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GARO Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 6

Chapter 6: Penetration

Kaoru does not feel well when he comes. With a bouquet of white roses in one hand, which is a pleasant surprise by Kouga. She hoped he to run towards her, but just he stopped after crossing the threshold, as an imposing statue dressed in black and white, staring at the occupant of the aseptic room.

“Have you the purpose to remain there?”

Kaoru smiles, and wider when he approaches the bed.

“Is that for me?" She preads her good arm to the flowers, which Kouga seems to have forgotten. He gives them carefully, avoiding to touch her.


She hides her face among the flowers to escape Kouga’s staring. He should be happy to see her, he would have to ask what has happened, he would have to hold her, and taking her hands, and stroking her, to give her some security. He should be mad at who has done this. It is she who has a reason to stay like an idiot in his presence, because he was not there when she was attacked by a horror!

When finally he raises his head, his gaze stares at the floor now, and just he hears a big sigh. Just for a moment, he looks at her and let she to see the chaos, the self reproach, and the pain inside his heart. And they quickly disappear. An old barrier has been erected between them, one she did not expect to see again.

Knowing him as she does, Kaoru knows that she will not get anything from him, but remembered what Rei said as he brought her to the hospital: her double had seduced himself (and did you believe it?, she reproached him) and it had left kouga after shattering him.

“Rei told me what that horror did. You know I was not, right?”

“It really cheated to me”  he answers, looking at his knees.

“Didn’t you imagine it could be a horror?”

He shakes his head.

“I never heard of horrors able fully to get the shape of a human being. Zaruba didn’t ever noticed it. But today I have seen it as changing its shape”.

“Well, from now on, if I complain that someone has scratched me, you’ll ensure that I am, okay?”

Kaoru laughs halfheartedly. He turns to look at her and asks her to tell her experience. After telling, he remains pensive.

A doctor enters. Before he can say a word, Kouga assails him, at last showing some sense, which gives some relief of the young woman.

“Doctor, how’s she?”

“Are you her husband?”

“Almost. How’s she?”

“Miss Mitsuki has no family?”

“No”. Kouga is getting “Tell me how Kaoru is!”

The doctor, somewhat intimidated by Kouga’s stature, presence and persistence, is slow to answer, and when he does, he speaks slowly and prudently, unable to avoid to look at him instead of at her. But Kaoru does not feel uncomfortable about it: he has reasumed his role as protector, and that is something she needs now.

“The infection in her arm does not react to antibiotics. We do not know which the infectious agent is, but we are waiting the outcoming of some further tests. Then, everything will be easier”.

“Kaoru doesn’t have much time”  Kouga replies dryly.

The puzzled doctor leaves the room after hesitating a moment. Kouga has such a character, she thinks sympathetically with the leaving man. Kouga says without looking up.

“Doctors will find a virus or bacterium that is not from this world, but don’t worry, there are alternatives and I’ll find it”.

“Another Barankas fruit?”.


Slowly, he takes her hand and presses it with uncertainty unworthy of him. She does not dare to cross the new barrier, but fortunately he still is the same as always.

Her hand between his makes its way up, towards his face, forcing him to lower his head. He closes his eyes to feel this gentle touch. He puts his own hand over hers and looks at her, his eyes showing some hurt for a second time. She smiles slightly, until he breaks free and leaves.

Kaoru drops his arm on the bed. Her story repeats.

*     *     *

That night at home, Kouga receives Rei and Jabi’s visit. He explains the facts for the priestess to know.

“A horror that becomes its own victims, and that a madou jewels can’t detect?”

“If you haven’t heard about that” Rei says “clearly there's nothing to know, or it’s a recent mutation”.

“Don’t be so sure” Jabi replies”. I don’t know everything. Hav’you seen into the books?”

“No Makai book has a title suggesting the faintest such a thing" Kouga answers. “While I've been waiting for you, I’ve put an eye into the Yamada Classification of Horrors, without a success”.

“Perhaps, if we seek a Barankas fruit ...” Rei suggests.

“A couple of days ago” the priestess replies, “two workmates went to get one, but they didn’t found”.

“Is there anyone else in danger?”

“No. However we want to provide a conservational method for a Barankas fruit without it to lose its properties”.

“I wish ye be lucky”.

Kouga's voice has a slight tinge of desperation that Jabi can get. She goes to her chilhood friend, who is sitting and staring through the open window.

“Hey, maybe antivirals are surprising us...”.

The sigh he throws to her looks to want killing her, almost. He does not need any false hopes. She walks a pair of steps away.

“Jabi” and she turns to attend him again. “Teach me how to do a blood exchange”.


“You're crazy” she complains at last. “To have you missing to save her is profitable? Or missing you both?”

“No one is going to be missing” he protests.

Rei gets up.

“This attitude is good most of the time, but doesn’t work always”.

“I refuse to risk Garo if there’s no substitute in training” Jabi adds firmly. “That would be irresponsible by me”.

Kouga looks at both of them, one after another. Then, move away from the window.

“If you doesn’t teach me, I'll take the books and I'll do it by my own.”

Another serious silence.

“This is insane” she whispers, shaking her head, and turns her back in disbelief.

“You're fooling yourself” Rei interjects. He approaches to the homeowner. He adds in a low voice, as if sharing a confidence. “I also know that faith coming from within the heart, which tells that you'll do what you set in your mind really. But you need to be balanced to be right, and you now you're not. Besides, you’re unable to see that Kaoru was not under the guise of that horror. You remained deceived until the last moment: your perception failed miserably and, now, you’re not able to give your blood to anyone. I’d dare to say -and I'm sorry- now, you’re unable to assume any risk”.

Kouga returned to the window and now his hands hold the frame of the open window, and his gaze is lost down among the soft lawn. He remains silent, his lips pursed in frustration, until his eyes have to close to bear his heart.

“Then, I look so bad?” He asked finally, trying to avoid leaving the room badly.

Jabi approaches him and places her hand on his shoulder, and presses gently.

“The Kouga I know would ignore all these arguments because his strength is not in words but in his heart. I wonder how that horror could to weaken you so much”.

“Just that” Rei understands it well, "because it attacked his  heart. It went after him. Absolutely”.

Jabi turns to the younger knight.

“Then, it may want to take advantage of that. But we’ll be unable to detect its presence, which compels us to inquire about such sort of horrors, beyond the need to save Kaoru”.

They both look at Kouga.

“Do you agree?” the priestess says.

He does not respond.

“Kouga!” Jabi forces him to look at her, and shakes him once. “Please react! This way you can’t protect either Kaoru or anyone!”

“I follow you” he replies at the end, getting rid of the girl’s hand roughly. “Somewhere there must be some info about them. Let's start with the Makai Encyclopaedia. Being three, we’ll finish early. We'll have to read all the definitions that look to have some possibilities. Jabi, start from the beginning, Rei, from the end, and I, after the first third of the book”.

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GARO Fanfic – Regreso de los exiliados, 6

Capítulo 6: Penetración

Kaoru no se encuentra muy bien cuando él llega. Con un ramo de rosas blancas en una mano, lo cual es una agradable sorpresa tratándose de Koga. Esperaba que corriera hacia ella, pero se para apenas atravesado el umbral, estatua imponente vestida de blanco y negro, con los ojos fijos en la ocupante de la aséptica habitación.

– ¿Piensas quedarte ahí?

Kaoru sonríe, y más acusadamente cuando él se aproxima a la cama.

– ¿Éso es para mí? –Extiende su brazo sano hacia las flores, las cuales Koga parece haber olvidado por completo. Se las da con extremo cuidado, evitando tocarla.

– Gracias.

Kaoru esconde su cara entre las flores, para huir de la fijeza de los ojos de Koga. Debería estar contento de verla, tendría que preguntarle qué le ha sucedido, tendría que abrazarla, tomarla de las manos, acariciarla, darle seguridad. Tendría que estar furioso con quien le ha hecho ésto. Es ella quien tiene razones para quedarse como un pasmarote en su presencia, ¡porque no estaba cuando un horror la atacó!

Cuando por fin levanta su cabeza, la mirada de él está fija ahora en el suelo, y apenas se oye un gran suspiro. Por sólo un momento, él la mira y le permite ver el caos, el reproche, el dolor que hay en su corazón. Y desaparece con la misma rapidez. Una vieja barrera se ha levantado entre ellos, una que ella no esperaba volver a ver.

Conociéndole, Kaoru sabe que no conseguirá arancarle nada, pero recuerda lo que Rei le dijo mientras la traía al hospital: que su doble le había seducido (¿y tú te lo creíste? le reprochó ella) y que había abandonado y destrozado vivo a Koga.

– Rei me ha contado lo que ha hecho ese horror. Sabes que no era yo, ¿verdad?

– Me engañó bien –respondió él, mirándose las rodillas.

– ¿No imaginaste que podía ser un horror?

Él niega con la cabeza.

– Nunca he sabido de horrores que adoptasen por completo la forma de un ser humano. Ni siquiera Zaruba se dio cuenta. Pero hoy lo he visto a medio transformarse.

– Bueno, a partir de ahora, si me quejo de que alguien me ha arañado, te asegurarás de que soy yo, ¿vale?

Kaoru bromea sin muchas ganas. Él vuelve a mirarla y le pregunta que le cuente su experiencia, tras lo cual permanece pensativo.

Un médico entra. Antes que pueda decir palabra, Koga le asalta, expresando por fin algo de sentimiento, para alivio de la joven.

– Doctor, ¿cómo está?

– ¿Es usted su marido?

– Casi. ¿Cómo está?

– ¿La señorita Mitsuki no tiene familia?

– No. –Koga se impacienta–. ¡Dígame cómo está Kaoru!

El médico, algo intimidado por la estatura, presencia e insistencia de Koga, tarda en responder, y cuando lo hace, habla despacio y prudente, sin poder evitar dirigirse a él en vez de a ella. Pero Kaoru no se siente molesta, pues sabe que él ha retomado su papel de protector, y éso es algo que ella necesita ahora.

– La infección de su brazo no responde a los antibióticos. Aún no sabemos cuál es el agente infeccioso, pero estamos esperando el resultado de más pruebas. Luego todo será más fàcil.

– Kaoru no tiene mucho tiempo –replica Koga con sequedad.

El desconcertado médico sale de la habitación tras dudar un momento. Koga es todo un personaje, piensa ella, comprensiva. Él le dice sin mirarla.

– Los médicos van a encontrar un virus o una bacteria que no es de este mundo, pero no te preocupes, hay alternativas y las encontraré.

– ¿Otro fruto de Barankas?

– Quizá.

Despacio, toma la mano de Kaoru y la aprieta con una inseguridad no propia de él. Ella no osa atravesar esa nueva barrera, pero por fortuna él es el mismo de siempre.

La mano entre las de él se abre paso hacia arriba, hacia su rostro, obligándole a él a bajar su cabeza. Él cierra los párpados ante el suave contacto. Pone su propia mano sobre la de ella y la mira, sus ojos dolidos por segunda vez. Ella le sonríe levemente, hasta que él se desprende y se va.

Kaoru deja caer su brazo sobre la cama. Su historia se repite.

*     *     *
Esa misma noche Koga recibe en su casa a Rei y a Jabi. Expone los hechos para el conocimiento de la sacerdotisa.

– ¿Un horror que se transforma en su víctima, y al que las joyas guía no pueden detectar?

– Si tú tampoco has oído hablar de éso –deduce Rei– o no existe, o es una mutación reciente.

– No necesariamente –replica Jabi–. Yo no lo sé todo. ¿Habéis consultado los libros?

– Ningún libro Makai tiene un título que sugiera nada remotamente parecido –responde Koga–. Mientras veníais he estado ojeando Clasificación Yamada de Horrores, sin éxito.

– Tal vez, si buscamos un fruto de Barancas... –sugiere Rei.

– Hace un par de días –replica la sacerdotisa– dos compañeras fueron a buscar uno, pero no encontraron.

– ¿Hay alguien más afectado?

– No. Sin embargo queremos provar un método de conservación sin que pierda sus propiedades.

– Ojalá tengáis suerte.

La voz de Koga tiene un leve matiz de desesperación que Jabi puede captar. Acude junto al joven, sentado y con los ojos fijos en la ventana abierta.

– Oye, puede que los antivirales den la sorpresa y funcionen, después de todo.

La mirada que le dirije él parece querer fulminarla. No necesita falsas esperanzas. Ella vuelve a levantarse y se aleja un par de pasos.

– Jabi. –Ella se vuelve para atenderle de nuevo.– Enséñame a hacer un intercambio de sangre.


– Estás loco –le reprocha ella al fin–. ¿Sale a cuenta perderte para salvarla a ella, o perderos a los dos?

– Nadie va a perderse –protesta él.

Rei se levanta.

– Esa actitud es buena la mayor parte de las veces, pero no siempre funciona.

– Me niego a arriesgar a Garo si no hay un sustituto en perspectiva –añade Jabi con firmeza–. Éso sería irresponsable por mi parte.

Koga los mira a ambos, uno tras otro. Se aleja hacia la ventana, junto a la cual vuelve a hablar.

– Si no me enseñas, cogeré los libros y lo haré por mi cuenta.

Otro grave silencio.

– Ésto es insensato –susurra ella, negando con la cabeza. Se vuelve de espaldas, incrédula.

– Te estás engañando a ti mismo –interviene Rei. Se acerca al propietario de la casa. Añade en voz baja, como haciendo una confidencia–.Yo también conozco esa fe que nace del corazón, que te dice que harás lo que te propongas de verdad. Pero hay que estar equilibrado para acertar y tú, ahora, no lo estás, y lo sabes. Además, fuiste incapaz de ver que Kaoru no estaba bajo la apariencia del horror. Te mantuvo engañado hasta el último momento: tu percepción falló estrepitosamente y no estás en condiciones de ceder tu sangre a nadie. Yo diría, y de veras que lo siento, que ahora eres incapaz de asumir riesgo alguno.

Koga apoya sus maos en el marco de la ventana abierta y su mirada se pierde abajo, entre el mullido césped del jardín. Permanece callado, con los labios apretados de frustración, hasta que sus ojos tienen que cerrarse en apoyo de su corazón.

– ¿Tan mal me veis? –pregunta al fin, tratando de evitar abandonar la sala de mala manera.

Jabi se le acerca y le coloca una mano suya en su hombro. Lo aprieta con suavidad.

– El Koga que yo conozco haría caso omiso de todos estos razonamientos porque su fuerza no está en las palabras, sinó en su corazón. Me pregunto cómo habrá logrado debilitarte tanto ese horror.

– Precisamente –Rei lo comprende bien– porque atacó a su corazón. Iba a por él. Rotundamente.

Jabi se vuelve hacia el joven caballero.

– Entonces, quizá quiera aprovecharse de lo que ha conseguido. Pero seremos incapaces de detectar su presencia, lo cual nos obliga a investigar sobre ese tipo de horrores, más allá de la necesidad de salvar a Kaoru.

Los dos miran a Koga.

– ¿Estás de acuerdo? –dice la sacerdotisa.

Él no responde.

– ¡Koga! –Jabi le obliga a mirarla y le sacude una vez–. ¡Debes reaccionar! ¡Así no puedes proteger ni a Kaoru ni a nadie!

– Os sigo –contesta al fin, soltándose de la muchacha con brusquedad–. En alguna parte tiene que haber información sobre ellos. Empecemos por la Enciclopedia Makai. Siendo tres, terminaremos antes. Tendremos que leer todas las definiciones que parezcan tener posibilidades. Jabi, empieza por el principio; Rei, tú por el final; yo, después del primer tercio del libro.

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GARO Red Requiem - Pictures

Update: March, 8th, 2010.

Found at the Forum Henshin Justice Unlimited

Also, now I have found a translation of the text in the picture here:

Saejima Kouga. He is the Golden Knight, inheriting the name GARO, one who has reached the highest level of the Makai Knights that fight an age-old battle with the Horrors. Even after defeating the strongest Horror "Messiah", he continued to fight alone...

Under the direction of Amemiya Keita, the new movie "GARO ~RED REQUIEM~" will be shot in full 3D. Set after the events of  the original GARO tv series, the main character will of course continue to be Saejima Kouga.

After experiencing heated battles with Horrors one after another, one can see how strong how Kouga has grown with one look at his sturdy back. The Makai Sword he holds in his hand also continues to grow in radiance. Saejima Kouga = Golden Knight GARO, his battle will continue on the big screen. And how will the 3D affect the retelling of this story?

The official release is set for 2010. Wait for it!

Thank you, Estrea!

Well, I think it is the translation because I know some of these words, including "Messhia" (メッシア at the picture).

Now, here there is a new picture got by the Google image-search engine.

Found at the forum of Henshin Justice Unlimited:

GARO Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 5

Chapter 5: “D” day

Kouga knows he is not at his best moment, although he tries hard to hide it. He should be training, but instead he sits on the grass in the front of his house, his nacked sword left at his side. His mind, far away, is focusing on a beautiful face that smiled and cursed at him indifferently. Zaruba no longer warns him, finally convinced that the young man needs a mourning time to heal his heart.

Often thoughts of death invade him. Kill or be killed, does it mind? Both of them would provide some relief. But he can not do anything. The last few nights, he has seen himself twice doing reckless maneuvers in his struggle against horrors, which Zaruba criticized harshly.

Also he planned to go against Rei, for revenge at least. He has even thought forcing Kaoru back, but he knows this would only attract his perdition. They are idle thoughts, he repeated bitterly to himself, but he can not help it. He is unbalanced, the center of his life has changed abruptly. Should he ask for the transfer and live far away?

He should not have been open to love. Never.

It takes a while to him to realize that someone is watching from nearby.

“What are you doing here?" He puts apart his sight from Kaoru. No enthusiasm, no surprise in his voice.

“How are you?”.

There is no kindness in her question. Better so, Kouga thinks.

“Do you care?”.

“Sure, you and I have been through a lot of things together”.

Her words still are not agree with the casual tone of her voice.

“It's true” he answers.

“Then, you don’t mind, right?”

She has come to stand beside him, but Kouga does not even look at her.

“Go away”.

“You’re as attentive as ever”.

Far from following his command, Kaoru sits beside him and goes on talking.

“You’re the best to put excitement into a woman’s heart, have no one said it to you?" Receiving no answer, she goes on. “I’d have done it long ago. You got into my life beyond words and, on top of that, you thought you’re doing well. I had a lot of patience. But, as now I'm free, I won’t keep remembering. I never wanted to hurt you, so I didn’t say anything. Even now I don’t want to, but my mind peace requires to put the record straight”.

Kouga’s frozen heart trembles by that ruthless tone and by those words, knowing that the torture has just begun. But he remains still, as he can not help it.

“Kouga, why didn’t leave me when I was stained by horror’s blood? Or, why didn’t you kill me? Did you know how much we’d have saved?”

“I told you I'd never regret. But apparently you do”.

Her short laugh cracks his inner ice. He rubs his face with one hand. She speaks again.

“Not exactly, but I was trying to convince myself that, at least, you deserved the compassion of one person, after all you had good intentions. Until your arms turned into a prison. Every kiss by you, in a emotional blackmail. And your wish to protect me became, excuses to keep me helpless as a child. Did you know that your love could be so much destructive?”

At last, he looks at her. Is she insane? Why does she say these things? Really could he unintentionally harmed her? He does not know if he succeeds in concealing his collapse. No effort to Kaoru by him has served the faintest, if what she says is true. Her words have tranformed the most sacred of his love into a masquerade. He drops his head slightly forward, gripped by a burnout he did not think to exist. His shoulders follow and eventually lays on the grass, staring at the sky without seeing it.

“You’ve told me what you wanted". Barely a whisper exits his throat “Now, leave”.

He is not surprised she does not move. On the contrary, she half lays beside him, and feels her hand stroking his hair. He does not have strength enough to reject it.

“In fact”, Kaoru adds, with a sticky sweetness “I’ve come to say goodbye. Think about it as a toast for the good moments we’re leaving behind”. She leans over and kisses his forehead. “Because of my innocence, I wanted to believe that I loved you”. Kiss at his nose. “Because you defended my dreams as fiercely as defended me”. On the corner of his mouth. “Because I want to thank you, even your clumsy way you loved me”. On his lips.

He does neither resist nor react. Only when his mouth opens and she invades it, an answer is provoked, though devoid of any affection -the wound is too deep- but wholly passionate, the only one allowed by his broken heart. His limbs suround her, and lets himself to be drived by his pain.

He just realizes that he pulls off some clothes of hers, or bitting her neck. He does not suspect anything when he can not lie her on the grass to put up. Nor when her lips get again attached to his, and seem to feel an unusual touch. And does not hear when Záruba cries to defend himself. His soul is going up his chest. Up and up. More voices screaming. Kaoru's lips continue draining his soul, which flies to hers, that's where it belongs. He feels the abandonment. Something is missing, something important.

The weight is removed from over him. The unmistakable sound of a sword slashing horror meat. An inhuman scream. "What’s up?" Kouga coughs violently for breath.

That on his mouth are not Kaoru's lips. It was like an airhole and was choking him, how he did not not realize? That thing get off easily, and he see Rei fighting Kaoru ... or not. Only a half of that thing is Kaoru. The other half ... a gray being with a confusing bulging round eye, a large and leathery wing, and something very long from its head, which wants to catch  him, and with black blood dripping from its end.

“What happens to Kaoru?” He shouts to his busy colleague.

“It's a horror”.

“So you're already tired of her”.

“Are you blind?”

Black blood, like a horror. ‘Kaoru’ loses her human form quickly, releasing some screams hindering its fight with the unarmored Silver Knight. So, what happened to Kaoru? Stunned, Kouga talks to Zaruba in a not good mood.

“Why haven’t you warned me?”

“I did. But you were too ‘busy’”.

Kouga snorts with impatience. He gets ready to help Rei, who is beginning to grief because, having lost all human form, the horror is fighting a lot better. Realizing it was going to have to deal with two Makai Knights, the being from another world chooses a tactical retreat, and flies. Rei throws a sword to it, without a success.

“Damn!", the younger knight moans.

“Zaruba, where is it?” The owner of the garden asks.

“Come on!" the tinny metal head replies, happy that, at last, he can feel the horror.

The speaking ring leads both knights for a swift succession of streets, until they see their prey disappear through a portal into the world of darkness.

“Zaruba” Kouga protest, “when did this gateway appear?”

“The last night. But don’t throw the anger at me. I didn’t want to take more trips than necessary. When you leave aside such suicide temptations, we’re going to do things right again”.

“Suicide temptations?” Rei looks ready to burst out laughing, but he thinks better as seeing the dangerous face of his colleague. But Rei is just Rei. “You really were willing to let you kill while you made it with that thing?”

"While I was what?”

Rei laughs, but Kouga still is looking very serious.

“All this amuses you very much, I see”.

“Come on, guy, you're missing some worldly culture, that's all”.

“Is this the sort of relationship you have with me: to watch me until you sees the first opportunity to stab me in the back?”


But Rei is not slow to realize what his colleage is talking about.

“I ... I really thought she had left you ...”

Blow and groan. Kouga's fist was thrown against his stomach with all the force of his rage. Rei did not dodge. Neither he wanted to avoid it.