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GARO Project

Actualitzat: 21 de març, 2009

El grup musical de nom Garo Project nasqué de i per a Garo. Els seus components són cinc dels actors, incloent-hi els tres protagonistes: Masaki Kyomoto, Ryosei Konishi, Mika Hijii, Ray Fujita i Hiroyuki Watanabe.

S'han confiat a aquest curiós grup pop quatre peces musicals: els dos endings de la sèrie (originalment cantants només per en Masaki Kyomoto), i la cançó final de l'Especial, a més d'un extra que, en principi, no té res a veure amb Garo.


Nascut a Osaka el 21 de gener de 1959. Actor, cantant i músic. I sembla que és molt famós, a Japó.

Ha fet molta televisió (Chiritotechin, Satomi Hakkenden, Chotto Matte Kami-Sama, Bibo no Mesu...)

En Masaki ha estat l'ànima de Garo Project, el cap de colla, l'escriptor, el compositor, l'arranjador i el productor de les seves cançons. Els seus anys i la seva experiència l'acreditaven per a dur a bon terme aquesta activitat.

Un vídeo amb escenes de la sèrie televisiva Anmitsu Hime.

KONISHI RYOSEI / 小西遼生 (Abans: Konishi Hiroki / 小西大樹 )

Nascut a Tòquio el 20 de febrer de 1982. Actor, cantant, actor de doblatge.

La seva activitat artística tira més aviat cap al cinema (Heibon Punch, Hana Guerila...) i el teatre musical (Prince of Tennis, Les Miserables...), tot i que ha fet alguna cosa de televisió (Komyo ga Tsuji...) i doblatges (School Rumble, Sugar Sugar Rune). Sembla que també li van la guitarra i escriure cançons.

Dins del grup, se li ha confiat el paper del solista la major part de vegades.

Tot seguit el trailer de Hana Guerila, a estrenar en 2009.

Watch more Mymedia Yam videos on AOL Video


Nascuda a Tòquio el 13 d'0ctubre de 1982. Graduada en Administració. Actriu.

La seva activitat artística es desenvolupa des de 2004 en el cinema (Tameiki no riyu, Happy Flight...) i en televisió (Kamen Rider Blade, Kiniro no tsubasa...). És l'única del grup que no sembla tenir cap vinculació amb el món musical.

Un fotograma de la pel.lícula Ninja, a estrenar en 2009.

FUJITA RAY / 藤田玲 / Michael Ray David

Nasqué a Tòquio, el 6 de setembre de 1988, i és fill d'un francès i d'una japonesa (d'aquí la duplicitat de noms). Actor i músic.

Ha fet televisió (Kamen Rider 555, HR Plus...), cinema (Itoshii Koto Dekinai, Arakure Knight...); encapçala el seu propi grup musical, de nom Dustz; toca la bateria, el sintetitzador, el piano, etc.

Dins de Garo Project, a part de cantar alguns troços com a solista, també és l'autor de la lletra de "rap" que conté Akai Bara.

Tot seguit, la cançó Future, per Dustz, amb en Ray com a vocalista.


Nascut el 9 de desembre de 1955, a Ibaraki. Actor.

Ha fet televisió (Oedo Yoshiwara Jikencho, Ultraman Gaia...), cinema (Shibuya Monogatari, LoveDeath, Gamera 3...). També ha produït pel.lícules i sèries, i s'ha infiltrat dins del món de l'animació.

No he estat capaç de trobar res al seu currículum que faci sospitar tendències musicals, però els vídeos de les cançons de Garo Project que posarem més endavant ens l'ensenyen picant la bateria.

Per dissort, no m'ha estat possible trobar cap imatge d'ell que il.lustri d'alguna manera algun dels seus treballs.

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GARO Fanvideos 1

Article Trilingüe


Aplec de treballs que combinen troços de Garo, a l’arbitri de l’autor o l’autora, incorporant-hi una música que no hi pertany (amb una excepció). No inclou els vídeos que reprodueixen íntegrament un part d’un capítol, encara que se’ls hagi canviat el so. La seva qualitat és variable.

Per la quantitat que hi ha (i perquè no tots els autors hi han posat el codi html d’inserció) no els hi he incorporat tots, limitant-me a incloure’n la URL.


Conjunto de trabajos que combinan secuencias de Garo, al arbitrio del autor o autora, añadiéndole una música que no le pertenece (con una excepción). No incluye videos que reproducen íntegramente una parte de un capítulo, aunque se les haya cambiado el sonido. Su calidad es variable.

Por la cantidad que hay (y porque no todos los autores han añadido el código html de inserción) no los he incorporado todos, limitándome a incluir su URL.


Assembled works joining some scenes of Garo, at its author’s choice, adding a music that does not belong there. It does not include videos that reproduce a whole part of a chapter, even if its sound has been changed. Their quality is variable.

Because they are many (and because all authors had not includend the html code of insertion) they all are not here, and I only included their URL.

Believe in me by Jatsuki

Chiudendo gli occhi by Botan03

Don’t Let Go by Jatsuki

Garo by stellacometa89

GARO – A lenda by Roselaura77

GARO Beast of the white night - Bleeding heart
by Mory75

GARO – Bésame sin miedo by Roselaura77

Garo – Cold by lucaskurse

GARO – Destinos by Roselaura77

GARO – Gravity Of Love
by sillycosmogirl7

Garo – I run to you by Bibisenta

GARO – Ichirin no hana by Roselaura77

GARO – Me deixa by Roselaura77

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GARO Fanfic – Dialogue of deafs (Ch.2nd and last)

Kaoru could hardly see anything in Kouga’s face, only a little of light reaching its side. That was why she did not know how to react to such a surprising turn of events.

She would have liked to think that it was a heavenly experience, and almost regretted that it had not been. Indeed, everything had been very earthy, very material. As material as that his body had pinned hers all the time. As material was that her anger had been abducted by a kiss, which had been dominated any thought of hers and, futhermore, had left a sense of loss as it ended. She knew that these things should make her get angry, but now she lacked any strength, while her eyes were trying to get his expression in vain. Why did he it, if it was so obvious that, to him, she was just a burden which, only God knows which reason, is committed to saving her time and again?

“But, what do you want?” she dared to ask at last.

Kouga did not answered soon, and Kaoru thought he perhaps would do not it, but he did.

“ That I want, is you to remain safe.” The soft tone, almost sweet, of these words were suddenly replaced by another one that she knew too well. “And that’s because you'll come home with me.”

Then he jumped up and pulled her hands strongly to make her up, and she got so suprised that wiggled a bit before getting on her feet. Why should he be so rude? He do not have the slightest idea how to behave to a woman. But when he pulled her forcefully going back home, her anger returned.

So, he had discovered a new weapon to subject her to his will, using it successfully. Kaoru no longer knew if she was angry to him or to herself for having yielded to ... a mirage! Then, he liked mirages...

“Wait a moment!”

Kouga stopped suddenly and turned his head. Now she was able to see his face by the light of the moon. He looked almost fearful, so she emboldened.

Using the hand he had taken, she pulled him until almost their bodies touched. She smiled gently, then she took his head between her hands, enjoying first his bewilderment, and after, his embarrassment. Finally, she attracted him to herself and set her lips on his. She barely closed her eyes, and saw his ones opening in astonishment, but soon they softened and he began to kiss back.

Kouga's arms were about to surround her when she put all her strength to push him away. She was almost sorry for him, his face amazed and disappointed like a child whom someone had been taken a sweet. Did it hurt? Good, maybe now he will know how it feels when others impose their will.

His face did not bode good things. Stubborn as very few ones, Kouga grabbed the top of her arm, almost in the armpit, and forced her to rush into the house, half pushing half dragging her. His fingers pinned painfully in her flesh, but her pride prevented her from moaning now. However, some tears began to flow without any obstacle, protected by the night. The bad lot had not learnt the lesson she had intended to give: he imposed his will once again. She felt tossed, an humiliated woman, as a cake ready to be eaten, and not by a horror.

Ruthless, Kouga dragged her upstairs, causing her to stumble. Almost threw her into her room and closed the door with a bang. Unbalanced by the sudden entry, Kaoru was launched against the stool she had full of paints and brushes and fell to the ground with them.

She remained on the floor long time. After anger was gone, which had proved useless, just the cry of helplessness and incomprehension was left. How had she bumped into such a heartless one, whom she had to thank for saving her life so many times? She was sure it that would have been better if he had killed her when he was going to. Why had she gone to land into his house? Worse, why her heart accelerated when he was close, and why she so often caught herself thinking about him? Why she felt her soul deeply hurted when he treated her like that, which deserved only disdain! She could not believe she fell in love with such a dull! It was not possible!

As her heart was able to quiet and her tears dried, she got up, went to the window and stared outside. The moon was not visible from here, but she felt protected by the prevailing darkness, which was a refreshing balm for her hurt heart.

* * *

At the same time, a dark shape was walking in the garden trying, too, to ease his own wounds. He knew he was rejected and he felt hurt by his own actions, but he did not dare to regret about them. He walked aimlessly and, despite his ability to see through the nightly darkness more than any human being, he was unable to see anything around him.

Suddenly a light drew his attention. It came from a room in the house, which window had got a black, sharp, silhouette. He knew who it was, but he felt happy to star her and not being able to see her face, and that she could not see his, either.

In turn, the motionless shape at the window felt reassured, too, knowing that her face would not be seen, nor she would able to see the guy in the garden’s look.

So, they remained a long time like this, looking each other and not seeing themselves, and feeling safe. Then, after their voices silenced, their souls were heard at last, and free to love.

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GARO Fanfic - Diálogo de sordos (Cap. 2º y último)

Kaoru apenas podía ver nada del rostro de Koga, con sólo un poco de luz alcanzándole de lado. Por ello no supo cómo reaccionar ante tan sorprendente giro de los acontecimientos.

Le habría gustado pensar que había sido una experiencia celestial, y casi lamentaba que no hubiese sido así. La verdad és que todo era muy terrenal, muy real. Como real había sido ese cuerpo que la había inmovilizado todo el rato. Como también era real que su furia había sido abducida por un beso; un beso asímismo tan real que se había impuesto incluso a cualquier pensamiento y que, encima, le había dejado una sensación de pérdida en cuanto se terminó. Sabía que todo ésto debería hacerla estallar en ira, pero carecía de fuerzas, mientras sus ojos intentaban, en vano, captar la expresión en el rostro de él. ¿Por qué lo había hecho, cuando era tan evidente que para él que ella sólo era una carga a la que, sólo Dios sabe por qué extraña razón, se empeñaba en salvar una y otra vez?

- Pero tú, ¿qué es lo que quieres? –se atrevió a preguntar por fin.

Koga no respondió en seguida, y Kaoru no descartó que ni siquiera se dignara a ello, pero lo hizo.

- Lo que quiero, es que no te ocurra nada malo. -El tono suave, casi dulce, de estas palabras, se vio de pronto substituido por otro que ella conocía demasiado bien.- Y por eso vas a regresar a casa conmigo.

Sin mediar nada más se levantó de un salto y tiró con fuerza de una de las manos de Kaoru para hacerla levantarse, cogiéndola tan de sorpresa que se balanceó un poco antes de acertar a ponerse en pie. ¿Por qué tiene que ser tan brusco? No tiene la más remota idea de cómo se trata a una mujer. Pero cuando él tiró de ella para obligarla a andar de regreso a la casa, su enfado volvió.

O sea que ha descubierto una nueva arma para someterla, y la había utilizado con éxito evidente. Kaoru ya no sabía si estaba furiosa con él o consigo misma por haberse rendido a… ¡a un espejismo! Así que a él le gustaban los espejismos.

- ¡Espera un momento!

Koga se detuvo de repente y volvió la cabeza. Ahora sí le veía la expresión gracias a la luna. Casi parecía temeroso, lo cual la envalentonó aún más.

Ella aprovechó la mano que él le había tomado para tirar ella de él hasta que sus cuerpos casi se tocaron. Le sonrió con dulzura, le cogió la cabeza entre sus manos, disfrutando primero de su desconcierto, y luego de su turbación. Finalmente lo atrajo hacia sí y plantó sus labios sobre los de él. Sólo entrecerró los ojos, y vio como los de él se abrieron de asombro, pero pronto se entrecerraron, y empezó a correponder.

Los brazos de Koga se disponían a rodearla cuando ella puso toda su fuerza en empujarlo de sí. Casi le dio pena su rostro soprendido y desilusionado, como el de un niño al que han quitado un dulce. ¿Le ha dolido? Bien, quizá ahora sepa lo que se siente cuando otro te impone su voluntad.

Pero el rostro de él ya no presagiaba nada bueno. Testarudo como pocos, Koga le agarró la parte superior de su brazo, casi en las axilas, y la obligó a apresurarse hacia la casa, medio empujándola medio arrastrándola. Notaba sus dedos clavándosele dolorosamente, pero su orgullo le impedía gemir ahora. Sin embargo, las lágrimas empezaron a manar de sus ojos sin freno alguno, amparadas por la noche. El tipejo no se había dado por enterado de la lección que ella había pretendido darle; volvía a imponerle su voluntad, una vez más; se sentía zarandeada, y humillada como mujer, como un pastel listo para ser devorado y no precisamente por un horror.

Inmisericorde, él la empujó escaleras arriba, ocasionándole un traspiés. Prácticamente la tiró dentro de su habitación y cerró con un portazo. Desequilibrada por la brusca entrada, Kaoru se lanzó contra el taburete que ella tenía lleno de pinturas y pinceles y cayó al suelo con ellos.

Permaneció en el suelo largo rato. Desaparecida la ira, que se había demostrado inútil para conseguir nada, solo quedaba el llanto de la impotencia, de la incomprensión. ¿Cómo había ido a dar con ese desalmado, al que encima debía agradecimiento por salvarle la vida varias veces? Sin duda habría sido mejor que la hubiese matado cuando se disponía a hacerlo. ¿Por qué había ido a aterrizar en su casa? Peor: ¿por qué su corazón se aceleraba cuando estaba cerca de él?, ¿por qué se sorprendía tan a menudo pensando en él? ¿Por qué le hería el alma el trato que le daba, lo cual sólo merecía desprecio? ¡No podía creer que pudiese haberse enamorado de semejante zopenco! ¡No era posible!

Cuando su corazón logró sosegarse y secado sus lágrimas, se levantó, se dirigió a la ventana y miró al exterior. La luna no era visible desde aquí, pero la oscuridad reinante la arropó y la meció, lo cual resultó un bálsamo reparador para su corazón herido.

* * *

Una oscura forma paseaba por el jardín tratando, a su vez, de aliviar sus propias heridas, sabiéndose rechazado y doliéndole lo que había hecho, pero sin osar arripentirse. Andaba sin rumbo fijo y, a pesar de su aptitud para ver a través de las tinieblas nocturnas, más que cualquier humano corriente, era incapaz de ver nada a su alrededor.

De pronto una luz llamó su atención. Procedía de una de las habitaciones de la casa, en la ventana de la cual se recortaba, nítida, una negra silueta. Se alegró de no poder verle la cara, y de que ella no pudiese ver la suya.

A su vez, la figura de la ventana permaneció inmóvil, tranquilizada también sabiendo que su rostro no sería visto ni tendría que enfrentarse a la mirada del individuo del jardín.

Y así permanecieron largo rato, mirándose sin verse, y sintiéndose a salvo por ello. Y así, con sus voces mentales silenciadas, sus almas se vieron escuchadas por fin, y libres para amar.

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GARO Fanfic – Dialogue of deafs (Chap.1)

Fic placed between chapters 12th and 15th, both included.

The potato peeler slided with the speed and the accuracy on the rough surface of that tuber to leave it clean. His long experience in the kitchen allowed Gonza to put ready to cook enough potatoes to three people in just some few minutes. He had already finished to wash them and was about to cut them, as some angry voices were heard. Again. What happens to these two ones? As much as he knew about cooking, his life experience was not useful to dampen those incidents, despite being fairly predictable, because Mr Kouga is as he is.

Gonza dried up his hands and, as he was approaching the hall, the tense conversation was heard clearer and clearer. He had not heard such a tone from his master.

“So, if that Ichiro Sato is not so important as a painter, why do you have to go this very day to his showing? Why the hell can’t you wait for me to hunt this horror?”

But Miss Kaoru, was not in her best mood, either.

“I’ve already said it! Today is the openning”.

She was in front of the door with the handle of his large brown bag across her back, ready to go, and he was in front of her, at the door.

“So what?”

“What do you mean, so what? I could establish some contacts with other artists and people interested in, which could be useful to organize my own showing. I have no reason to give you any explanation”.

He ignored his comment.

“Why haven’t you gone with the light of day?”

“Because the openning is today at seven p.m.. And I'll get late!”

She made hint to pass beside him out, but he stood again.

“Then go cycling! That horror moves continuously by the underground transport network, why do you think I haven’t got it yet? And you have the damned habit to bump into those things”.

“Of course! The subway will take one hour of journey and I’ll go by bike. You're crazy”.

“Well, then, go and get into the jaws of the beast, but don’t expect that I’ll be always available to your whims!”.

He moved aside to allow her to pass. Miss Kaoru approached until his side, really mad at him.

“My whims? Don’t worry, I'm leaving”. She opened the door and stood at the threshold. “I’ll come to collect my things when I find elsewhere”.

She left, but before closing the door she heard from inside:

“Where are you gonna go? You can’t afford any accommodation”.

“For you to know: I prefer to live under a bridge than with you!”

The girl left the house. The butler’s heart dropped. As they were both stubborn, things seemed serious. He looked at his master grieving. The young man’s eyes were focused on the door through she was gone, his anger suddenly disappeared. Perhaps he recognized thing were beyond him and that nothing could be done to change them. Gonza knew he was suffering. When is he going to admit he is in love?

“Gonza, “his master spoke suddenly, “what did I wrong?”

Such a question surprised the faithful servant. Actually, the girl had touched some sensitive points in him. Gonza cleared his throat.

“Mr Kouga, I guess that Miss Kaoru has thought that you do not ... do not respect her points of view.

“What a nonsense!” His look hardened again. “Her points of view lack any common sense, and that stupid one is ready to become the favorite dish of a horror”.

“She doesn’t know she is,” the bitting Zaruba spoke for the first time.

Ignoring him, Mr Kouga rushed to the door and went away. Gonza shook his head, helpless.

* * *

Outside, Kouga located Kaoru walking fast and emphatically, almost leaving his field of vision. It had already darkened, it would be too easy for the horrors this time.

“Idiot,” he whispered, and ran after her.

Suddenly she turned and hurried to escape from her unwanted pursuer. It did not take long to him to catch her arm and make her to stop.

“Let me go!” she cried, and shook her body to get rid of his hand, but she only achieved two hands gripping her instead of one.

She was even more enraged, and managed to free from one clutch, after which Kouga found himself on the ground. Somehow, she had managed to bend enough to push one of her legs between his, and that unbalanced. He had underestimated her, but it would not happen again. From the ground, he took one of her ankles as she was preparing to escape, making Kaoru to fall back on the grass with a groan of pain. He hurried on her, determined to protect this woman even against her will. His left leg bent on her thighs, preventing her to kick out, as his hands set her forearms against the soft soil. He heard her growl of rage as she struggled. She was immobilized and had to admit it.

Now, Kouga could see her angry face, softly illuminated by a near lamp. His mind suddenly jumped to that day in which he was forced to accept the failure of his attempts to suppress the treacherous feelings awakened within him toward this girl who could not stand the sight of him. Why have all to be so complicated? That very day which he had risked his own soul to regain hers. Unprecedented. Everything in that day forced him to face the truth. Even when he proceeded to restore her soul that the eccentric horror Dantarian took away, his focus was disturbed by the gentle pressure of her body as he recited the spell, and his resistance to break away from her. And then, in the second part of the ritual, though his mouth only had to keep open hers to allow passage to her excised soul driven by the living breath of his own, he could not avoid the delicacy to rub her lips.

It was his only chance. She hated him, so he had nothing to miss. Kaoru stood by, but when she realized what he intended, resumed the struggle. Kouga expected her to turn her face and, surprisingly, she did not, but pressed her mouth with such a force that he found no lips in it. But he worked persistently on the crack which Kaoru’s mouth had become. Until finally he noticed that her arms and legs relaxed, and her lips began to appear. As soon as she started to respond to his kiss, Kouga allowed his body to low upon hers, and surrendered to such an experience with enthusiasm.

"I prefer to live under a bridge than with you!" This sentence sneaked inside his mind as wanted to leave the mouth of his beloved one (beloved?) to start down her body, and cooled him enough to put some distance between their bodies.

He saw her to open her eyes as if awakening from a pleasant dream, with the mouth half open, and without any anger in her eyes. Curiously, the cold light of the lantern emphasized her charm in an almost sicking way. Excited by this, his desire to seduce her fully returned. It would be so easy...

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GARO Fanfic – Diálogo de sordos (1º cap.)

Fic situado entre los capítulos 12 y 15, ambos inclusive.

El pelapatatas se deslizaba con rapidez y precisión sobre la rugosa superficie del tubérculo hasta dejarlo limpio. Su larga experiencia en la cocina permitía a Gonza tener patatas para tres personas listas para guisar en escasos minutos. Ya había terminado de lavarlas y se disponía a trocearlas cuando unas voces llegaron a sus oídos, voces enfadadas. Otra vez. Pero, ¿qué les pasa a esos dos? Por mucho que supiera de cocina, su experiencia vital no le servía para amortiguar los incidentes, a pesar de ser bastante previsibles, siendo el señor como es.

Gonza se secó las manos y, a medida que se iba acercando, la tensa conversación se oía más y más clara. Nunca había oído hablar en ese tono al señor Koga.

- Entonces, si ese tal Ichiro Sato no es un pintor tan importante, ¿por qué tienes que ir precisamente hoy a su exposición? ¿Por qué diablos no puedes esperar a que cace a ese horror?

Pero la señorita Kaoru, no estaba en mejor disposición.

- ¡Ya te lo he dicho! La inauguración es hoy.

Ella se hallaba frente a la puerta, con el asa de su abultado bolso marrón cruzándole la espalda, lista para irse, y él estaba frente a ella, en la puerta, interceptándole el paso.

- ¿Y qué?

- ¿Cómo que “y qué”? Podría establecer contactos con otros pintores y con gente interesada que podrían serme útiles para organizar mi exposición. No tengo por qué darte más explicaciones.

Él ignoró su comentario.

- ¿Por qué no has ido mientras era de día?

- Porque la inauguración es hoy a las siete de la tarde. ¡Y me vas a hacer llegar tarde!

Ella hizo un amago de pasar por su lado para salir, pero él volvió a interponerse.

- ¡Pues ve en bicicleta! Ese horror se mueve continuamente por la red de transportes subterráneos, ¿por qué piensas que aún no he dado con él? Y encima, tú tienes la maldita costumbre de cruzarte con esas cosas.

- ¡Sí, hombre! Si en metro ya voy a tardar una hora, voy a ir en bicicleta. Estás loco.

- Muy bien, corre a meterte en las fauces del bicho, pero no esperes que yo esté siempre a disposición de tus caprichos.

Se hizo a un lado para permitirle pasar. La señorita Kaoru se acercó, situándose a su lado, hecha una verdadera furia.

- ¿De mis caprichos? No te preocupes, ya me voy. –Abrió la puerta y se situó bajo el umbral.- Ya vendré a recoger mis cosas cuando encuentre otro lugar.

Salió, pero antes de cerrar la puerta oyó:

- ¿Dónde vas a ir? No puedes pagarte alojamiento alguno.

- Para que lo sepas: ¡prefiero vivir bajo un puente que contigo!

La señorita abandonó la casa de un portazo, y con lo puesto. Al mayordomo se le cayó el corazón a los pies. Con lo testarudos que eran tanto la una como el otro, la cosa parecía grave y de difícil solución. Miró a su señor con gran pesar. Sus ojos fijos en la puerta por la que ella se había ido, su enfado desaparecido como de repente. Parecía reconocer que las circunstancias le superaban y que nada podía hacer para cambiarlas. Gonza sabía que estaba sufriendo. ¿Cuándo admitirá que está enamorado?

- Gonza, -habló de improviso- ¿qué es lo que he hecho mal?

Al fiel sirviente le sorprendió la pregunta sobremanera. Realmente la chica le había tocado puntos sensibles. Carraspeó.

- Señor Koga, yo supongo que la señorita Kaoru ha creído que usted no… no respeta sus opiniones.

- ¡Menuda tontería! –su mirada se endureció de nuevo.- Sus opiniones carecen de sentido común, y la muy estúpida está dispuesta a convertirse en el plato favorito de un horror.

- Ella no sabe que lo es, -intervino por primera vez el mordaz Zaruba.

Ignorándolo, Koga se apresuró hacia la puerta y salió con otro portazo. Gonza sacudió la cabeza, impotente.

* * *

Ya fuera del edificio, Koga localizó a Kaoru andando con paso rápido y enfático, a punto de salir de su campo de visión. Ya había oscurecido, los horrores lo tendrían demasiado fácil esta vez.

- Idiota –murmuró, y echó a correr.

De pronto ella se giró, y se apresuro a escapar de su indeseado perseguidor. No tardó él en agarrarle el brazo y obligarla a detenerse.

- ¡Suéltame! –gritó, mientras sacudía su cuerpo para liberarse de su mano, pero lo único que logró fue que la sujetaran dos manos en vez de una.

Ella se enfureció más aún, y logró desprenderse de una de las garras, tras lo cual Koga se vio en el suelo: de alguna manera, ella había logrado agacharse lo suficiente como para empujar una de sus piernas entre las de él y desequilibrarlo. La había subvalorado, pero no volvería a suceder. Desde el suelo, él le cogió uno de sus tobillos cuando se disponía a escapar, haciéndola caer de espaldas sobre el césped con un gemido de dolor. Él se precipitó sobre ella, decidido a proteger a esta mujer incluso contra su voluntad. Su pierna izquierda se dobló sobre los muslos de ella impidiéndole patalear, mientras que sus manos le fijaron los antebrazos contra el mullido suelo. La oyó gruñir de rabia mientras forcejeaba. Estaba inmovilizada, y no tardó en admitirlo.

Koga podía ver ahora su rostro airado, suavemente iluminado por una farola cercana. Su mente saltó de improviso a ese día en que se vio obligado a aceptar el rotundo fracaso de sus intentos de suprimir los sentimientos que, traidoramente, se habían ido despertando en él hacia esta chica que no podía ni verlo. ¿Por qué tenia que ser todo tan complicado? Ese día hasta había arriesgado su propia alma para recuperar la suya. Inaudito. Todo en ese día le obligó a enfrentarse a la verdad. Incluso cuando procedió a devolverle el alma que el excéntrico horror Dantarian le había arrebatado, su concentración se vio alterada por la suave presión de su cuerpo mientras recitaba el hechizo, y su resistencia a despegarse de ella. Y luego, durante la segunda parte del ritual, a pesar que su boca debía limitarse a mantener abierta la de ella para permitir el paso de su extirpada alma impulsada por el aliento vital de la suya propia, no pudo evitar la exquisitez de rozarle los labios.

Era su única oportunidad. Ella ya lo detestaba, y no tenía nada que perder. Kaoru se mantenía a la expectativa, pero en cuanto se dio cuenta de lo que él pretendía reanudó el forcejeo. Koga esperaba que ella volviese la cara en otra dirección, y sorprendentemente no lo hizo, pero apretó la boca con tal fuerza que los labios de él no encontraron a los de ella. Pero el joven trabajó con persistencia sobre la rendija cerrada en que se había convertido la boca de Kaoru. Hasta que por fin él notó que sus brazos y piernas se relajaban, y sus labios empezaron a hacer su aparición. Tan pronto como ella comenzó a corresponder al beso, Koga permitió que su cuerpo se posara sobre el suyo, y se entregó con entusiasmo a la experiencia.

“¡Prefiero vivir bajo un puente que contigo!” Esta frase se infiltró furtiva en su mente en cuanto quiso abandonar la boca de su amada (¿amada?) para empezar a descender por su cuerpo; lo enfrió lo suficiente para volver a poner distancia entre ambos cuerpos.

La vio abrir los ojos como si se despertara de un plácido sueño, con la boca aún semiabierta, y ya sin ira en su mirada. Extrañamente, la fría luz de la farola acentuaba su encanto de una forma casi enfermiza y, acicatados por ésto, sus deseos de seducirla por completo regresaron. Sería tan fácil…

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GARO Fanfic - Signals

Fic placed right after Chapter 7th

“Where is she?”

Anxiety in Kouga’s voice surprised and worried Gonza, who helped him to get up from the floor.

“She is sleeping, sir”


Leaving the thoughtful butler, Kouga difficultly began to climb upstairs. He dropped on his bed, undressed and lied down. He focused on his body to diagnose his injuries as Makai Knights did. Many blows in the most of his body, lesser woulds, a lot of pain, but little or no serious disorders. He began to notice a burning sensation in his blood indicating that his pituitary gland had started to work by releasing the substance to accelerate the absorption of hematomas and the process of repairing damaged tissue, internal and external injuries. Flows of blood were stopped almost immediately. Tomorrow, when he wake up, any discomfort will be gone. It is unlikely he needed the emergency tonics kept by Gonza, nor necessary to call a Makai priest to use his or her expert knowledges about healing.

But there was something else hurting him, and he did not know how to take care of it. He did not know why that Rei Suzumura, a Makai Knight which even does not appear in the records, had attracted him into a serious fight. He never got into anything or anyone: why that apparent hatred? Because he had not allowed him to kill Kaoru? Ridiculous. That idiot believes that, because he has not executed her yet, he was in love with her: Kouga would have punched him right in his face for saying such an absurdity, but he was not worth of an answer. He had to insult his father’s memory to reach-

His thoughts were interrupted as reminding his first meeting with Rei. Sure he realized that something had trembled within him, when he threatened Kaoru; such a reaction caught him by surprise. Maybe has he started to watch her as a woman without realizing it? Then, he recalled that since she was living in his house such a thing had happened twice, but thanks to his strong self-discipline, he even became capable of prevent this sort of thoughts. Soon, he was able to accept her presence without feeling disturbed, beyond the nuisance of having her hovering over the house, annoying him with her verbiage, and getting into his bussiness. In fact, her presence told she was safe from the horrors and from some crazy people as Rei Suzumura. He felt restless when she went to work, and spent his days fearing that Zaruba to tell him that a horror looms around her.

Next day Kouga woke up in the belief that he took his role as protector to Kaoru too to heart. Someone being used as a bait has no right to cause him so much discomfort. If, as it was quite possible, he can not find any Barancas fruit, he should be able to proceed to execute her with determination, efficiency and the due compassion, but nothing else.

He sat in the dining room, without knowing whether blaming destiny of himself. In any case, the process of detachment had to intensify to get rid of any influence that could weaken his strength and resolution.

His eyes nailed to the door of the dining room, convinced that Kaoru had just come for breakfast. Nobody opened it. As rebuked himself for such a vivid imagination to perceive her even in her absence, the door opened and Kaoru appeared in the doorway.

Kouga did not hear her sharp "good morning" nor saw her upset face, despite to follow her with his eyes until her chair.

“What?” she dropped it, visibly cranky, perhaps because she remained locked in her room last night. It was for her sake.

“Nothing at all” he said, leaving his fascination. He returned his eyes to the dish. In his report had come some memories, because it was not the first time this happened.

His developed perception as a Makai Knight had felt Kaoru’s presence in a room, even without being into it or before doing so. He knew, he felt, whether she was at home or not. Such a presence soothed him, put things at place and left him free to proceed as needed. If he did not feel her, indeed, he was hung by what might happen. Somehow, he had accepted it as a natural thing, but it was not, as it did not happen with Gonza.

Bad thing. His energy mixed with hers without he knowing it. If he was not very careful this link would be extended to several levels. If this happened, better not to think about the consequences. Worse: there was no way to dilute this link in the short term, some people call it karma, others fate, and its control was not easily affordable.

Kouga began to eat with reluctance, feeling caught whithin something like a cosmic conspiracy. He feared it was a punishment for daring to spare Kaoru’s life, or for pretending to believe he could save her. Even he suspected that the intention was to make him to feel loss in all its rawness, as a trial to make him stronger: such possibilities made him sick. Speculations. Useless speculations. But he was unable to eat anything else.

Silently, he rose up and went to train. Hard exercise cleared his mind of unwanted shadows and had the virtue of bring hunger back. At the end, in a state of lucidity, he took his decision.

He admitted that he had attracted that link as leaving Kaoru alive. Now, they were attached to each other: she needed him to survive, and he could not escape his duty to protect her, as a consequence of his decission. Good. What was wrong in him to extend, even only a little, Kaoru’s young life? Each human being is entitled to his life until the very last second: did not he struggl to secure this right?

But he would not allow any collateral development to protect his soul’s integrity when she died, he would cut it immediately and, let’s the fate manage things as it could.

He felt she had gone to work and the mild concern invaded him again. He recalled that it was rare that horrors acted in the light of day, and if the night came and she had problems, Zaruba would tell and he would go hunting. He had not to worry, everything was fine.

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GARO Fanfic – Notes to a “Garo, Second Season”: Drabbles


Watching the large quantity of scars, some of them horribles, in Kouga’s body, Kaoru could not avoid to wonder how many among those old wounds were still open.


Kouga turned to Kaoru, sat beside him at the table, stretched his arm toward her neck and trailed it with his fingers, softly like a caress. She smiled, but got surprised in seeing that his brief sight got by her was very far of any affect or desire sights she was used to see after an unexpected caress.

Indeed, when Kouga saw that horrors looked to be organized, he feared that the new head (Meshia’s relay?) anytime could realize to have a gate ready to be used.

GARO Fanfic – Apuntes para una “Garo, Segunda Temporada”: Drabbles


Al ver la cantidad de cicatrices, algunas terribles, que tenia el cuerpo de Koga, Kaoru no pudo evitar preguntar-se cuántas de aquellas antiguas heridas seguian abiertas a pesar de todo.


Koga se giró hacia Kaoru, sentada a su lado en la mesa, tendió su brazo hacia su cuello y lo recorrió con sus dedos, suave como una caricia. Ella sonrió, però se quedó muy sorprendida porque la momentanea mirada que le interceptó estaba muy lejos de la expressión de afecto o deseo a las que se había acostumbrado después de una caricia inesperada.

Porque cuando Koga advirtió que los horrores parecían actuar organizados, temió que la nueva mente rectora (¿el relevo de Meshia?) pudiese darse cuenta en cualquier momento que tenía un portal listo para ser usado.

GARO Fanfic – Apunts per a una “Garo, Segona Temporada”: Drabbles


En veure la quantitat de cicatrius, algunes de terribles, que tenia el cos d’en Koga, la Kaoru no es va poder estar de preguntar-se quantes d’aquelles antigues ferides continuaven obertes malgrat tot.


En Koga es tombà cap a la Kaoru, asseguda a taula al seu costat, estirà el seu braç cap al coll d’ella i el recorregué amb els seus dits, suau com una carícia. Ella somrigué, però va quedar molt sorpresa perquè la fugaç mirada que li interceptà estava ben lluny de l’expressió d’afecte o de desig a les que s’havia acostumat a veure després d’una carícia inesperada.

I és que quan en Koga va veure que els horrors semblaven actuar organitzats, va tèmer que la nova ment rectora (el relleu de Meshia?) s’adonés en qualsevol moment que tenia un portal a punt de ser usat.

GARO Fanfic - Somnis (cap. 4t i últim)

La Kaoru llegia una revista a la sala, només per oblidar la seva tristor. Sabia que aquesta nit tampoc no dormiria, com la d’abans, i l’anterior a aquesta. Bé, havia pres una decisió i calia assumir-la.

En Koga va tornar de la seva cacera, i semblava tan cansat! Aquell horror havia d’haver estat força difícil. Millor així per a les bones noticies. Es llevà del sofà.

– Koga, que estàs bé?

Ell la guaità, i la seva cara es va relaxar.

– Sí.

– Millor, perquè vull que sàpigues... que he renunciat a la beca.

– Com dius?

Ella assentí.

– L’he enviada avui. No me n’aniré.

Alarma a l’esguard d’en Koga. Però, què...? Es girà tot ell i quasi féu caure el majordom, què tot just entrava.

– Gonza, quan passa el cotxe de Correus?

– Cap a les quatre de la matinada, –respongué l’home, procurant recuperar la seva dignitat.

El jove corregué cap a enfora, i en Gonza se n’anà també.

Uns minuts després, el noi tornà amb un sobre blanc a la seva mà i l’aguantà davant de la Kaoru. Era la seva renúncia, per què l’havia recuperat? Llavors, l’estripà. Ella no entenia res de res.

– Però, Koga...

– Hi has d’anar.

– Però...

– El món humà s’ha construït gràcies a que els somnis s’han convertit en realitats, donant-nos l’oportunitat, i el poder, de fer-ho millor. La teva feina és acomplir els teus somnis. La meva, assegurar-me que puguis fer-ho. –Ell s’amoïnà en veure-la començar a plorar, i prengué la seva cara entre les mans.– Kaoru, per què...?

Ella sacsejà el seu cap negativament per tranquil.litzar-lo.

– Així que ets un protector de somnis.– Ella féu una rialleta ximple, però era evident que ell no ho trobava motiu de diversió.

– Vaig vetllar pels teus quan amb prou feines ens havíem conegut, fins i tot quan tenia la seguretat que no viuries més de cent dies. Suposo que ho sóc.

El cor de la Kaoru s’omplí d’una tendresa nascuda de la bellesa del que tot just havia escoltat, i s’abraçà a ell, el seu cap sobre el pit d’ell. En Koga l’envoltà amb els seus braços, fins que ella el mirà.

– Te’n dec una. No, te’n dec moltes.

– No me’n deus cap.

– Sí.

Els llavis d’ell s’aproparen fins als d’ella, i hi romancejaren amb paciència, fins que ella li permeté d’entrar. La Kaoru es lliurà a aquesta desconcertant dolcesa, per venir de qui venia.

– Deute saldat, –xiuxiuejà ell en acabar.

Ella es quedà sense alè, de tant sorpresa que estava. Mostrà un somriure gran i obert.

– Recordo que Zaruba em va dir que tu érets un diamant amagat, –va dir.– Em va costar de creure’l.

Ell apretà el llaç dels seus braços al voltant del cos d’ella. La Kaoru passejà els seus braços fins a les espatlles d’ell, deixant que els seus dits correguessin més amunt, entre el seu cabell. Podria romandre així per a sempre. Però una altra mà li pujà des de la cintura, l’agafà pel clatell i l’atragué cap a ell. Amb prou feines un petó, li fou posat al costat d’un ull. Un altre a tocar del nas. A la comissura dels llavis. Al costat de l’orella. Al coll. Ella ho gaudí amb els ulls tancats, i en acabat deixà anar us sospir celestial.

Ella el mirà. N’esperava més? Mirava de perdre’s a les profunditats de la mirada d’ell? No ho sabia. En qualsevol cas, la Kaoru se sentí vesar tota sencera cap a ell, i sentí que ell era allà per agafar-la. I així es podrien perdre plegats. No, ell la conduí a l’interior del seu molt ben protegit cor, i així poder tornar-li a ella tanta confiança. Ni tan sols s’adonà que els llavis d’en Koga se li acostaren un altre cop: ella sentí aquest petó com una altra manifestació del que ja estava sentint, igual com sentia els seus intents d’incrustar els seus cossos. Però el petó canvià, omplint-se de passió. I es trencà.

La mirada d’en Koga mostrà la força de la decissió acabada de prendre. La llevà als seus braços i la dugué escales amunt, sense perdre el contacte visual. La Kaoru notà que aquests braços es convertien en quelcom semblant als pols d’una poderosa bateria. Però aquest cop ella no tenia por. Tot era perfecte.