dilluns, 7 de març de 2011

GARO Fanfic - A survival affair, 2 (3)

Chap. 2: Siege (part 3)

After an almost sleepless night, because an intense emotional activity, and encouraging each other, the exhausted couple found themselves at the kitchen taking by storm the coffee pot, even before Gonza had started the breakfast.

The TV shows some images taken in the garden the last night: a tacit and moody Kouga was pushing through the reporters in good and bad manners, depending on the resistance in front of him, to get home. The big push one of them got as trying to sneak in was greeted with protests and jeers. Some of them had camped in the garden as if they were the owners, knowing they can not be throw out without making a public scandal.

At Kantai, a letter to be delivered by hand to the prime minister by the High Priestess Garai and a Knight to be determined is being writen. Someone is already tasked with the appointment. The prime minister will be asked for confirmation by his colleagues in other countries, suggesting to begin with Korea, Colombia and Denmark. He will be suggested to send undercover agents to spy on certain villages. And it is believed to have then the Kaoru's blood test to the prime minister to form an idea of the magnitude of the threat.

“What can the Government do?”  Kaoru asks, after hearing from Kouga what is planned.

“To let us to advice and give help to implement the measures we’re planning”.


“Contain the press. As the horrors suspect that the Makai were not the only ones going after them, they will openly attack, and panic will spread”.

“I ...” Kaoru sighs “I don’t think that panic can be avoided”.

"Maybe. But we need time to develop communication strategies to educate people about what happens, and what they can do. And some time to get ready the leaders and the security forces”.

“Will there was so long?”

“It must”.

Kouga’s categorical tone does not allow any arguing, so she focuses on another facet.

“How can normal humans fight the horrors, being unable to handle the metalsoul?”

“Against a large concentration of horrors can be used artillery loaded with metalsoul shrapnel, but against the Bariri it could be a double edged sword. Imagine some of them mad because they have been damaged at their plexus of satiety”.

"They’d eat each other”.

“You can assumed that the shrapnel would hit them enough for human carrying flamethrower of Madou Fire ended up with them. I know from experience how dangerous a maimed Bariri is”.

“Firearms do nothing to them?”

“The small ones, such as pistols, hand grenades, and so, don’t have enough dimensional depth. The efficacity of heavy artillery is an area we're going to start studying. Anyway, if we use the, there is a risk they take hold of them and use them against us”.

”But, Kouga, if the horrors can disguise as any human, if they even want, couldn’t easily get the stocks?”

He does not answer. It is unlikely enough dumb substitutes of Madou jewels fast enough to capture the horrors and, until this moment, only Kaoru can identify Bariri. Kouga realizes that they will have to use her, however how much it hurts him. And worse: he knows he has no right to object. So, he is forced to give up his plans to take her away for her safety from humans and horrors. Otherwise, he would betray the entire human species.

"Hey, I ...”

He does not know how to tell it.

"With those ones and the Bariri out there you can’t leave the house. The doctor will have to come here to take the blood”.

She merely nods, keeping to herself her knowledge of his thoughts. She’s going to paint. Although, could she focuss? How to silence the inner clamor that requires her to do something! She already does something by giving some blood, and will do more, since she is the only recognizing Bariri. However...”
*      *      *

Dr. Shimizu does not like he owner of the house, less and less, who is watching them like a hawk to its prey, while the nurse comes to draw blood. But he can not complain, they have yielded to his request. Pressured by the "guests" camped at their garden, true. They deserve it.

The woman is very tense, perhaps is one of those people terrified of needles. Consequently, the nurse fails to hit her vein, and she has begun to complain he pokes on his arm. The eyes of her husband promise a dramatic final of session.

"Mrs. Saejima” the doctor involves himself “take three deep breaths, relax the arm and focus your eyes anywhere except on your arm, or we will never end”.

The girl obeys and, finally, the syringe can be filled with the medium that he covets so much. He is looking forward to get the lab, but she must try it again.

"Mrs. Saejima, please reconsider my request. Blood does not say everything. We could get a lot of data by a CAT scan, a biopsy and a ...”

“No way!”

Mr. Saejima does not moved a muscle, despite the strong emphasis in his exclamation. A man capable of exercising such a control over his body can be very dangerous. Better not tempting his fate.

The young wife looks down, submissive. He don’t even have a chance to convince her, damn it! Well, depending he discovered, could ask to the authorities for a better cooperation.

Her husband goes to the door, call the butler and says that the guests are leaving. But Dr. Shimizu gets atonished as feels the girl's hand slipping into the pocket of his jacket. A thief? Instinctively he introduces his own hand to see what's missing. He feels a folded paper did not have before. Crosses a glance with the woman, so short that he does not dare to interpret.