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GARO Fanfic – Blood call, 4

Chap. 4: Who is Meshia?

The queen of another world walks on this one, after opening the spell that hides the Temple of Darkness. She is at the head of a heterogeneous group: about seven horrors and sixteen Bariris Bariri, their number diminished by their encounter with two Makai Knights, who also went to the Temple and realised themselves surrounded. And her newly acquired personal slave.

Although Kouga tries hardly to believe himself as a warrior who plans a strategy to free the world from a monster, the truth of his situation is límpid. And it became even clearer when his mistress snatched Zaruba from his finger and threw him away. A solitary tear poured did not impres her.

He crossed just a quick look with the newly captured Rei and Tsubasa. He still keeps too much pride to show what he is in this group, although he is confident that Meshia will destroy it within not very long time. He heard one of the horrors asking their queen why she does not kill the two other knights.

“As Kouga, they’re handsome and strong, and I want to study their potential as instruments of my plans” she said, but Kouga is sure that both of them do not know what it means.

As they approach the rare cubic building, lots of intangible presences surround the group generally, and specially Meshia. She raises her arms and makes gestures as if she caresses the air. On reaching the door, she snatches the metal plate next to it, saying Honourable guests, beware of the spirits of those who remained here. Rei and Kouga remember it, so they look each other. Two horrors come to welcome them, and escort down the hall to the ceremonial hall.

“Jabi ...”

She turns her eyes toward the voice. Kouga saws her at a wall, with the claw of a horror immobilizing her by the neck.

“Why did you do this to her? It's me who you want” he asks to Meshia.

“It's not something that concerns you but, well. The access to our world only can be opened from this side, and we need someone who knows how to open it, so we can copy her. Apparently, me aside, she’s the only one who can. I think she red it in a book from here”.

Jabi tries in vain to escape from her captor. Her eyes are bright and have a tear in her right leg.

The sole owner of their lives stains her lips with a smile and step onto the platform of the altar.

“First” Meshia announces to everyone in the room “I’ll cross to the other side with my entourage and prisoners. No, she” the queen drews Jabi, “has to stay on this side of the gateway. At least, until I teach someone else. I’m officially reopening this temple, and forming a priest to keep it. Until then, feed her. Thorn and Black Blood, I’m starting with both of you, we'll see who shows  better skills. Thorn, have you warned the group that has to cross the gateway to here?”

“They’re waiting for the signal” a false Jabi answers, appearing from the shadows.

Meshia closes her eyes and relaxes. Shortly after, she joints her hands and raises them slowly over her head.

Suddenly, a disembodied voice resounds inside the room.

“What have you done, Emersie?”

Nothing within its tone makes it to feel threatening, but the silence following is deathly. All heads and all antennas seek its origin with no small concern. Even Meshia remains silent for a while.

“Who’re you?” she asks at last, pretty demanding. “How d’you know that name?”

“You should remember” the disembodied voice answers. “I fought against you and you killed me, as I defended my world”.

“So, you're the spirit of a dead one”. A slight smile. “It was me who must ask what are you doing here, why you hadn’t go on your way after so long. Did you wait eons to get a revenge? Then, I was out of your scope, and now, even beyond. I’ve evolved”.

“I have evolved too, Emersie. Some of us have reached to get free of the cycle of reincarnations. We are out of scope, too”.

“I'm immortal!”

“Come on, come con. You have managed to cheat death, but it does not make you an immortal being. You know you have a very heavy karma holding you back, and you do not dare to die to avoid to confront it. We lost our world, but we will recover it to the Universe: your karma  has weakened you and turned it against yourself”.

“I own my destiny and my world. Show yourself!”

A faint light begins to be seen over the occupants of the room. Gradually, it intensifies until taking a vague human shape.

A ray of red light throws out from a Meshia’s finger toward the floating shape,  but it is absorbed by it. She repeats using the fingers of both hands, with the same end.

“You are an unique case, Emersie. No a so complex being has been modified as you have been by yourself. A true queen, in the biological sense of the word. The Universe waits your soul with impatience to incorporate your knowledge and experience”.

“You can do nothing!” Meshia seems to start to lose her calm.

“You will not subject to the human world to your whim. Your experiments are already completed. Listen, Jabi, Kouga, Rei and Tsubasa, we need your help”.

“They’re mine and have’nt the right to speak without my permission”, she hurries to reply.

Another great silence becomes. The aforementioned ones have some trouble believing that the mysterious being who apparently knows Meshia so well, who has had with her this amazing exchange could approach them.

“We would like to help”, Kouga replies, ignoring Meshia’s authority, and thereby earning a promising look on big cruelties. “Who are you?”

“Long ago, within the Golden Age in your planet”, the ethereal being says, “this temple was white, bright and was in the service of Light. It was used to explore other dimensions, other worlds and in some cases it was possible to establish relationships with their residents. Emersie, whom you call Meshia, was its high priestess. But she became contaminated by the thoughts of the souls to which she had begun to relocate inside your world. They were lost souls who would remain without a chance for redemption because they could not remain in their own world, which experienced a big evolutionary leap”.

“Just a moment”, Jabi interrupted. “Do you mean that she fell into her own trap?”

“ Well, no. It means she rather was the victim of her love for all life form. She and all the human species accepted the task of welcoming the lost souls and educate them to overcome their condition. Unfortunately, the almost perfect breed that you, humans, were then, was influenced by them and began to degenerate”.

Meshia's face is hard.

“Your compassion doesn’t impress me. Shut up!”

“Emersie was able to reconcile” the floating being continued without taking it into account “the souls that came with the races that would welcome them. There was not genetic as you understand it, but was mental surgery, mental and etheric sugery. She was very wise”.

He or she pauses and goes on.

“That what for you is the horrors’ world was the world of my species: one of the many one which opened to this temple. Emersie came and went among them all, we knew her and was well received among us. We also took long to realize that she had been contaminated, but discovered herself was safer in an alien world that in her own. By the time humans realized what was happening, Emersie already had managed to submit he most of us under her arts. Then, humans sealed the access to our world to prevent her return and she could to pollute them. Thus, she could make our world to her brutish image. Those who do not succumb to her perverted spell were persecuted and killed. Or used inside her laboratories”.

“So”, Kouga concludes, “our world left yours to its fate, after deliviring it to perdition”.

“It was its first sign of collective degeneration”, the bright being explains. “This is one of the reasons we do need your help. The first breed of horrors that existed was the result of physical and mental genetic experiments conducted with our people, who Emersie educated in what she thought were appropriate values. No more than two generations fourished, but she was wise and found other ways to achieve the creation of viable life. The increasingly brutalized human world began to have less consistence, and cracks appeared which the horrors used to cross from one side to another”.

“The gateways” Rei concludes. “Well, now there are several karmic ties intersecting between boths worlds”.