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GARO Special – Kouga’s evolution


We have to add very few things about his idealism and faith. His only doubt, a logical scepticism about young Rin skills, was banished after her first demonstration, and he will be able to entrust his life to her.

Chapter 1. Kouga has not been tolerant to Rin when she did not want to return to Kantai so early, and he dragged her along; he let himself go when she took his hand, but now he tries hard on speaking to her about their respective mothers. It will become a feeling of evident affection.

We see a great change in the development of the social aspect. Even though as much serious and elusive he still is, he finishes with a girlfriend -even though we knew it since before- he is among people in farewell time and, when Tsubasa says " we are in Kantai and we will do things in my way" he answers "we do things in our way": in his case, the use of plural uncovers a sort of consciousness of group.

His bumping into Tsubasa was unavoidable due to their pride, but he tries hard on being kind with Rin, and Garai, and it is clear that he gets along with Rei. Even dares to scold Tsubasa because he is so cold with his little sister. For him, you can not behave like this with those people you love.

But Kouga’s case goes beyond.

Chapter 2. Even though at first he himself is not much courteous to Rin, we can not disregard his great alarm, very emotional when, after finishing their first fight against Lègules, Kouga runs to her side and see her hurt by the demoniac blood.

In this scene, even Jabi has been forgotten, though she was a bit hurt too and was closer to him. Is he rmembering Kaoru’s case through the young Rin?

But there is another possibility. If we accept that the relationship between he and Jabi was a sort of continuation of the one that they had as being children, look at his reaction when he sees her after taking her from the magical tree –his brighting face– and when he knows, perhaps telepathically, that has gone out of saving Rin and surviving, and he pronounces her name. It looks like a very deep friendship. We also remember how he was affected |in the series -chapter 18- when was noticed about the dead of the Makai priest Amon. We might conclude that Kouga is a man of some few friends, but very good ones, and he is ready to do everything for them.

Certainly, this allows us to ask why such a powerful defensive barrier –his closed nature– turned up. Perhaps he thought that this emotional capacity made him vulnerable. Suture against the loss of his parents? We aimed the importance of this factor at the comments about the series, but we did not say anything about a possible emotional past of him, led to be interrupted before or after his father’s dead. Did he lose anybody else?

A friend of mine thinks that between Kouga and Jabi had something more than a childhood friendship, and we have seen already there are some scenes supporting such a theory. Thus, it would make some sense Jabi’s violent reaction as they met in the series, accusing him of letting her to win when they played -chapter 18-, and her sweeter reaction afterwards too. Did one of them break up? Did either person or circumstance split them apart, and things kept on cooling in the time? The poor boy must have panic of losing also Kaoru. How can we not understand his first incapability of accepting his feelings towards her!

We can not answer any question made here but, oh yes, there was an emotional past for Kouga, blocked, and retrieved since he fell in love. It looks that for him, friendship and love can be equally intense, only different in nuance.

Chapter 2. In the two chapters of the special we have attended some details telling us that Koga is still in love. When at last Kaoru comes back, we feel comforting to see he has learned of his feelings. Enough about of taking her wrist and dragging her along: now he waits for her to want to go with him.

Thanks very much for the screenshots, Radix.

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Yee ha dit...

Hi Mitra,

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I guess I know what you mean on the spiritual issue on the Buddha-like-Garo, but since I'm a Buddhist I tend to convey it that way. In our eastern culture anything to do with ceremony and ritual for the supernatural or ghost are pretty spiritual in nature anyway.

Loved your continuation analysis of Kouga's evolution...maybe the theory of him & Jabi being more than friends might be possible. After, having understood the meaning for BOKU WA MADA KOI WO SHITE WA IKENAI/I Can't Start Falling In Love Again here:

I shy away from your glances like a girl
You bear such a resemblance
To the woman I once loved

For I do not wish to repeat the sorrows of the past

I can't start falling in love again, I can't just yet
I can't start falling in love again, not for now

How much time has passed since that day
How much longer will I feel this emptiness inside
Although I already know what's on your mind

I won't be a man who'd run away and settle for comforts

I can't start falling in love again, I can't just yet
I can't start falling in love again, not for now

Oh innocent one, I want to embrace you
My spirits start to lift up a little, but no

I can't start falling in love again, I can't just yet
I can't start falling in love again

Initially, I thought this song is more like Zero's song but I doubt he was ever in love with Kaoru, maybe attracted but definitely not that kind of affection, right? But Kouga & Jabi, well judging by the meaning is quite possible but I guess they are quite young then, maybe teenagers crush?!

Anyway, I see you've been busy adding all the OST, it's so cool and now I can listen to all of them right here - thanks. Recently (well I know I'm pretty late actually) found some very interesting articles, interviews & events regarding the process of recording for the OST by GARO Project here:

Just scroll until the bottom of the page, click on various GARO Project pic, there is plenty to read and photos too..ENJOY!

Just to share with you the following....

Do you know that Masaki Kyomoto specially prepared the Garo Guitars - gold & silver guitar with Zaruba & Silva as seen in their MVs as a gift for Konishi & Fujita? Yeah, a surprised gift for them! He specially ordered the custom-made guitars for them, lucky boys to work with such a generous & amazing mentor. Of course, the black guitar is for himself as Dark Knight Kiba.

As for Mika, he give her a custom-made of her Zaruba's ring in a new design with all diamond-studded silver necklace..gosh! I think she wear it to the Garo Project event in LaQua, Tokyo Dome Garden and for all the OST promotional materials as well. That site even covered their concert in details and how everything was going smoothly with Konishi as the main vocalist for BOKU GA AI WO TSUTAETE YUKU and then he skipped some lyrics...oh dear I guess this kind of things can happen, he must be a pretty nervous dude at that moment. This song even make it to No. 67 of the Single Top 100 Chart and Red Rose on the No.45 on the Oricon's daily chart then..great!

In the following month, when recording for "Orora no shita de", Masaki give Mika another gift - "Kaoru guitar" I wonder which one since they never show the pic or describe it well. Lucky girl indeed! Masaki wrote this song after reading the script and Amemiya said that he wanted something like "We are the world" theme. He comes up with Orora no shita de in one day...sugoi and that is such a magnificent song, ne!

As for Red Rose he wanted to try something new, modern, creative & bold. Like you've mentioned before, it definitely showed Konishi's dynamic vocal to the max! But it was a pretty tough schedule for them since they have shooting for "Beast of the White Night" and then rush to record for the Red Rose & Under the Aurora, with very little rest..phew! I loved their rapport between the seniors & juniors, they have so much fun and showed a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Yeah, everyone is really amazingly talented!

BTW, do you want the lyrics of the 4 songs in Romaji with the English translation as well? I just loved the beautiful meaning of all the songs (well actually, very Kouga feel), Masaki is such a genius to write & produce them all! Oops, actually 5 songs forget to include SAVIOR IN THE DARK. Do let me know your email so that I can send them to you and you can post it on your site for all the OST fans then!

Mitra ha dit...

Wow, Yee, you wasted your fingers in this comment! It's soooo long!


Mmmm... Rei and Kaoru, huh? I've have dona a fanfic, and I'm going to post it already, that explores a bit such a possibility. This will be the first I write in Catalan... and in English. It'll be named "Angúnia", "Anguish" in English. I hope you could tell me how have I done. It has three chapters: 1st-Rei's point of view, 2nd-Kouga's, 3rd-Kaoru's.

I have got, indeed the lyrics of that five songs (Garo Project plus JAM's "Savior in the dark"), and their instrumental versions to practice! LOL! I don't practice very much... my voice is terrible!

I'm going to post those lyrics, but I'm unable to find a gadget allowing me to upload any music from my computer to my blog. The only ones that Google has got have the songs list of their authors.

So the OST uploaded by me is not entiere (there are 53 tracks), and it didn't come from my computer, but from Imeem: it has a gadget allowing to send its music directly to my blog. Indeed, I miss two of my favorite pieces of the OST: "Kakusei" and "Eirei". I know my friend Radix uploaded to Goear "Aurora no shita de", which I posted already, and "Akai bara" (if you want to hear them, this is the page in Goear: http://www.goear.com/listen.php?v=6a12c3f ) And I think I saw some time "Savior in the dark", too, but I'm not sure. Plus, Radix offered in his bloc a direct download (from Megaupload) of the other disc by Garo Project. This is the page: http://animeradix.blogspot.com/search?q=garo+project Go to the end to catch the link.

The link you put is shinjirarenai! What a lot of material! It looks translated by an automatic translator, and corrected (only a bit) by someone. I find some things very difficult to understand, but the general sense is clear. Thank you! I hope I'll be able to post a message about Garo Project someday, but I hope then I'll have the musics.

Yee ha dit...

Yeah that site is unbelieveable and yes indeed it's translated by Google with the original in Japanese!

Yes, I've visited your friend Radix site and it's so awesome with lots of info, pics and graphic on almost all the anime! Well done indeed!

Looking forward to your fanfic in English since those auto translator are not that perfect but overall still dependable!

Mitra ha dit...

Today, Radix has published about JAM Project. There is a link with a direct download:

He published, too, about "Aurora no shita de", giving a download link of this song and of "Akai bara":

Mitra ha dit...

Upps... I see the links aren't complete. Try again:



Mmm...it looks better.

Mitra ha dit...

In any case, Yee, you can e-mail me every time you want: