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GARO Red Requiem - Pictures

Update: March, 8th, 2010.

Found at the Forum Henshin Justice Unlimited

Also, now I have found a translation of the text in the picture here:

Saejima Kouga. He is the Golden Knight, inheriting the name GARO, one who has reached the highest level of the Makai Knights that fight an age-old battle with the Horrors. Even after defeating the strongest Horror "Messiah", he continued to fight alone...

Under the direction of Amemiya Keita, the new movie "GARO ~RED REQUIEM~" will be shot in full 3D. Set after the events of  the original GARO tv series, the main character will of course continue to be Saejima Kouga.

After experiencing heated battles with Horrors one after another, one can see how strong how Kouga has grown with one look at his sturdy back. The Makai Sword he holds in his hand also continues to grow in radiance. Saejima Kouga = Golden Knight GARO, his battle will continue on the big screen. And how will the 3D affect the retelling of this story?

The official release is set for 2010. Wait for it!

Thank you, Estrea!

Well, I think it is the translation because I know some of these words, including "Messhia" (メッシア at the picture).

Now, here there is a new picture got by the Google image-search engine.

Found at the forum of Henshin Justice Unlimited:

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Botan ha dit...

Oh my God!!!!! I want to see it NOW!!! I can't wait it!!! I WANT to see it NOW NOW NOW!!! ;___;
But this movie will be in 3D? Only 3D? Mmh... I think that isn't bad idea but I'll wait before leaving a comment!

Mitra ha dit...

I know what you mean: only 3D, fewer chances to get it in Europe! :(

I agree.