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GARO Red Requiem - Pictures from the press announcement

Update: April 2nd.

I have found some more pictures from a forum of Henshin Justiced Unlimited.  They told they are from a press announcement in March 27th, but no one told what it was said.

The pictures are very big, and I have uploaded within a single document you can see HERE.

The Oficial Site is bigger. Before, it only was the main page. Now, it includes several pages, one among them a blog by the staff, of course only in Japanese. And there are some comments, too. If a caritative soul knowing enough Japanese might read it and post some interesting news, it would be appreciated!

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Botan ha dit...

Hi Mitra!
Yesterday I did a little translation of the Red Requiem's story that I found in the official site... So, here is a part:
"Where there is light there is shadow.
Kouga Saejima is destined to live capturing the "evil person" (aka Horrors) for the interest of the people. In this world where injustice is everywhere burning a lot battles and tonight "7 elements" will fall in a trap.
Requiem's melody will spring a light making to end Kouga Saejima's battle."
So, this is just a little piece, because the text it was very difficult to me... There are some impossible kanji and I don't know them very well.
And then, in the text appears the word " Apostol Horror"... Who is he???

Mitra ha dit...

So, you know Japanese?!? Sugoi!

Thank you a lot for this clues, Botan. I was wondering this curious linguistical mix: RED-English REQUIEM-Latin. Then, it is a musical thing.

"making to end Kouga Saejima's battle"... huh, this sounds very...final... Or, is it just my imagination?

"7 elements", "Apostol horror"... I don't know what all this means. Well, I think it is better do not to guess, you know, to avoid to go too far with my imagination, because I could.

Thank you a lot for your try, Botan. A lot.

Botan ha dit...

Thanks to you, Mitra!

Then, two days ago, I have seen in the wallpaper that I have taken on the official Red Requiem site, that the movie will be released into Autumn... There is the Autumn's kanji near the year 2010. What do you think about this? Why the movie will be released so late?? I don't understand this choice. 6 months will give before being able to see it. I can't believe it!

Mitra ha dit...

I really don't mind if they are releasing it into Autumn, dear one, as far as I could see the film. This is the problem for me: I want see the film, but don't know if I could.

Botan ha dit...

It will be released in dvd, so You can see it when will be on sale in original language, of course. So don't worry about this! If has been released the Special (Beast of the White Night) in dvd, this will arrive. I think in the case of the dvd they will put the glasses 3D for can see it.

Botan ha dit...

Mitra! Look this: http://images.nipponcinema.com/gallery/garo-red-requiem-still01.jpg
Very awesome!

Mitra ha dit...

Hey, Botan!

Awesome picture, indeed. But, look at the woman: she wears a longcoat, just as a Makai Knight!

Botan ha dit...

Yeah, but She is a priestess Rekka, and she will play a Requiem's medoly with a special Makai's flute. Then, The "Apostol Horror" I think that correlated with the Seven Elements... So, will be there are an Horror for each elements as fire, earth, wind, water, thunder, wood and etc. But it's my opinion only!