diumenge, 1 de maig de 2011

GARO Fanfic - A survival affair, 3 (1)

Chap. 3: Deciding the future (part 1)

When Kaoru wakes up, it is dark. She remembers Dr. Shimizu asked she to get out from bed and... nothing else. But, perhaps it was not him. Oh, no ... Did horrors kidnap her at last? It was a bad idea, leaving home. Oh no, oh no, please ...

“I am glad that you have regained consciousness”.

In spite of this gentle man's voice, its resonance inside this quiet, dark place, speeds up her heart. Maybe it's a horror. With her trembling voice, she says:

“Who are you?”

A small fire lights somewhere nearby. Whoever has it in his hand approaches slowly to stand in front of her, and ducks until her level. It illuminates a calm face with a hint of a smile.

"My name is not important, but what you have to do it is. Very much”.

For some reason she does not understand, she feels safe in his presence.

"Then, you are not a horror”.

"Of course not. I thought you distinguish perfectly the horrors”.

“What are you?”

"I am a servant of humanity”.

“A Makai Knight?”

“Absolutely not”.

The man sits on the floor in front of her and lets the container with the fire, strangely blue, between both of them.

“Makai Knights have the task to slow the fall of the biggest of karma upon the human beings, with the hope that they will learn to sublimate it through their individual transformation. The mission of people like me is to take advantage of this opportunity gained by the Knights as much as possible”.

"Are you Spiritual Masters?”

“At all! Just Their disciples. The Masters were freed from their human body. We, the reincarnated, are responsible for getting ourselves free ... Although the Masters instruct us how to do it, and help us”.

Kaoru has the feeling of entering into an unknown territory, and she is not sure she wanted to go ahead”.

“What do I have to do with you all?”

A broad smile banishes some shadows from that face faintly lit by the fire.

“Come on! To deceive yourself will not do any good, neither you nor anyone else”.

As he speaks Kaoru realizes that, indeed, she is deceiving herself. After all she is willing to do anything to avoid the disaster that is coming upon everybody.

“What I can do?”

“I do not know. But you do”.

“Ha!” Her sarcasm does not seem to impress her enigmatic partner. “If I knew I wouldn’t be so ... so much worried”.

"Each one of us gets imprinted in his or her heart that we must do to fulfill our sacred mission. If we avoid it, we suffer, and our environment reflects our inner state. That is the world: a large mirror. And, when our inside and our outside seem to be mad, we must stay away to see clearly and make the best decision”.

“Am I mad?”

"At least, you feel too pressured to be able to decide something, am I right?”

He is not wrong, Kaoru recognizes for herself. Many journalists in the front of her hourse, eager to get something that excites the emotions of their audience and readers. The doctor and his coldness, just interested in getting into a laboratory, then surely to publish his findings and make a name in the scientific community. The horrors, decided put her on Meshia’s thorne again. Kouga, torn between his own mission of service and protecting her. The world being invaded by the horrors. And her own conscience, screaming to do something.

The anonymous man in front of her watches benevolently.

"You are here to temporarily forget all the pressure, and focus only to consider how to offer a better service”.

A shock speeds Kaoru’s heart once again. Only for a microsecond, she has glimpsed what she knew she could and should do, but it's gone, quickly, without no trace left, her cheeks burning. And a good scare.

The man is right: she has the answer. Although she is not sure she wanted to see it again.

“Why did you notice me?” she says, trying to distract her mind from her dangerous thoughts. “No doubt there will be people who can do more than me”.

"There are very few with your experiences”.

This man knows more than she wanted. He nods.

“And none with your very peculiar characteristics and knowledges”.

He knows everything! Kaoru is crestfallen.

"Your point of view is unique, Kaoru," he adds, “so, it should be given the opportunity to come out and to show itself”. He gets up. “I am leaving you alone. Keep the fire. I will be outside and bring you food and water twice a day. Ah.” He goes towards the door that is profiled in the dark, picks something up and comes closer again. “Take this”.

It is a futon, simple and clean. She looks at the man.

“Am I going to stay here overnight?”

"One night, some days, I can not tell. But, I will be out there and watch over you”.

After saying it, he gets out and closes the door, giving her a sense of she has been locked up forever.