divendres, 19 de setembre de 2008

GARO Special - Closure song

Composer and lyricist: Masaki Kyoumoto.
Singer: Garo Project.

My friend Radix uploaded it at the Goear gadget, so I've could retrieve it. My favorite song!


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Yee ha dit...

Beautiful song! Every time I see a rainbow this song will play in my head...Konishi's voice is so beautiful in this one and am surprised that Mika Hijii voice is just as lovely. The meaning of the song is just as wonderful here:

Under the Aurora we meet..
It's like we're checking to see if the thread of fate is there...
Even the hurts heart..
..will heal when you are all there

* The shining moments continuously repeat
Even in the freezing cold
It's precious in my heart
Because this memory continues to shine.. *

Under the Aurora we meet..
We meet just as promised
After the battle, I hide my sadness

In those days of innocence long gone..
The oath I made with you, all is eternal...


Mitra ha dit...

Lovely lyrics, lovely music, and lovely voices. I really love this song.

My remindings go when I heart it the few first times, when I cried.