diumenge, 10 de juliol de 2011

GARO fanfic - A survival affair, 3(2)

Chap. 3: Deciding the future (part 2)

In Kantai, the high priestess Garai, Jabi and Tsubasa do not feel easy to contain Kouga, who has come to ask for help. He is beside of himself, he knows, but contrary to his nature, he does not want to regain control. So, he does not need to face his failure in protecting Kaoru. Again.

As it is impossible to talk to him, Tsubasa chooses to hit him unexpectedly and strongly on his back with the flat side of his weapon, throwing him forward, and hi collapses on the table. The attacked one can only shout betrayer! when he is pinned between the surface of the table and his weapon, which is pointed to his neck. And before he can think how to escape, Jabi throws to his head the cold water from a bucket. This makes him quiet.

Then, soaked and silent, he sits on a stool and pretend to hear what they say, as the turmoil that has gone from the outside is installed within his heart. A whirlwind of self-reproach. And the repentance for the unworthy show just offered to his peers. He realizes he could not think clearly until focusing his attention on something.


He is going to the world of horrors, before those monsters get too far with their plans. He will use all his resources to release her. He has the horse Goten, with its wings (given by her), his hipertransformable Garoken, and he will manage to force the conversion of Garo up to the power given by the White Night. He does not know how, but he will.

“Jabi”, he speaks at last, “open up the Temple of Darkness”.

“Are you going alone?” the elder Garai gets involved.

"Yes, if necessary”.

“Have you even thought that we all need you in this world urgently?” Jabi adds, with no a true intention to be scathing.

Kouga does not look at her to keep his guiltiness to himself. He only manages to talk driven by his pain.

"I have to”.

Garai shakes her head slightly and mumbling:

"This is not right ...”

The accused has just heard it, but enough to increase his self-censorship until it hurts too much, and begins to fear that if they keep making comments like this his resolution could fail. His oath is to all mankind, not just one person, but he can not lose Kaoru, now.