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GARO Fanfic -A survival affair, 1(3)

Chap. 1: Stalk (Part 3)

As luck or misfortune, that Koga was there when two doctors came into the mansion. Although he has finished eating, and thus he was more accessible than usual, he does not like the way both visitors look at Kaoru, at all.

Kaoru sometimes cursed her growing ease in reading her man’s thoughts. She only can watch him in there, sitting with one leg crossed over a knee, and both hands gripping the chair arms, and to beg the  doctors not to take kicks by him. When Dr. Shimizu begins to allude the time she was in the hospital by have been infected, she thinks Kouga is going to get up and leave, but he keeps himself in order of not letting her alone with them.

“Let me tell you,  Mrs. Saejima”  Dr. Shimizu says, “we are very surprised that you are still alive”.

Kouga suppresses an outburst, but his eyes do not hide anything.

“Do you know”, the doctor continues, ignoring him “that all who have suffered such injuries are dead or close to it?”

His deliberate silence only is useful to make easy the quick response by Kouga.

“I was right to keep her from such incompetent people”.

The younger doctor is impressed by such embarrasing frankness, but the gaze by Dr. Shimizu is exceptic. And hard.

“Since you know so much”, he replies to the owner of the house, perhaps you could tell us what caused that terrible wound”.

“You know it very well: it was an animal”.

“It must be an unknown species”, the doctor insists.

Kaoru involves herself.

“Why do you say it? Every day they discover new species of animals and plants. Just find the one you need”.

The doctor does not give up.

“A deadly microbe has infected many people, and they were infected by other or by animals. We need to examine you, madam, to find the cause of your healing, and to apply it to those people still living”.

If Dr. Shimizu was a telepath, he would have been overwhelmed by the strong mental protests from the couple. Kouga's thoughts were at par with hers on this subject: she never again will be between the hands of some doctors. Both of them do not dare to think about what were they going to find within her body and her blood if she was examined.

This refractory, uncomfortable silence that followed make the visitor to get up, which his companion does too.

“Do not worry, we're leaving. But ask yourself this question: As the epidemic spreads, could you bear yourselves for not having done anything? What right have you to be called humans, if you are indifferent to the fate of others?”

Kaoru turns back to Kouga. She feels him ready to burst. How can this doctor to launch such accusations against someone who has devoted his life to the survival of humanity?

“I give a damn what you think!”  Kouga replies, not in good ways. “ You aren’t worth of another answer”.

Both pairs of eyes meet, and fight. The young woman rests her hand on her husband's arm to distract him, while addressing the poor doctor who does not know where he is getting into.

“Doctor, please do not take this as a negative to...”

“Oh no?” the referred one interrupts sharply. “How should I take it, then?”

“As an opportunity to make an even greater finding. When you had achievedit, I still continue being here”.

Kouga looks askance. Is she thinking to expose the Makai world?

But the cryptic response from her does not please Dr. Shimizu.

“I do not know what's playing at, madam, but maybe when you finish you will not find anyone willing to listen”.

She lowers her eyes in shame.

“Please, do not stop researching. But if you just lock yourself within your laboratory you only see a small part of the picture. Sorry, I can not say any more”.

“Are you unable or unwilling?”

“It's time to leave”. Kouga has stood before Kaoru had a chance to say something else.

Officially expelled, both doctors follow the butler to the outer door. But before leaving the room, just at the threshold, Dr. Shimizu stops his walk and stars at the couple.

“I want you to say that I will not give up”, and leaves the room.

After their departure, Kaoru and her husband look each other worried. Both of them have been touched by the doctor's words. But they know that if Kaoru obeys him, she will never leave the hospital, and without awarranty of finding the remedy to seek. Not to mention the pile of questions that will be asked and that could not be answered. How may you say that humans are as guilty of the presence of the horrors as the ecological destruction of the planet? Above all, how to say that things will get worse? But somehow, they must begin to prepare mankind for what is coming.

The great advantage of her big empathy with Kouga is now Kaoru no longer feels uncomfortable when he reacts silent or leaving. His mind has told her everything she needs to know and can act accordingly. But now he comes and hugs her, suddenly, as if to protect her frin what is to come. She nakes the same, trying to protect him too.

“We must do something”, she says, with half of her mouth covered by his shoulder.

He says nothing, but Kaoru feels him to consider the possibility of convening a Makai emergency meeting.

“Yes, do it”.

Kouga puts away his head to look at her. He does not like to read his thoughts without his consent. Because of that Kaoru tries not being to obvious, but damn! now it has escaped. For the umpteenth time he tries to remember that it is fortunate that only her had this abilityr, and he can feel calm. Reluctant to himself, his head moves in a single, faint nod.

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ShadowNeko003 ha dit...

Very interesting series of fics that you've wrote about GARO. (I swear, there needs to be more) Thank you for writing the English versions. Your English has quite improved as the stories continue. I hope to read more in the future.

Mitra ha dit...

You are very kind, ShadowNeko003!

My purpose is to finish this series (The Temple of Darknes, its 4 stories). After it, I do not know.

Thank you to cheer me up!