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GARO Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 9

Chapter 9: Stalk

“That’s going to work?”

“Sure” Kouga replies, as succint as always.

“True, it does” Jabi interjects, coming next to Kaoru “The problem could be the death in the process of one of you. Or both.

Kaoru makes a face that is intended to be a smile. Jabi adds:

“There’s another option, a risky one, too”. Jabi deflects for a moment her sight to Kouga, but he has his eyes focused on some point of the opposite wall. “The Madou Fire in one singe person is less destructive than the normal fire, in physical terms, but its effects are deeper. For example: a hand under a normal fire would burn its affected side, and would leave intact the other one, but the Madou Fire would not burn really that side, but the other one would be affected in the same way. It’s created to reach a different dimension”.

“So, which's the danger?”

“We don’t know how much we can apply on you without seriously hurting you. As far as I know, no one before has tried to heal an entire human body, and your infection is already in you blood, not only in your arm. Plus, never no one tried to heal someone contaminated in this way. We only killed them, you know it”.

Kaoru swallows.

“Does it hurt as much as the normal fire?”

“Fewer, but no problem, I can put you to sleep”.

The ill girl goes away, until a wall, showing her back to the priestess and to her silent boyfriend, and stays for a while lost in her thought. But as she turns back to them, she has clearly made a decision”.

“I’ll accept de Madou Fire”.

Kouga, his face contorted, leaves the room slamming the door.

Jabi shrugs. Then she goes to the door and calls Rei.

“I need you to go to Kantai and bring another priestess.”


“We must build a sort of lighter, but really bigger. And we must do something to heal Kaoru. I can’t do everything alone in the short time I sense we’ve got. Explain them what is happening, and carry here some materials”.

“Good but...” He come closer to Jabi, trying she is the only to hear him. “I worry about Kouga’s insistence about the blood exchange. It's looks as if...”

“He was engaged in self-destruction?” she whispers, worried too.

A quick glance is enough to verify that their attempts to conceal their comments to Kaoru had not been successful.

*     *     *

Their DNA falls down so soon that it was not easy to maintain fifteen human copied simultaneously. They are everywhere, and now as Poisoned Edge knows how much interdependent they are - how could they flourish? the Bariri wondered for the umpteenth time - and the amazing ways that they are interconnected, they have avoided to get some attention. Of course, it was not always possible, and three policemen, four shopkeepers and two bystanders had to be eliminated. Although it not easy to decide who ate them. For a Bariri without hunger, a human is bland. Invertebrates are tastier, but they're so small! The horrors have lost too much time eating. From now on, everyone knows, they will be fed mostly on human beings.

They stole a truck which was unloading at a supermarket. Although their copied bodies could taste their wares, most of they threw it out because they felt disgusting that humans could feed on vegetables and dead meat. This vehicle is going to lead them to the Garo’s residence, to finish what Poisoned Edge alone could not.

He himself, sitting beside the driver, has emerged as the leader of the expedition: he has given others the information that no other Bariri have about humans, about how they have killed Barago and Kiva. His sermons encouraged everyone: they all had felt Meshia’s death in their flesh, and they were in a state of prostration when he found them.

And now here they are, determined to finish the single greatest threat remaining: the Makai Knight who can become another Kiva. And they will become the owners of both worlds. Although Poisoned Edge knows that after the victory, another bloody war was going to break out between them for power ... and survival.

The siren of the ambulance? No, it is the police one. Is it possible that they have already found the stolen truck? They made sure to kill its driver! The police car make signs for them to stop.

“Stop” he says to his driving companion. “Let’s they to leave us go”.

“Why we never thought about copying cops?” the other asked while braking.

Probably, Poisoned Edge believes, because some of their original subjects do not sympathize with them. But the pilot is right, it may be useful.

“Let’s go to get  them” he says.

The policemen put their car crossed on the way of the truck. The two agents go out and so the two unknown horrors. When the four of them stands joined, both policeman are suddenly scratched on their face, and then carried inside the cargo compartment, where thirtheen Bariri remain. The police car is parked next to a nearby park and the horrors resume their journey. Arriving to their destination, the big vehicle is hidden among the thick trees surrounding the enemy’s house.

The two policemen who knock on the door watch Gonza, before Poisoned Edge scratched him like he uses. The yell of the surprised steward is quickly crushed by another blow, and the other policeman load him on his shoulders and carries him away.

The homeowner, alerted by the yell, comes.

“A false alarm, sir” Poisoned Edge answers, while acceds quickly to the memories of his original subject. “There were two policemen and I was scared”.

“Do cops scare you?”

“No, of course...” The horror hastly looks whithin Gonza’s mind. “But I... was concerned about ... circumstances, and I got distracted”.

The enemy leaves the lobby, and he observes the thoughts having access: there are three Makai Knights and two Makai Priestesses inside the house, making weapons based on Madou Fire. Apparently, he laments to himself, the knowledge about the Bariri is not lost among Makai humans, despite the time elapsed since the last time the two species came into contact. He will need to alert others before the attack. And there's Kaoru, ill from infection. Poisoned Edge does not want her to die soon, he needs the others to see her, to verify that she was the container of Meshia. And thus vindicate the inheritance of the Mother of all of them: it is his right, he discovered her, and worked about Garo. The role of undisputed leader of both worlds belongs to him.

*     *     *

“There are some people hanging around” the priestess Akane says after collecting the things Gonza bought at the hardware store.

Four pairs of eyes looked at her, inquisitive.

“What did you see?”

“A guy among the trees looking this way. I asked your butler if he had seen something else as he was going or coming back, but he didn’t”.

“So, my eyes didn’t deceive me” Tsubasa adds, drawing all sights toward him. “Tonight, while keeping guard, I thought I saw someone coming out from the woods. But it was only for a moment”.

Jabi stop trying to fit two pieces of metal to move closer to her colleage, and speaks softly, but high enough so that the other occupants of the room could hear it.

“Hav’you noticed anything suspicious in Gonza?”

“I do not know him enough”.

Kouga leaves on the table the big graphics book that he holds in his arms.

“Ar’you saying he might not be him?”

“Why he hasn’t seen anyone?” Jabi asks.

“Perhaps,” Kouga protests loudly, approaching to her “because the outsiders hid as they saw someone coming”.

“See that he’s become very curious”.

The owner of the house said defensively.

“You’d be, too, if your life was in danger and you didn’t know what was being done to protect it”.

“Maybe you're right,” she soothes him. “In any case, it looks as we’ve got very few time. Let's see if we finish those flamethrowers. We should be able to test them before to be used”.

Jabi, Akane, Rei and Tsubasa return to work on the equipment, but Kouga leaves the room.

“I’m standing guard”.

Jabi's doubts have told on him and he wants, above all, to bring back Kaoru among them, to secure her. About an hour ago he had led her to her room to rest, and his heart skips a beat by not seeing her there.

“Kaoru! Gonza!” he yells.

He waits some few distressing seconds before to run into his own room to take his sword.

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GARO Fanfic – Regreso de los exiliados, 9

Capítulo 9: Acecho

– ¿Éso, funcionará?

– Funcionará –le responde Koga, escueto como siempre.

– És cierto que lo hace –interviene Jabi, acudiendo al lado de Kaoru.– Lo malo es que uno de los dos, o ambos, podríais morir en el proceso.

Kaoru hace una mueca que pretende ser una sonrisa. Jabi, añade:

– Hay otra opción, también arriesgada. –Jabi desvía un momento su vista hacia Koga, pero éste tiene los ojos fijos en algún punto de la pared de enfrente.– El Fuego Guía es menos destructivo que el fuego normal, en términos físicos, pero sus efectos son más profundos. Por ejemplo: una mano sometida a fuego normal quemaría el lado afectado y dejaría intacto el otro; mientras que el Fuego Guía no llegaría a quemar ese lado, pero el otro quedaría afectado en igual medida. Se creó para alcanzar una dimensión distinta.

– Entonces, ¿cuál es el peligro?

– Que no sabemos cuánto podemos aplicarte para que, sin dañarte seriamente, te cure. Por lo que sé nunca antes se ha intentado sanar todo un cuerpo humano: tu infección ya está en la sangre, no sólo en el brazo. Nunca antes se había pretendido curar a alguien contaminado así. Símplemente se le mataba, lo sabes bien.

Kaoru traga saliva.

– ¿Duele tanto como el fuego normal?

– Menos, pero no es problema, puedo dormirte.

La joven enferma se aleja hacia la pared, de espaldas a la sacerdotisa y a su tacito novio, y permanece un rato sumida en sus pensamientos. Pero en cuanto se vuelve hacia ellos, está claro que ha tomado una decisión.

– Me someteré al Fuego Guía.

Koga, con el rostro contraído, sale de la habitación dando un portazo.

Jabi se encoge de hombros. Luego se asoma a la puerta y llama a Rei.

– Necesito que vayas a Kantai y traigas a otra sacerdotisa.

– ¿Y éso?

– Hay que contruir el equivalente a un mechero, pero en grande. Y hay que hacer algo para tratar a Kaoru. No puedo hacerlo todo yo sola en el escaso tiempo que intuyo que tenemos. Explica lo que sucede, y traed materiales.

– Bien pero... –se acerca más a Jabi para que sólo ella lo oiga– me preocupa la insistencia de Koga en el cambio de sangre. Es como si...

– ¿Se empeñase en autodestruirse? –susurra ella, también preocupada.

Un breve vistazo les basta para comprobar que su intento de ocultar a Kaoru sus comentarios no había tenido éxito.

*     *     *
Su ADN se desintegra tan pronto que no ha sido fácil mantener a quince humanos copiados simultáneamente. Los hay por todas partes y, sabiendo ellos como saben ahora hasta qué punto son interdependientes –¿cómo es posible que hayan logrado prosperar? se pregunta por enésima vez Filo Envenenado– y de las formas increíbles en que están interconectados, han evitado llamar la atención. Por supuesto, no ha sido siempre posible, y tres policías, cuatro tenderos y dos transeúntes tuvieron que ser eliminados. Aunque no fue sencillo decidir quién se los comía. Para un Bariri sin hambre, un humano es insípido; los invertebrados son más sabrosos, ¡pero son tan pequeños! Han perdido demasiado tiempo comiendo. A partir de ahora, todos lo saben, tendrán que alimentarse sobre todo de humanos.

Han robado un camión que descargaba en un supermercado. Aunque sus cuerpos copiados podían saborear su mercancía, la mayoría la arrojaron fuera porque les asquea la idea que los humanos se alimenten de vegetales y carne muerta. En este vehículo se dirigen a la residencia de Garo, a acabar lo que Filo Envenenado sólo no pudo.

Éste, sentado en el lugar del copiloto, se ha erigido en líder de la expedición: él ha dado a los demás la información que ningún otro Bariri tiene sobre los humanos, sobre cómo han desaparecido Kiva y Barago. Sus sermones los animaron: todos habían sentido en su ser la muerte de Meshia y se hallaban en estado de prostración cuando los encontró.

Y aquí están ahora, decididos a acabar con la única gran amenaza que les queda, hambre a parte: el Caballero Makai que puede convertirse en otro Kiva. Y serán los dueños de ambos mundos. Aunque Filo Envenenado sabe que, tras la victoria, otra guerra cruenta estallará entre ellos por el poder...y la supervivencia.

¿La sirena de una ambulancia? No, es la policía. ¿Es posible que hayan localizado ya el camión robado? ¡Se aseguraron de acabar con el conductor! Les hacen señales para que se detengan.

– Para –le dice al conductor–. Que nos dejen tranquilos.

– ¿Por qué nunca se nos ha ocurrido copiar policías? –le responde el otro mientras frena.

Probablemente, cree Filo Envenenado, porque algunos de sus sujetos originales no simpatizan con ellos. Pero el piloto tiene razón: pueden ser útiles.

– A por ellos –le dice.

Los policías cruzan su coche en el trayecto del camión. Los dos agentes salen y hacen salir a los dos horrores de incógnito. Apenas están los cuatro juntos, los policías son bruscamente arañados en su cara y, a continuación, introducidos dentro del compartimento de carga, donde permanecen los otros trece Bariri. Aparcan el coche de policía junto a un parque cercano y reemprenden su camino. Ya en su destino, esconden el vehículo entre la espesura de árboles que rodea la casa del enemigo.

Los dos policías que llaman a la puerta observan a Gonza, antes que Filo Envenenado le dé un brusco zarpazo de los suyos. El grito del sorprendido mayordomo es pronto sofocado por un golpe, y el otro “policía” se lo lleva a cuestas.

Pronto, el propietario de la casa acude alertado por el grito.

– Una falsa alarma, señor –responde Filo Envenenado accediendo rápidamente a los recuerdos de su sujeto original.– Eran dos policías y me asusté.

– ¿Te asustan los policías?

– No, claro... –El horror busca precipitadamente en  la mente de Gonza.– Pero... estaba preocupado por... las circunstancias, y me distraje.

Su enemigo deja el vestíbulo, y él observa los pensamientos a los que tiene acceso: hay tres caballeros y dos sacerdotisas Makai en la casa, qué preparan armas para combatirlos basadas en Fuego Guía. Al parecer, se lamenta para sí, los conocimientos sobre los Bariri no se han perdido entre los humanos Makai, a pesar del tiempo transcurrido desde la última vez que las dos especies tuvieron contacto. Tendrá que poner sobre aviso a los demás antes del ataque. Y además está Kaoru, enferma por infección. Filo Envenenado no quiere que muera pronto, necesita que los otros vean, que comprueben que fue el contenedor de Meshia. Y reivindicar así la herencia de la Madre de todos ellos: es su derecho, él la descubrió, y se trabajó a Garo. A él le corresponde el papel de líder absoluto de los dos mundos.

*  *  *

– Hay gente merodeando a fuera –comenta la sacerdotisa Akane cuando regrea de recoger los materiales que Gonza ha comprado en la ferretería.

Cuatro pares de ojos la miran inquisitivos.

– ¿Qué has visto?

– A un tipo entre los árboles que miraba hacia aquí. Le he preguntado a tu mayordomo si había visto algo más mientras se iba o volvía, pero ha dicho que no.

– Entonces, mi vista no me engañaba –añade Tsubasa, atrayendo todas las miradas hacia sí–. Esta noche, mientras hacía guardia, me pareció ver a alguien que salía del bosque. Pero fue sólo un momento.

Jabi deja de intentar encajar dos piezas de metal para acercarse a su compañera, y habla en voz baja, pero suficiente alta para que los otros ocupantes de la sala pudiesen oirla.

– ¿Has notado algo sospechoso en Gonza?

– No lo conozco lo suficiente.

Koga deja en la mesa el gran libro de gráficos que sostiene entre sus brazos.

– ¿Insinuas que puede no ser él?

– ¿Por qué él no ha visto a nadie? –pregunta Jabi.

– Quizá –protesta Koga acercándose y levantando la voz– porque los forasteros se escondieron al advertir que alguien venía.

– Fíjate que se ha vuelto muy curioso.

El dueño de la casa se pone a la defensiva.

– Tú también lo serías si tu vida estuviera en peligro y no supieses qué se está haciendo para protegerla.

– Tal vez tengas razón –lo apacigua ella.– En todo caso, todo parece indicar que nos queda “muy” poco tiempo. A ver si terminamos esos lanzallamas. Tendríamos que poder poder probarlos antes de usarlos.

Jabi, Akane, Rei y Tsubasa vuelven a trabajar en los aparatos, pero Koga deja la sala.

– Voy a hacer guardia.

Las dudas de Jabi han hecho mella en él y quiere, ante todo, traer a Kaoru con ellos por seguridad. La había conducido hacía poco más de una hora a su habitación para reposar, y su corazón le da un vuelco al no verla allí.

– ¡Kaoru! ¡Gonza! –grita.

Espera unos pocos segundos angustiosos, antes de precipitarse a su propio cuarto y coger su espada.

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GARO Red Requiem - Pictures (Update)

Here there is a new picture got by the Google image-search engine.

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GARO Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 8

Chapter 8: Research

“I see you managed to awaken the ‘sleeping beauty’” Rei says ironically in coming into, causing his companions to lift their eyes from the opened book on the table.

“He woke up by his own” Jabi points.

“Good”. Rei approaches them and drops a newspaper on the table. “Because we’re busy”.

Jabi and Kouga read the headline: There are no clues about the perpetrators of the mysterious mutilations yet.

“Mutilations?” Kouga shows amazed.

Rei bases to rest on the table with both hands.

“They’re awful scratches anywhere on the body, or bites. At the time of the closure of the newspaper, there’re seven victims. Two among them have bled to death”.

The young man notes the effect the news has on his two companions, take a seat next to them, and goes on.

“They’ve tracked the origin of these incidents to the Kaoru’s case, the first one known. Survivors tell about people who suddenly assaulted them without a cause. Others say about unusually large animals”.

“Animals?” Kouga asked again.

“Look”. The younger knight takes the newspaper and read a paragraph. “‘Yoshio Mutsuda tells he was bitten by a poodle, but of a tiger size’” He watches the other occupants of the table. “Do you see? These horrors can metamorphose into any kind of being, but can not increase or decrease their size. Certainly, I don’t like the idea to face such a big bee!”

Jabi and Kouga look at each other.

“So, are there more than one?” she asks.

“Probably” Kouga says. “The book tells about an entire race of horrors”.

“And they also can work together” Rei adds. “Unbelievable!”

“According to the book” Jabi says, “they’re more intelligent, so they can do it. But, they’re also more vulnerable when they’re hungry. Then, their instincts overwhelm them. One of their weaknesses, is a bump on the stomach level that, as destroyed, disrupts their ability to feel satiated. Then, they become killing machines”.

“What a weak point!” Rei exclaims, sarcastically. “That is, to finish them, we must feed them to burst. Any idea where we can get the food surplus?” Silence. “Are there more ‘good’ news?”

“Soul metal doesn’t kill them, although it injures them” Kouga answers. “But they’re pretty vulnerable to Madou Fire”.

“And, they breed” the priestess adds.

“Wait!” Rei has almost risen from his chair. “D’you mean that these creatures aren’t born from Meshia secretions?”

“Sure they are”  Jabi says, “but, apparently this is the original breed of horrors, and may have other attributes. Maybe they’re even another species”.

“So, there’re males and females among them”.

Jabi shrugs.

“As the subsequent horrors have no sex, maybe they’re hermaphrodites”.

“We must foresee” Kouga contributes “when they need reinforcements perhaps they can self-fertilize. We don’t know how long they need to give birth to a new horror. Or more than one. Nor, we don’t know how short or long their childhood may be either”.

“So” Rei concludes “we don’t know if they may increase their number from seven to fourteen or to a hundred in a few days”.

*     *     *

The trio does experiments with the piece of antenna that Rei cut from the horror which tried to kill Kouga. Rei sends a burst of Madou Fire to it and Jabi, by a strange gatget made of skin of who knows what animal, attempts to get the resistance on the cells of the horror.

“Dead” she finds “but we don’t know if an alive horror will be more resistant”.

“Bet your magic brush” Rei comments.

“Excuse me”.

The three turn to the door. Gonza is at the threshold.

“Mr Kouga, a messenger requires your presence”.

“Sign yourself the receipt, as always” the lanlord replies.

“He insists that it must be handed”.

Annoyed, Kouga leaves his colleages.

The messenger left in his hands a rectangular package where would fit, in Gonza’s opinion, a small appliance. But there are holes on both sides. And it moves. Also, he was given a letter at his name.

A baby. Inside there is a baby. Kouga and the butler look each other in amazement.

“There must be a mistake” Gonza says. “Who would think to send a baby through the mail? This is reportable!”

The young man looks back at the little one with a growing concern, before to open the letter.

*     *     *


Standing and motionless in front of the static and sitting body of Kaoru, Kouga’s mind rushes into a whirlpool of speculations.

“Don’t blame her before to allow her an explanation. You did it once and butt in, d’you remember?”

Kouga knows Rei is right but, what can he do when all his doubts assail him! This baby is about three months, Jabi said. He had to be born in Italy. And he had to be bred there. The only person he loves in the world has cheated him, and to conceal it she has left her son. A double deception. And now there is a child without parents. Could he trust her again?

“Hey, Kouga” Jabi interrupts his suppositions, “it’s obvious that there's someone very interested in accusing Kaoru. If not, the ‘package’ would come to her name, and not yours. This thing deserves to keep the doubt”.

He closes his eyes tightly, his anger rising. A strong hand rests on his right shoulder. He is about to turn around suddenly and give a blow to him or her, but he restrains himself in time.

“Please”. Jabi's voice speaks with a kindness that denies the strength of her arm. “Remember: that horror has weakened your spirit. You haven’t never shown your doubts, well, you even don’t believe in them. Your greatest power has been taken away, don’t forget it, my friend”.

She says so big truth! Kouga do not recognize himself, but he does not know how to retrieve his true self. All he can do is to watch his hieratic beloved one and to scream to her silently, to ask her help to answer his questions.

“Excuse me”. Gonza enters into with a newspaper in his hand. “I was commissioned to buy the today one”.

Rei is about to pick it up.


Gonza goes out, and Rei sits to seek some useful news about the movements of the Bariri horrors. Jabi comes closer to the little one, lying in an armchair.

“How much time ago he hasn’t eaten? He hasn’t even cried, hasn’t slept...”

Kouga and Rei and turn to her, they have not realized it. Rei returns to his reading, but Kouga approaches, somewhat bewildered.

“Why have he to cry?”

Jabi bursts into laughter.

“Kouga, you have to be a dad, for you to learn what a baby is”.

Before he wonders whether to replicate or not, Rei exclaims:

“Look at this!”

They come closer to him, and he reads:

“’... Also, it is remarkable the death of a child fifteen weeks old, because his leg was almost torn off’”.

Three pairs of eyes turn, cautious, to the little being in the armchair.

*     *     *

“That damned shield is draining your energy, you do have to destroy it!”

“If I can’t heal Kaoru, no”.

“And, what is going to happen when the father or the mother of the baby horror came to get him? That little monster almost bit you, but you were too distracted to avoid it and your reaction has been slow. So, you’re useless, okay?”

Kouga peers at his colleague. Then, at the silent priestess.

“So, help me to share my blood with Kaoru”.

“That one again?” she protests.

“That one, or no one”.

“Why don’t you ask to Kaoru?” the girl replies. “Don’t you think you're taking too many decisions belonging to her? Did you ever ask her opinion before freezing her in the time?”

“Of course I did! And I promised her to undo the spell when I had the medicine”.

“Then, wake her up” Rei interjects. “She’s to decide whether to accept the blood exchange, or to test the Madou Fire”.

“But” Kouga still protests, “although we’ve seen that it has effectively put an end to the child horror, that intensity of fire could kill her!”

“Let her to decide it!” Rei's shout is conclusive. Then, more softly: “There’s always the possibility of re-freeze her, right?”