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GARO Project

Update: March 21th, 2009.

The musical band named Garo Project was born from and to Garo. Its members are five among its performers, including the three protagonists: Masaki Kyomoto, Ryosei Konishi, Mika Hijii, Ray Fujita, and Hiroyuki Watanabe.

They have relied on this peculiar pop group four pieces: both of the endings of the series (originally sung only by Masaki Kyomoto) and the final song of the Special, plus an extra which, in theory, is not related to Garo.


He was born at Osaka, on January the 21th in 1959. Actor, singer and musician. It looks he is a celbrity in Japan.

He has done a lot of television (Chiritotechin, Satomi Hakkenden, Chotto Matte Kami-Sama, Bibo no Mesu...).

Masaki has been the leading spirit of Garo Project, its Head, the lyricist, the composer, the arranger and the producer of its songs. His age and experience credited him to make a good work.

A video with scenes of the TV show Anmitsu Hime.

KONISHI RYOSEI / 小西遼生 (Formerly: Konishi Hiroki / 小西大樹 )

Born at Tokyo, on February 20th in 1982. Actor, singer, dubber.

His artistic activity has an inclination to the cinema (Heibon Punch, Hana Guerila...) and the musical theatre (Prince of Tennis, Les Miserables...), in spite of he has done some TV (Komyo ga Tsuji...) and dubbings (School Rumble, Sugar Sugar Rune). It looks as he also likes to play the guitar and writting songs.

Within the band, he is the role of solo most times.

This is the trailer of Hana Guerila, to release in 2009.

Watch more Mymedia Yam videos on AOL Video


She was born at Tokyo on October the 13th in 1982. She got a degree in Management. Actress.

Her artistic activity started in 2004 in the cinema (Tameiki no riyu, Happy Flight...) and TV (Kamen Rider Blade, Kiniro no tsubasa...). She is the only one in the group which does not seem to have any link with the musical world.

A picture from the film Ninja, to be realased in 2009.

FUJITA RAY / 藤田玲 / Michael Ray David

Born in Tokyo on September the 6th in 1988, and he is the son of a French man and a Japanese woman (hence the duplication of names). Actor and musician.

He has done TV (Kamen Rider 555, HR Plus...), cinema (Itoshii Koto Dekinai, Arakure Knight...); he leads his own band, named Dustz; he plays the drums, synthesizers, piano, etc.

Within Garo Project, he sang some part of solo, and he is also the author of the "rap" lyrics in Akai Bara.

Nest, the song Future, by Dustz, with Ray as the singer.


Born in Ibaraki, on December the 9th in 1955. Actor.

He has done TV (Oedo Yoshiwara Jikencho, Ultraman Gaia...), cinema (Shibuya Monogatari, LoveDeath, Gamera 3...). He has also produced films and series, and has introduced himself within the world of animation.

I have not been able to find anything on his currilum that suspect musical trends, but the videos of songs from Garo Project that we will show later allows to see him playing the drums.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any image that illustrates any of his works.

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Ieda ha dit...

hello there. i'm Ieda from Malaysia. You know, i always read your blog because i'm a big fan of GARO and Mika Hijii. You juz amazing for me to made all this. thanks a lot. i like it! here i juz want to share with u, i think Mika hijii start her musical world earlier than u said. might be 2001 or 2002. because i watch her performance in jpop group named 'D Shues' in 2002. here the link in youtube..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CrCNITbbr8
i have no info about this group but only this. http://www.famitsu.com/game/event/1136628_1114.html
also, this year her latest movie will release. alien vs ninja.


Mitra ha dit...

I thank a lot these news, Ieda. Often comments are useful to provide more info, and this is good!

I could not watch "Ninja" (theatres in Spain did not release it), what a pity!.

Ieda ha dit...

i see.. well i think someday, they can be find in youtube, veoh or tudou. Me in Malaysia still cannot watch, not yet release here. i'll wait for that. btw, thanks for reply me.

Mitra ha dit...

Not at all!