diumenge, 28 de desembre de 2008

GARO Special - Jabi and Rin Yamagatana

The main female characters in the Special can be treated very briefly and together for one single reason: they do not change.

Rin is always the same girl proud of her power and yearning for her brother. When power brings fear, we ignore if it makes her to feel more caoutius or insecure. When Tsubasa recovers his real self, to feel happy was the only possible option.

In the series, Jabi was a more complex character than here, as we saw in the duality of his behaviour to Kouga. In the Special she is a fighter and nothing else, although grateful for her release (who would not?) It would have been more consistent if she would have asked whether Kouga had managed to save Kaoru.

It is a pity they had not worked over these characters, very important for them to get more attention.