diumenge, 4 de gener de 2009

GARO Fanfic – Notes to a “Garo, Second Season”: Drabbles


Watching the large quantity of scars, some of them horribles, in Kouga’s body, Kaoru could not avoid to wonder how many among those old wounds were still open.


Kouga turned to Kaoru, sat beside him at the table, stretched his arm toward her neck and trailed it with his fingers, softly like a caress. She smiled, but got surprised in seeing that his brief sight got by her was very far of any affect or desire sights she was used to see after an unexpected caress.

Indeed, when Kouga saw that horrors looked to be organized, he feared that the new head (Meshia’s relay?) anytime could realize to have a gate ready to be used.

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saya ha dit...

I wish japan tv network to adopt your story and film the second season! Your story is thrilling!Update soon!

Mitra ha dit...

Really. I'd have enough with "any" Garo Second Season. What a pitty they don't make it!

Thanks, Saya.