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GARO Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 6

Chapter 6: Penetration

Kaoru does not feel well when he comes. With a bouquet of white roses in one hand, which is a pleasant surprise by Kouga. She hoped he to run towards her, but just he stopped after crossing the threshold, as an imposing statue dressed in black and white, staring at the occupant of the aseptic room.

“Have you the purpose to remain there?”

Kaoru smiles, and wider when he approaches the bed.

“Is that for me?" She preads her good arm to the flowers, which Kouga seems to have forgotten. He gives them carefully, avoiding to touch her.


She hides her face among the flowers to escape Kouga’s staring. He should be happy to see her, he would have to ask what has happened, he would have to hold her, and taking her hands, and stroking her, to give her some security. He should be mad at who has done this. It is she who has a reason to stay like an idiot in his presence, because he was not there when she was attacked by a horror!

When finally he raises his head, his gaze stares at the floor now, and just he hears a big sigh. Just for a moment, he looks at her and let she to see the chaos, the self reproach, and the pain inside his heart. And they quickly disappear. An old barrier has been erected between them, one she did not expect to see again.

Knowing him as she does, Kaoru knows that she will not get anything from him, but remembered what Rei said as he brought her to the hospital: her double had seduced himself (and did you believe it?, she reproached him) and it had left kouga after shattering him.

“Rei told me what that horror did. You know I was not, right?”

“It really cheated to me”  he answers, looking at his knees.

“Didn’t you imagine it could be a horror?”

He shakes his head.

“I never heard of horrors able fully to get the shape of a human being. Zaruba didn’t ever noticed it. But today I have seen it as changing its shape”.

“Well, from now on, if I complain that someone has scratched me, you’ll ensure that I am, okay?”

Kaoru laughs halfheartedly. He turns to look at her and asks her to tell her experience. After telling, he remains pensive.

A doctor enters. Before he can say a word, Kouga assails him, at last showing some sense, which gives some relief of the young woman.

“Doctor, how’s she?”

“Are you her husband?”

“Almost. How’s she?”

“Miss Mitsuki has no family?”

“No”. Kouga is getting “Tell me how Kaoru is!”

The doctor, somewhat intimidated by Kouga’s stature, presence and persistence, is slow to answer, and when he does, he speaks slowly and prudently, unable to avoid to look at him instead of at her. But Kaoru does not feel uncomfortable about it: he has reasumed his role as protector, and that is something she needs now.

“The infection in her arm does not react to antibiotics. We do not know which the infectious agent is, but we are waiting the outcoming of some further tests. Then, everything will be easier”.

“Kaoru doesn’t have much time”  Kouga replies dryly.

The puzzled doctor leaves the room after hesitating a moment. Kouga has such a character, she thinks sympathetically with the leaving man. Kouga says without looking up.

“Doctors will find a virus or bacterium that is not from this world, but don’t worry, there are alternatives and I’ll find it”.

“Another Barankas fruit?”.


Slowly, he takes her hand and presses it with uncertainty unworthy of him. She does not dare to cross the new barrier, but fortunately he still is the same as always.

Her hand between his makes its way up, towards his face, forcing him to lower his head. He closes his eyes to feel this gentle touch. He puts his own hand over hers and looks at her, his eyes showing some hurt for a second time. She smiles slightly, until he breaks free and leaves.

Kaoru drops his arm on the bed. Her story repeats.

*     *     *

That night at home, Kouga receives Rei and Jabi’s visit. He explains the facts for the priestess to know.

“A horror that becomes its own victims, and that a madou jewels can’t detect?”

“If you haven’t heard about that” Rei says “clearly there's nothing to know, or it’s a recent mutation”.

“Don’t be so sure” Jabi replies”. I don’t know everything. Hav’you seen into the books?”

“No Makai book has a title suggesting the faintest such a thing" Kouga answers. “While I've been waiting for you, I’ve put an eye into the Yamada Classification of Horrors, without a success”.

“Perhaps, if we seek a Barankas fruit ...” Rei suggests.

“A couple of days ago” the priestess replies, “two workmates went to get one, but they didn’t found”.

“Is there anyone else in danger?”

“No. However we want to provide a conservational method for a Barankas fruit without it to lose its properties”.

“I wish ye be lucky”.

Kouga's voice has a slight tinge of desperation that Jabi can get. She goes to her chilhood friend, who is sitting and staring through the open window.

“Hey, maybe antivirals are surprising us...”.

The sigh he throws to her looks to want killing her, almost. He does not need any false hopes. She walks a pair of steps away.

“Jabi” and she turns to attend him again. “Teach me how to do a blood exchange”.


“You're crazy” she complains at last. “To have you missing to save her is profitable? Or missing you both?”

“No one is going to be missing” he protests.

Rei gets up.

“This attitude is good most of the time, but doesn’t work always”.

“I refuse to risk Garo if there’s no substitute in training” Jabi adds firmly. “That would be irresponsible by me”.

Kouga looks at both of them, one after another. Then, move away from the window.

“If you doesn’t teach me, I'll take the books and I'll do it by my own.”

Another serious silence.

“This is insane” she whispers, shaking her head, and turns her back in disbelief.

“You're fooling yourself” Rei interjects. He approaches to the homeowner. He adds in a low voice, as if sharing a confidence. “I also know that faith coming from within the heart, which tells that you'll do what you set in your mind really. But you need to be balanced to be right, and you now you're not. Besides, you’re unable to see that Kaoru was not under the guise of that horror. You remained deceived until the last moment: your perception failed miserably and, now, you’re not able to give your blood to anyone. I’d dare to say -and I'm sorry- now, you’re unable to assume any risk”.

Kouga returned to the window and now his hands hold the frame of the open window, and his gaze is lost down among the soft lawn. He remains silent, his lips pursed in frustration, until his eyes have to close to bear his heart.

“Then, I look so bad?” He asked finally, trying to avoid leaving the room badly.

Jabi approaches him and places her hand on his shoulder, and presses gently.

“The Kouga I know would ignore all these arguments because his strength is not in words but in his heart. I wonder how that horror could to weaken you so much”.

“Just that” Rei understands it well, "because it attacked his  heart. It went after him. Absolutely”.

Jabi turns to the younger knight.

“Then, it may want to take advantage of that. But we’ll be unable to detect its presence, which compels us to inquire about such sort of horrors, beyond the need to save Kaoru”.

They both look at Kouga.

“Do you agree?” the priestess says.

He does not respond.

“Kouga!” Jabi forces him to look at her, and shakes him once. “Please react! This way you can’t protect either Kaoru or anyone!”

“I follow you” he replies at the end, getting rid of the girl’s hand roughly. “Somewhere there must be some info about them. Let's start with the Makai Encyclopaedia. Being three, we’ll finish early. We'll have to read all the definitions that look to have some possibilities. Jabi, start from the beginning, Rei, from the end, and I, after the first third of the book”.