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GARO Fanfic - Anguish (Chapter 1st)

Fanfic placed after chapter 15th and before the 17th one.

He was standing exactly at the same place where he had waited for her the former time, after deciding to execute her. Rei did not know really why he was there. Perhaps he wanted she to know he was not her enemy, which never would deceive her, unlike other one. He was sorry that she became sentenced to death because she was stained with a horror blood. If only he might find the way to offer her a happier end! Who do you want to lie, scolded himself, you like Kaoru, that’s all! She was pretty, and had a far reminiscence of Shizuka. He wondered if the remembrance of his dead beloved one was behind this feeling. Or, maybe, it was only some pity.

A door noise. Kaoru appeared into the alley, and became dumbfound of seeing him. To Rei seemed she was struggling between two options: standing there, or running to the opposite side. So, before she could decide the second one, he hurried to speak, and did not dare to move from where he was.

“Good afternoon. How was your day?” He wondered if she would have sensed him nervous. But the ice was already broken.

“Well, thanks. Good afternoon.”

Not even looking at him, she approached to his position ready to leave him behind. Rei did not have an idea about what he could tell her, so, he improvised.

“Allow me to lead you home.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because often you bump into a horror.” He knew she should take this reason into account seriously. “You know I can also protect you. And he is not here. I am.”

She did not answer and went on her way, but more slowly, so he felt allowed to accompain her.

“Wait,” Rei said when Kaoru was to take her bicycle. “I Have my motorbike right here.”

“If you think I’m going to leave my bike over there...”

“No, no,” he calmed down her. “I’m going to take it after you: when you get off I will climb up the forward wheel to the seat and I will tie it. I promise that you’re going to get it before becoming dark.”

As she doubted, Rei put the helmet to her. So, she mounted to the rear seat and gripped his waist. He congratulated himself: he had gained a bit of her confidence; then he breathed thoroughly, only to sense with more intensity those arms surrounding his waist, that body embracing his back.

On arriving to the Saejima manor, they went on their way on foot, among the trees. She had not said anything till then, and he did not feel self-confident enough to force a conversation. But having lelf behind the trees, and after seeing Kouga stopping right there his training suddenly, he couldn’t resist anymore.

“Why do you live with him?” Rei had stopped where the garden started and finished the forest.

“You could say that his protectiveness is very useful for an artist without any money.” Kaoru forced a giggle. She used him as he used her: quite fair, Rei decided.

“And does he charged you never?” If only he wouldn’t said it!

“Kouga isn’t that kind of man, I do not allow you to speak like this!”

He inclined to apologize. He did not know if she really admired Kouga for his great respect, or if she detested him for an "excess" of respect. Probably she would have preferred a bit more of human warmth, instead of a mobile piece of ice that, by the way, had stopped of making the idiot and was approaching to them.

“Kaoru, I have to go, if I must fulfill the promise to take your bicycle back before it becomes dark.”

She smiled for the first time.

“Of course, Rei. Thank you for the trip.”

“It’s a pleasure. Do not doubt on calling me, if you need.”

She seemed surprised, but his look was focused on the serious and already very close Kouga, before to turn back. He expected Kouga had listened his last sentence.

Rei began to suspect that his interest on Kaoru could be caused by his wish to act against her devoted protector as far as possible. The idea to steal the girl from him -which was visibly captivated, even if he tried hard on hiding it- thrilled him, and he astonished himself designing a seduction plan. Maybe he could attain that she could face her death with dignity and consciousness, a right that Kouga denied to her stubbornly. He imagined himself kissing her hands, her eyes, relishing her lips, as a tender and warm farewell, before removing her head to avoid such an agony.

This awaken dreaming did him to relive the pain of the loss of Shizuka. He wondered if this play he was planning would not turn back against him and would kill his soul. No, it was already dead.

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Yee ha dit...

Yes, you have managed to nail Rei character in feelings & thoughts. Tho I would prefer to give Rei & Kouga meeting a much more tense confrontation. Whenever this two guys meet, Rei will not fail to tease & provoke him so I'm sure he will not left him without any remark or his mischievious smirk for Kouga especially in front of Kaoru!! Anyway, well done..looking forward to the next part!

Mitra ha dit...

A meeting between these guys is already done (I have already written it entiere in Catalan), but I'm afraid I'm not very good at remarks like those. I have my own literary limitations... specially in English. This is my first fanfic in English; plus, I'm just started to write fanfics here, in my blog, I never made any of them. I hope I'll do better.

Mitra ha dit...

Well, thanks to your words I've managed to modify a very important part of the last chapter. I like it more, now. I didn't want both men to face each other in the first chapter.