diumenge, 4 d’abril de 2010

GARO Fanfic - The Temple of Darkness (tetralogy)

The Temple of Darkness

Subdivision: 4 consecutive tales.

Status: Work in progress and publishing.

Introduction: The events finishing the TV series break the balance within the horror's world.  Their consequences will be felt by the human world generally, and specially by Kouga and Kaoru.

This tetralogy must pay some debt to the inspiration by the TV show Charmed, and the saga Dune by Frank Herbert.

Subdivision: 24 provisional chapters = 12 chapters finally.

Status: Published.

Introduction:A forgotten breed of horrors, now freed from a milennial opression and greedy about power, bursts into our hero and heroine's life.

Subdivision: 6 chapters.

Status: Publishing.

Introduction: Kaoru's pregnancy is used by a group of horrors  to design a new destiny to her. So, Kouga will be her first prey.

3 - A survival affair

Subdivision: 14  provisional chapters = 4 definitive chapters

Status: Written.

Introduction: The horrors begin to invade the human world, and the Makai Knights are not enough to contain them. A lot of things must change, and some drastic moves are needed.

4 - Epilogue

Subdivision: ?

Status: Work in progress.

Introduction: A thousand years later, the Temple of Darkness finally is going to be knocked down. But, a single thing is left.