esperat veure-hi en Rei, com quasi cada dia, però mai no hauria imaginat que podria trobar-hi en Koga.

En Rei es guardà les seves espases, s’avançà i allargà el braç cap a ella.

– Anem, princesa. El cinema ens espera.

Però ella no gosà moure’s, no sabent com reaccionar, fits com estaven el seus ulls en en Koga.

– Hi vols anar? –La veu i la mirada d’ell eren prou dures, com tantes altres vegades. Tombà lleugerament la seva cara cap a en Rei.– Sembla que no.

En Rei s’acostà encara més cap a ella, però no perdé de vista el seu adversari, a qui parlà amb un to sarcàstic.

– Que has perdut alguna cosa, potser? –Pausa.– I creus que la trobaràs?

L’esguard d’en Koga s’enfosquí. Un somriure tan irònic com congelat en el temps convertí el rostre d’en Rei en un avís de perill imminent.

– Ja fas tard: la vida no perdona els que malbaraten les seves oportunitats... ni tampoc els que no són honestos...

Es girà cap a la Kaoru i li tornà a allargar el seu braç.

– No li facis cas. Aviat t’adonaràs que no es mereix trepitjar el mateix terra que tu.

Ella havia escoltat tot el que en Rei havia dit i es preguntà, per enèsima vegada què li podia haver fet en Koga. No es pogué estar de recordar tota l’amabilitat i els detalls que en Rei havia tingut amb ella des de feia molts dies. Ell s’esforçava en plaure-la, com si realment fos molt important per a ell, somreia molt i, sobretot, li donava el combustible que el seu cor ferit necessitava. La seva mà s’estirà instintivament cap a ell, però en Koga avançà, molt a poc a poc, concentrant en ella tota la seva atenció.

– Encara no has acabat de jugar? Ja has fet prou evident com t’ho passes de bé amb ell. Ja n’hi ha prou. Si vols jugar et compraré un joc de pinzells si vols, però en cap cas no permetré que continuïs fent el ridícul.

La Kaoru se’l va mirar, estupefacta. Si en Koga li arriba a parlar així tan sols un mes abans, ella li hauria tirat la cavalleria per sobre. Però, molt havien canviat les coses en un parell de setmanes. Ara no podia obrir la boca: la ràbia, l’esperança i la necessitat amenaçaven de fer-li perdre el control sobre les seves emocions.

Les acusacions que ell li havia fet eren verídiques del tot. El primer dia que arribà a casa amb flors regalades per en Rei, la soterrada gelosia que traspuava cada gest i cada paraula d’en Koga la féu íntimament feliç. Sí, era veritat, ell l’estimava però, per alguna raó desconeguda, no es permetia de manifestar-ho. Així que decidí atacar les seves defenses per a obligar-lo a reaccionar. Durant els àpats, les estones mortes i qualsevol altre moment que a ella li semblés adient, omplia les oïdes del seu esquerp amfitrió amb notícies de les sortides que feia amb en Rei, de les que preparaven (“creus que m’interessa la teva vida en el més mínim?”, feia ell), li ensenyava els regals que en rebia (“ves menjant bombons, i després et queixaràs de la factura del dentista”), li parlava dels detalls que ell li tenia (“una poema escrit a dins de l’esmorzar? Quin fàstic!”). No hi havia res a fer, el dia de les flors va semblar ser el primer i l’últim. Què volia d’ella? Per què s’entestava en protegir-la, doncs? Les llàgrimes li eren arrabassades com si li arrenquessin la pell.

La desesperació la tornà imprudent. Un dia va enganyar-lo dient-li que s’havien fet un petó amb en Rei. Estaven dinant, i el got del que en Koga es disposava a beure esclatà entre els seus dits. De sobte excitada per l’ànsia i una joia tan salvatge com reprimida, ella contemplà els trossos de vidre i el mullader escampats per arreu, i després a ell. En Koga no es dignà a mirar-la. Els seus ulls estaven tancats amb força i crispada la seva cara, mentre la mà encara apretava els vidres que hi tenia clavats. Després, començà a treure’s els vidres sangonosos. Les seves mandíbules tremolaven de tant que les apretava. S’aixecà, “vaig a curar-me”; la seva veu i el seus passos en caminar només reflectien un esgotament aclaparadorament intens. La Kaoru el veié marxar com si li acabés de dir un adéu per sempre. La mà ferida plorava llàgrimes vermelles sobre el parquet, perquè als seus ulls no els permetia de plorar. Ella es deixà caure enrera, derrotada i sense esperança. En Koga mai no lluitaria per ella.

Però aquí estava ara, lluitant per ella davant d’en Rei, a la seva pròpia forma poca-solta i maldestra, però ho feia! Emoció i esperança comprimides i a punt d’esclatar, li impediren de badar boca quan ell la prengué del canell i l’obligà a seguir-lo. Però en Rei s’hi plantà al davant amb enuig creixent.

– Tal.lós! Troglodita vestit de blanc! La fas plorar! –Tregué les espases un altre cop– Deixa-la anar o tu i jo ho acabarem tot ara i aquí!

Però en Koga només li dedicà una mirada d’absolut menyspreu, i la fúria d’en Rei s’encengué. Una de les seves espases es precipirà cap al coll d’en Koga, l’arma del qual la interceptà a mig camí, mentre l’altra s’allunyava del seu blanc per preparar una estocada. Però la Kaoru, què havia assistit a l’intercanvi dels dos nois no sabent si sentir-se preocupada o complaguda, posà la mà que li quedava lliure sobre el braç d’en Rei què, inútilment, pressionava cap al coll del seu adversari. Ella s’hagué d’esforçar molt en parlar.

– Rei, no t’amoïnis. T’agraeixo molt tot el que fas per mi, però tot està bé.

La grapa del cavaller de negre s’afluixà, i la seva espasa a punt de precipitar-se sobre la seva víctima, de mica en mica caigué, mentre se la mirava a ella, incrèdul, adolorit, sense saber ben bé què havia passat. La Kaoru no va poder veure la llambregada de victòria amb que en Koga obsequià al seu rival, just abans de sentir-se estirar el braç un altre cop, i veure com quedava enrere.

No gaire després, en Koga aturà la seva ràpida marxa i la mirà. Era “aquella mirada”. L’havia vista per primer cop el dia abans, que ell va tornar de visitar el Sacerdot Makai Amon. Una mena de cortina s’havia apartat dels seus ulls i revel.laven el missatge que mai no havien volgut dir, què ella entenia bé i pel qual havia apostat tant. Què hauria pogut passar en aquella misteriosa trobada? La veritat és que tant se li’n donava.

Per tercera vegada ell la tibà del braç, però aquest cop la rebé al seu pit. La Kaoru sentí com fugien tots els fantasmes que l’havien turmentada, espaordits pel calor d’aquell cos, i pel suau refrec d’aquells llavis que, tímidament, semblaven cercar alguna cosa entre els seus cabells.


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GARO Fanfiction - Protected stories

As I found some Fanfics which content is... er... adult, I have opened a new blog to accommodate them. They are stories that may contain explicit sex, homosexuality, and so on. For this reason it is not a free access blog. In fact, I intend to keep the search engines to find it. If you want to have an access, write me an e-mail to mitraxxi@gmail.com with this text:

I'm on age. I know I am asking access to a blog which content may offend some people and, indeed, I accept this responsibility. Please give me an access to Protected Stories. My user name is ... (the Blogger username is an e-mail, add it)

Then I will add you to the list of people allowed to read it. I will send you the confirmation when done, along with the link.

GARO Fanfiction - Historias protegidas

Debido a que he encontrado algunos Fanfics con contenido, digamos, adulto, he abierto un nuevo blog para alojarlos. Son historias que pueden contener sexo explícito, homosexualidad, etc. Por esta razón no es un blog de acceso libre. De hecho, me propongo impedir que lo encuentren los motores de búsqueda. Si deseas tener acceso, escríbeme un e-mail a mitraxxi@gmail.com, con este texto:

Soy mayor de edad. Sé que pido acceso a un blog cuyo contenido puede ofender algunas sensibilidades, y es una responsabilidad que acepto expresamente. Por favor, dame acceso a Historias Protegidas. Mi nombre de usuario es ... (el nombre de usuario de Blogger es un e-mail, añádelo)

Entonces, yo te añadiré a la lista de gente permitida para leerlo. Os enviaré la confirmación cuando lo haya hecho, junto con el enlace.

GARO Fanfiction - Històries protegides

Degut a que he trobat alguns fanfics amb contingut, diguem-ne, adult, he obert un nou blog per a allotjar-les-hi. Són històries que poden contenir sexe explícit, homosexualitat, etc. Per aquesta raó no és un blog d'accés lliure. De fet, em proposo impedir que el trobin els motors de cerca. Si voleu tenir-hi accés, escriviu-me un e-mail a mitraxxi@gmail.com, amb aquest text:

Sóc major d'edat. Sé que demano accés a un blog el contingut del qual pot ofendre algunes sensibilitats, i és una responsabilitat que accepto expressament. Sisplau, dóna'm accés a Històries Protegides. El meu nom d'usuari és... (el nom d'usuari de Blogger és un e-mail, afegiu-lo)

Llavors, jo us afegiré a la llista de gent permesa de llegir-lo. Us n'enviaré la confirmació quan ho hagi fet, juntament amb l'enllaç.

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GARO Fanfic - Anguish (Chapter 2nd)

Fanfic placed after chapter 15 and before the 17th.

Kouga was reading when Kaoru arrived. A bouquet of red and white roses that covered a half of her face aroused his curiosity, but before he could consider whether to do a comment or not, Gonza went ahead.

“Oh, Kaoru-sama, what beautiful roses!”

“Yes, they are”. She beamed. “A messenger delivered them to me at work today”.

“A secret admirer, I suppose?,” the butler added in complicity.

“Oh, no, they’re from Rei Suzumura, another Makai Knight. Do you know him?”

“Not very well ...” Gonza had lost his conviction all of a sudden. His eyes escaped to Kouga and, after welcoming her, he went away.

Wham! The big book closed suddenly between Kouga’s hands, and scared Kaoru. He got up from his chair. While he was approaching to her, he felt all the muscles in his body getting an almost painful tension. Kaoru opened his eyes a lot and made a step back when he stopped in front of her.

“I wonder if your brain does something else than enabling you with an unprecedented ability to chatter and to put yourself in trouble”.

Anger replaced alarm in her face.

“Why do you care?”

“This guy wants you dead, and you ask why do I care? Your memory is very short”

“You should know, this,” she suddenly placed the bouquet at his nose, “is his offer of peace!”

He pushed her arm away, as if the flowers could contaminate him.

“He said it and you believe him!” Kouga could not believe that this woman to trust that turncoat. “He knows I’ll protect you, so he wants to take you away from me”.

Kaoru’s look softened, with a touch of sadness which did he to wonder if he had gone too far in his comments.

“No, Kouga, Rei doesn’t wish me any harm”.

Kaoru buried her face among the roses for a moment, a gesture that forced him to suppress his impulse to take them one at a time and to squelch them among his fingers.

“How can you know this?”

Her eyes focused on him.

“For a reason I don’t know, who he wants to harm is you, Kouga. And sometimes he thinks that threatening me will hurt you”. She giggled without any joy, and some few tears moistened her eyes. “Poor miserable! But I’m safe. You do have to take care. I couldn’t persuade him to...” She turned his face away. “I’m sorry”.

Kouga knew such an assumption was largely true, and he was ready to take it. But he had a bad feeling about the phrase she had left without ending.

“You didn’t want to put up in between, right?” Pause. She did not reply. “What did he do to you?”

“It’s nothing”. Kaoru hurried to the stairs, but a strong and offhand grip grasped her free arm.

“What did he do to you?”, he repeated. He softened his clutch when felt a warm tear on his hand. “Tell me.”

These last words were so gentle that she turned to look at him, as if she did not believe. His hand left her go.

“Well, I ... I went to ask him ... to make peace with you”.

Kouga felt moved by her courage. And her innocence. If he had dared, he would have embraced her right then. His beautiful careless one. He invited her to continue:

“He said no...”

“It is obvious, isn’t it?” Another giggle, unaccompanied by her eyes, turned her face into a mask momentarily.

“What did he say? Perhaps I’ll be able to deduce what he’s against me”.

“I don’t think so. He just...” She sighed. “He tried to kiss me”.

It was like a slap.

After being astonished, Kouga steeped in fury. Now he understood everything! Rei wanted to win Kaoru to weaken him, to make him angry, so he could make a mistake. But he must not fall into this trap. He will protect her because Rei would end up killing her. However, he would not intervene until she or he did something unusual, such as leaving his own area of influence, or... better not think about it. If such a thing happened, nobody could stop him, and will kill Rei if needed: he won’t allow anyone to threaten Kaoru’s life!

Forgetting her presence, Kouga closed eyes and breathed deeply several times to control his anger. And asked to his soul strengh enough to bear which was going to fall upon him.

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GARO Especial – La evolución de Rei


Al contrario de lo que comentamos en la serie, ahora vemos a este personaje totalmente integrado. Ya basta de inconsistencias y ambigüedades: éste es Rei Suzumura.

Y es un hombre irónico, pero afable (ya lo habíamos visto), acostumbrado a vivir con gente, con cierta tendencia inconformista. El uso de una moto para desplazarse cuando podría utilizar medios más rápidos propios de su ámbito de actuación, parece decirnos que se toma la vida con calma, está relajado.

Capítulo 2. En la serie Rei había terminado siendo amigo de Koga. Aquí, ha empezado con buen pie con Tsubasa, y se esfuerza en poner un poco de concordia entre sus orgullos enfrentados. Le sabe mal cada vez que Tsubasa rechaza sus intentos que, de hecho, sólo pretenden conseguir una colaboración eficaz entre los tres.

Pero le observamos una tendencia inversa a la de Koga: si éste comienza a hacer tímidos intentos de agruparse con otras personas, Rei se está aislando ostensiblemente. Lo vemos rechazar a un discípulo y está apartado del grupo en el momento de las despedidas. Él, que ha crecido con familia, está solo.

Capítulo 2. El colgante guía de Rei, Silver, lamenta que él no acepte a Akatsuki -por el que ha mostrado claro interés- como discípulo: le avisa que se sentirá muy solo. Aquí, como sucedía al final de la serie, manifiesta que ya tiene suficiente con ella, haciendo evidente su propósito de permanecer solo.

Se trata de una decisión serena, tomada con conocimiento de causa? No parece exhibir síntomas de depresión, así que suponemos que ya ha dejado atrás su período de duelo. Entonces, ¿por qué lo vemos volverse más solitario? ¿Quizás ha reprimido el duelo? ¿No se perdona haber fracasado en la protección de sus seres queridos, y el remordiniento lo envenena poco a poco?

Obervemos un símbolo. Que se haya decidido que Rei lleve abrigo negro y que el de Koga sea blanco puede ser casualidad ... para quien crea en ella. Pero no es mi caso, lo que me permite ir más allá en las deducciones.

Desde el punto de vista de la física, el color blanco es la unión de todos los colores del espectro, y la luz del Sol es el ejemplo típico. Al contrario, el negro es la ausencia de luz. Por otra parte, un abrigo o gabardina es una prenda exterior y, como tal, simboliza lo visible de la persona. Según estos "parámetros" Koga se manifiesta progresando como ser luminoso, y queda patente también el camino hacia la oscuridad de Rei.

Capítulo 2. En esta coyuntura podemos preguntarnos si el caso de Rei es como el de aquellas personas que tienen continuamente tele, radio o música puestas porque no pueden estar solas sin ruido de fondo. ¿Será el ruido de la moto un recurso para que Rei no tenga que escucharse a sí mismo y a sus protestas internas?

Yendo aún más lejos, y ya en terrenos más propios de las creencias orientales (pero os sorprendería saber la cantidad de occidentales que también las tienen) nos planteamos si en un futuro Shizuka se reencarnaria con el específico propósito de perdonar a Rei para que se permita a sí mismo abandonar el mundo de las tinieblas. ¿Habrá pasado algo así también entre Koga y Kaoru?

Gracias por los screenshots, Radix.

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GARO Fanfic – Angúnia. (Capítol 2n)

Fanfic situat després del capítol 15 i abans del 17.

En Koga llegia quan la Kaoru arribà. Un ram de roses vermelles i blanques que li mig tapaven la cara despertà la seva curiositat, però abans que pogués considerar si feia o no cap comentari, en Gonza se li anticipà.

–Ah, senyoreta, quin ram! És una bellesa.

–Sí que ho és. –Ella somrigué– Un missatger me l’ha lliurat avui a la feina.

–Un admirador secret, potser? –afegí el majordom, amb to còmplice.

–Ah, no! És d’en Rei Suzumura, un altre Cavaller Makai. El coneixes?

–No ben bé... –En Gonza havia perdut la seva seguretat i cordialitat de sobte. Els seus ulls s’escapaven cap a en Koga i, després de saludar-la, se n’anà.

Pam! El gran llibre es tancà de sobte entre les mans d’en Koga, espantant la Kaoru. Ell s’havia aixecat de la cadira. Mentre s’hi acostava va notar com tots els músculs del seu cos entraven en una tensió quasi dolorosa. La Kaoru obrí molt els ulls i féu un pas enrere quan ell es plantà davant seu.

–Em pregunto si el teu cervell fa alguna cosa més, a part de donar-te una capacitat inaudita per a la xerrera i per a ficar-te en embolics.

L’enuig substituí l’alarma al rostre de la noia.

–I a tu què t’hi va, ara?

–Aquest individu t’hauria mort de bona gana i encara em preguntes què m’hi va? Tan curta és la teva memòria?

–Per a que ho sàpigues, això –ella li entaforà de sobte el ram sota el nas– és una oferta de pau per part seva!

Ell li empenyé el braç lluny, com si les flors poguessin contaminar-lo.

–T’ho ha dit i tu t’ho has cregut! –Aixecava la veu; no es podia creure que aquesta dona es refiés d’aquell caragirat.– Sap que jo et protegiré, per això vol allunyar-te de mi.

L’esguard de la Kaoru se suavitzà, amb un matís de tristesa que a ell el féu preguntar-se si no s’hauria passat en els seus comentaris.

–No, Koga, en Rei no em vol pas mal.

La Kaoru ensorrà un moment la seva cara entre les roses, gest que a ell l’obligà a reprimir l’impuls d’agafar-les d’una en una i esclafar-les entre els seus dits.

–Com ho pots saber, això?

Ella el fità.

–Per alguna raó que ignoro, és a tu a qui vol perjudicar, Koga, i de vegades es pensa que amenaçant-me a mi et fa mal a tu. –Ella rigué sense alegria, i unes poques llàgrimes li humitejaren els ulls.– Pobre desgraciat! Però no em farà res. Tú sí que has de prendre’n cura. No vaig poder convèncer-lo de... –Ella tombà la cara en una altra direcció.– Em sap greu.

En Koga sabia que la seva suposició tenia bona part de veritat, i estava preparat per a assumir-la. Però el que pressentia de la frase que ella havia deixat a mig fer no li agradava gens.

–No hauràs volgut ficar-te entremig, oi? –Pausa. Ella no respongué.– Què t’ha fet?

–Res. –La Kaoru s’apressà cap a l’escala, però una mà forta i sense miraments li atenallà el braç que li quedava lliure.

–Què t’ha fet? –repetí. Afluixà la seva grapa en notar-la humida per una llàgrima càlida.– Digues...

Aquesta última paraula va ser tan suau i gentil que ella es tombà a mirar-lo com si no s'ho acabés de creure. La mà que l’agafava la deixà anar.

–Bé, jo... vaig anar a demanar-li... que fes les paus amb tu.

En Koga estava commogut per la seva valentia. I per la seva innocència. Si hagués gosat, l’hauria abraçada en aquell mateix moment. La seva bella imprudent. La convidà a continuar:

–Va dir que no...

–És evident, oi? –Una altra rialla, què no fou acompanyada pels ulls, convertí momentàniament el seu rostre en una màscara.

–Què va dir? Potser així podré deduir què té en contra meu.

–No ho crec. Es va limitar a ... –Ella sospirà.– Va intentar fer-me un petó.

Fou com una bufetada.

Quan sortí del seu estat d’estupefacció, en Koga se sentí amarat per la fúria. Ara ho entenia tot! En Rei volia conquistar la Kaoru per a debilitar-lo, encoleritzar-lo i obligar-lo a donar un pas en fals. Però ell no cauria en aquest parany. La protegiria a ella perquè en Rei l’acabaria matant de totes passades. Tanmateix, no hi intervindria fins que ella o ell fessin alguna cosa rara, com ara sortir de la seva àrea d’influència o... millor no pensar-hi. Si tals cosa passaven ningú podria aturar-lo, i mataria en Rei si calia: no permetria que ningú amenacés la vida de la Kaoru!

Oblidant-se completament de la presència d’ella, tancà els ulls i respirà a fons diverses vegades per controlar la seva ira. I demanà força a la seva ànima per a suportar el que a partir d’ara li cauria a sobre.

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JAM Project a Barcelona!

Article trilingüe / Artículo trilingüe / Trilingual article

Actualitzat / Actualizado / Updated : Oct.13, 2008

  • Hironobu Kageyama
  • Masaaki Endoh
  • Hiroshi Kitadani
  • Masami Okui
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama
Ells són JAM (Japan Animesong Makers) Project, un grup format per populars cantants japonesos, especialitzats en la composició/interpretació de temes d'anime. I han vingut a Barcelona aquest cap de setmana, amb motiu del XIV Saló del Manga, com a colofó d'una gira que han fet per deu països, i que dura des del juny.

Han fet dos concerts: el dissabte dia 1, d'una hora de durada, i el diumenge dia 2 (avui), d'una hora i mitja. Hi havia més gent a la sessió del dissabte, segurament perquè avui ha plogut molt aquí, i potser també perquè era bastant més d'hora. Voldria dir que la sonoritat del local és òptima, però a mi no m'ho ha semblat.

Dissabte: Hiroshi Kitadani interpreta One Piece.

No puc fer una crítica acurada, donada la meva notable ignorància del manga i de l'anime, però la gent que estava al meu voltant coneixia totes les cançons de la sessió del dissabte. A la del diumenge s'hi van inbloure cançons d'anime què, van dir expressament, encara no havien arribat a Espanya. Han fet dos apartats de música conjunta del grup, i emmig, cadascú ha cantat una cançó pròpia.

Diumenge: Hironobu Kageyama embogeix el públic amb el seu famosíssim Cha-La Head-Cha-La.

En un moment determinat, i sense anunci previ (cosa que no havia passat amb les altres cançons), engeguen Savior in the Dark, acabada la qual en Kageyama, amb l'ajut d'un intérpret, comença a interrogar el públic: sabeu què hem cantat ara?, coneixeu Garo?, sabeu què és el tokusatsu? Com que era evident que els crits del públic eren dubtosos va fer breus explicacions basades, sobre tot, en altres preguntes: coneixeu els Power Rangers japonesos?, Kamen Rider? La resposta més afirmativa va ser aquesta última. Calia donar explicacions. Garo és poc conegut a Espanya perquè no s'ha emès per cap televisió pública, només per alguna de pagament. Quan la cosa va quedar més o menys clara, ve la propaganda: Selecta Visión (que s'ha encarregat de portar el grup a Barcelona) ha publicat Garo a Espanya.

Diumenge: "Savior in the Dark". Penjat gràcies a la gentilesa de YouTube i de idkzxl.

Han estat dues tardes entretingudes. Aquest quintet sap tractar amb la gent, hi ha festejat, i fins i tot ens hem rigut.

  • Hironobu Kageyama
  • Masaaki Endoh
  • Hiroshi Kitadani
  • Masami Okui
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama
Ellos son JAM (Japan Animesong Makers) Project, un grupo formado por populares cantantes japoneses, especializados en la composición / interpretación de temas de anime. Y han venido a Barcelona este fin de semana, con motivo del XIV Saló del Manga, y como colofón de una gira que les ha llevado por diez países, y que dura desde junio.

Han hecho dos conciertos: el sábado día 1, de una hora de duración, y el domingo día 2 (hoy), de una hora y media. Había más gente en la sesión del sábado, seguramente porque hoy ha llovido mucho aquí, y quizás también porque era bastante más temprano. Quisiera decir que la sonoridad del local es óptima, pero a mí no me lo ha parecido.

Sábado: Hiroshi Kitadani interpreta One Piece.

No puedo hacer una crítica cuidadosa, dada mi notable ignorancia del manga y del anime, pero la gente que estaba a mi alrededor conocía todas las canciones de la sesión del sábado. En la del domingo se han incluído canciones de anime que, dijeron expresamente, aún no habían llegado a España. Han hecho dos apartados de música conjunta del grupo, y enmedio, cada uno ha cantado una canción propia.

Domingo: Hironobu Kageyama enloquece al público con su famosísimo Cha-La Head-Cha-La.

En un momento determinado, y sin anuncio previo (lo que no había pasado con otras canciones), ponen en marcha Savior in the Dark, terminada la cual Kageyama, con la ayuda de un intérprete, comienza a interrogar al público: ¿sabeis lo que hemos cantado ahora?, ¿conoceis Garo?, ¿sabeis lo que es el tokusatsu? Como era evidente que los gritos del público eran dudosos hizo breves explicaciones basadas, sobre todo, en otras preguntas: ¿conocéis los Power Rangers japoneses?, ¿Kamen Rider? La respuesta más afirmativa fue esta última. Había que dar explicaciones. Garo es poco conocido en España porque no lo ha emitido ninguna televisión pública, sólo por alguna de pago. Cuando la cosa quedó más o menos clara, vino la propaganda: Selecta Visión (que se ha encargado de traer al grupo a Barcelona) ha publicado Garo en España.

Domingo: "Savior in the Dark", subido gracias a la gentileza de YouTube y de idkzxl

Han sido dos tardes entretenidas. Este quinteto sabe tratar con la gente, la ha cortejado, e incluso nos hemos reído.

  • Hironobu Kageyama
  • Masaaki Endoh
  • Hiroshi Kitadani
  • Masami Okui
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama
They are JAM (Japan Animesong Makers) Project, a group of Japanese popular singers, specialized in composition / interpretation of issues of anime. This weekend they have come to Barcelona, within the acts of the XIV Saló del Manga, as the culmination of a tour for ten countries, since last June.

It have had two concerts: Octover 1st, Saturday, one-hour long concert. and 2nd, Sunday (today), an hour and a half long. There were more people on Saturday, probably because today has rained vey much in Barcelona, and perhaps also because it was more early. I would say that the sound of the local was optimal, but I do not think so.

Saturday: Hiroshi Kitadani interpreting One Piece.

I can not do a careful review, because of my remarkable ignorance of manga and anime, but people who were around me knew all the songs on Saturday. On Sunday, they included some anime songs which, they said it, had not yet come to Spain. There were two sections of music all the group and, in the middle, everyone has sung a song of their own.

Sunday: People got enthusiastic with Hironobu Kageyama's famous Cha-la Head Cha-La.

At some moment, and without prior notice (which had not happened with the other songs), they start Savior in the Dark, and after finishing it Kageyama, with the help of an interpreter, began to ask the public some questions: do you know what have we just sung?, do you know Garo?, do you know what is Tokusatsu? As it was clear that the cries by the people were rather dubious, he did explanations based on other questions: do you know the Japanese Power Rangers?, Kamen Rider? The latter one received an affirmative answer. To give explanations was necessary. Garo is little known in Spain because it has not been issued by any public television, only by some few of payment. When the thing was more or less clear, the propaganda came: Selecta Vision (which was responsible of bringing the group in Barcelona) has published Garo in Spain.

Sunday: "Savior in the Dark", uploaded thank to the kindness of YouTube and idkzxl.

They were two entertaining evenings. This quintet knows dealing with people, they have courted us, and even we have laughed.