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GARO Fanfic - Dreams (Chapter 4th and last)

Kaoru was reading a magazine at the living-room just to forget her sadness. She knew that tonight she was not going to sleep either, like the former one, and the former to this. Well, she made a choice and must learn to live with it.

Kouga returned from his hunting. He seemed so tired! That horror had to be really hard to beat. Good time for some good news. She got up from the sofa.

“Kouga, are you fine?”

He stared at her, and his face relaxed.

“Yes, I am.”

“That’s good, because I want you to know... I’ve renounced to that grant.”


She nodded.

“I’ve sent it today. I won’t leave.”

Alarm in Kouga’s face. What’s the...? He spun around and almost pushed the entering buttler down.

“Gonza, when does the car of the Post Office come?”

“Over four in the morning, sir” he answered, trying to get back his dignity.

The younger man ran outside, and Gonza left too.

Some minutes later he came back with a white envelope in his hand and held it in front of Kaoru’s face. It was her resignation, why have he retrieved it? Then, he ripped it. She did not understand anything at all.


“You must go.”


“Dreams coming to truth have built the human world, giving us a chance, and the power, to make things better. Your work is to fulfill your dreams. Mine, to be sure you can do it.” He felt worried in seeing her starting to cry, and took her face between his hands. “Kaoru, why...?”

She shook her head to soothe him.

“So you are a dream protector.” She giggled, but he clearly did not find it laughable.

“I protected yours when I had just met you and, even, was sure you wouldn’t live more than a hundred days. So, I think I am.”

Kaoru’s heart filled up with a tenderness born from the beauty of what she had just heard, and embraced him, her head on his chest. He surrounded her with his arms until she stared at him.

“I owe you one. No, I owe you many ones.”

“You owe me no ones.”

“I do.”

Kouga’s lips reached hers and lingered on patiently, until she allowed him into, and relinqued herself to his amazing sweetness.

“Settled debt” he whispered afterwards.

She was breathless, so shocked she felt. Then, she grinned.

“I remember Zaruba telling me that you were a hiden diamond. I was late to accept he was right.”

He still kept her between his arms, and tightened them. Kaoru trailed her own arms until his shoulders, letting her fingers run upper through his hair. She could stay like this forever. But another hand went up from her waist, took the back of her neck and pulled it to him. A tiny kiss on the corner of an eye. At her nose. On the corner of her mouth. At her ear. On her neck. She enjoyed it all closing her eyes, and ended with a blissful sigh.

She looked at him. Waiting for more? Trying to get herself lost whithin the depth of his look? She did not know. In any case, Kaoru felt pouring her whole self to him, and felt that he was there to catch her. So they could get lost together? No, he led her inside his well kept heart, so he could return to her such a great trust. She even did not see his lips approaching hers again. She felt that kiss as one more manifestation of which already her heart was living, just as felt how he was trying to inlay her body with his. But the kiss changed, filling up with passion. And broke.

Kouga’s sight showed the strengh of a taken decission. He lifted her on his arms and carried her upstairs, without breaking eye contact. Now, Kaoru felt his arms becoming like both poles of a powerful battery. But this time she was not afraid. Everything was perfect.

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Anònim ha dit...

it's really good! The story is sooo sweet, especially when kouga settled the debt by kissing kaoru.

Mitra ha dit...

I'm happy you liked it. I like that kind of "settlement" too.

I thanks your comment very much!

Yee ha dit...

Gosh..that's just so sweet and perfect...all my wishes came true! You have mastered the Garo scriptwriter talent of suggesting everything but showing nothing to the audience with that "ending" ne! Well done indeed! Thanks!

Mitra ha dit...

I promised you some sweet moments, Yee, remember? ;)

I think you're too generous with that "You have mastered the Garo scriptwriter talent" but I thank your kindness and, of course, your comments.

Botan ha dit...


“You must go.”

Ooh, Mitra-san! It's sooo sweet...! I LOVE it!!! I LOVE Dreams! And if I don't have any time, I've wanted to read this fanfiction because I was attracted by it. The title has captured me! Sure, I want to make you the best congratulation, you have done a GOOD work! I'm sure now and always!

Mitra ha dit...

Botan-san, thanks very much!

And, yet, more thanks because you've taken away some of your precious time to read and to comment it! It's very important for me.

This is, by the moment, the only fic that was written firstly in English, and later translated to other language. Simply, the images were seen in English in my mind.

A lot of kisses