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GARO Fanfiction - Protected stories

As I found some Fanfics which content is... er... adult, I have opened a new blog to accommodate them. They are stories that may contain explicit sex, homosexuality, and so on. For this reason it is not a free access blog. In fact, I intend to keep the search engines to find it. If you want to have an access, write me an e-mail to mitraxxi@gmail.com with this text:

I'm on age. I know I am asking access to a blog which content may offend some people and, indeed, I accept this responsibility. Please give me an access to Protected Stories. My user name is ... (the Blogger username is an e-mail, add it)

Then I will add you to the list of people allowed to read it. I will send you the confirmation when done, along with the link.

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Yee ha dit...

Hi Mitra,

I'm sure old enough with two young sons, please let me know the link then at wonyee2002@yahoo.com...I did read a short gay story between Kouga & Rei before somewhere, it was hilarious when I think about it..cause what is the possibilities but the story is original I must said!

Mitra ha dit...

I've answered you by e-mail, so I can add other things now.

It's very difficult to find some fanfics about Garo. As Japanese animation is wide spread in the world (and, of course, its related fanfiction), Japanese live-action isn't. I think this is the cause. Plus, there is a problem with this sort of shows in the Western culture, a big handicap: as they are fantastic, they're meant to be for children or very young people. If they aren't, no one knows what to do with them. I found Garo in the "young people" section the first time I watched it. Plus, shows as Garo itself, or the Kamen Rider shows, are "guilty" to be not very good with CGI effects (according to Western parameters) and, also, here doesn't like very much Japanese acting: people in here say they "sobreact", so, aren't good actors. You see, there is a cultural problem.

Assunta ha dit...

Hi, Mitra,
I'm 22 years old, Italian and deeply in love with this drama.
Here, MTV broadcasted GARO two years ago but I've succeeeded to download all the episodes thanks my friend Reira.
Please, send me the link then at shannara810@gmail.com

Mitra ha dit...

Assunta, it's done. I'm sending you the URL by e-mail.

I enjoy talking with other Garo fans. Good reading!

akosikae ha dit...

I am of an age. My e-mail is akosikae@gmail.com. Do I have to have a Blogger account or is gmail okay? I am asking since gmail is one of the accounts used for comments?

ShadowNeko003 ha dit...

I'm of age. I am asking to have access to a blog which contains contents that may offend some people and, indeed, I accept this responsibility. Please allow me to have access to the Protected Stories. My email is vantheslayer_@_ yahoo_._com (remove "_")