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GARO Fanfic - A survival affair, 2 (4)

Chap. 2: Siege (part 4)

“So stupid!”

Dr. Shimizu throws his mobile on his desk, making such a noise that amazes him, and for a moment he thinks it may be out of order. He hopes not.

Yesterday, after leaving the Saejima’s mansion, he was insistently phoning them to stop it, but the phone should be off the hook. He has not gone home to sleep. He ordered an ambulance ready for resuscitation and remained all night in the emergency room, in spite the anger of those who work there. But, nothing.

And, now, not answer to the phone yet. But, what do they think?

For the umpteenth time he reads the note by Mrs. Saejima. He has misinterpreted her, poor girl. She wants to do right, but not in the presence of her husband. It's almost seven o'clock, he must have already left, according to her note, and she should have begun to binge on sleeping pills. Did not she ever occur no less dangerous?

He can not wait for the emergency call, every minute is vital. He goes to the parking lot of the ambulance and orders to leave. He is going to reach the Saejima house and to take her before she goes into shock.

Upon arrival, as he knows that the butler will not allow him into, starts pounding on the door with an aluminum tube found in the ambulance, and shouting his own name and that Mrs. Saejima is in great danger. The bewildered butler is crushed by him and the two men of the ambulance barely he opened thedoor.

“Where’s Mrs. Saejima?” the doctor urges him. “Talk now! Do yo want her to die?”

“Of course not, sir! I think she is painting”.

The alarmed servant leads the way to upstairs and opens the door of the painting room, which is full of tables and easels with paintings, but no one there.

“Lady Kaoru!” the butler yells.

Another door opens. The young woman, sweaty and shaky, appears at the doorway.

"Doctor ...”

The doctor rushes to help her to stand.

"This was stupid, you know it, right?” he scolds her.

The butler sees on the little table by the bed the box of thepills and shows it to the doctor.

“I do not understand why she has done this. I could have sworn she is a girl physically and mentally healthy”.

Dr. Shimizu takes the box without a look, and does not answer. Both of them lie her on the stretcher. She is still conscious. She might have taken less capsules than she should to put her life at serious risk. Hopefully! Perhaps she would have to throw up right here before the drug leave her stomach, but then there would be no way to lead her ouf from the house.

“Come on!” he instructs the men of the ambulance.

“Wait!” the butler involves himself. “You have to wait until her husband returns”.

The doctor faces him.

"If she hasn’t her stomach pumped, he will change from husband to widow. Are you coming with her?”

"I have to wait for the lord to tell him. Where did you carry her?

Do these people not know the phone? Best if he is not coming, fewer obstacles.

"To the Central Hospital of Shinagawa”.

Dr. Shimizu is not worried that her husband came in the hospital. That clandestine note by the woman, and signed by her, also shows her willingness to contribute to medical research about the case of people infected by an unknown agent. A trick that he is going to use, if needed.

The ambulance at the door has put a great stir among the journalists outside, who are frantically ringinh the bell. The output of the stretcher leave them speechless for a few moments. They come around and assault the girl with microphones and small gadgets of recording as realize that she is conscious.

“Please let us pass, it’s an emergency!” The doctor shouts to these ruthless people, to which he himself has given the bait.

Suddenly a hand grabs his arm. The girl is scared. She finally realizes the gravity of her situation.

"Protect me from them ..." she says, looking with horror at the journalists.

"They won’t do anything" he replies, “they’re only curious”.

"You don’t understand. They want me”.

Then the doctor sees four or five journalists, all of them together and serious, neither clamoring nor harassing her with microphones. Pretty anomalous in here. Surely this behavior makes the drugged woman hallucinating.

"Don’t worry. I don’t let anyone to harm you, I promise”.

Mrs. Saejima looks at him with strong skepticism and seems willing to discuss, but suddenly she folds over herself and screams in pain.

“Let's go!” he yells to the driver of the ambulance, while preparing for reanimation.

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