divendres, 11 de juliol de 2008

GARO - Story-line introduction

In a parallel world to ours live demons, which are called "horrors". Sometimes portals open between both worlds because some objects have a dark side, a fact used by some horrors to come into ours. Given his affinity to basic human flaws and negative human moods, they are attracted to people what we would say the same wavelenght, possess and use them to attract others, which are eaten. So, horrors are natural predators of the human species.

In order to give a chance to mankind exists the order of the Makai Knights, whose main mission is to hunt the horros that penetrate to the human world. To help them in their task, they have received a rigorous training that makes them able to compensate the powerful natural attributions of horrors. Also, they have got some white arms and some magic tools manufactured by Makai Priests and Priestesses. Perhaps the kind of tool more remarkable are guide-jewels (madougou): they inform, advise, detect horrors and do some other several tasks: a sort of PDA in Makai version.

They have got armors, too, made of something called soul-metal -which arms also are done–. An armor remains in an interdimensional space until it is invoked by a knight to eliminate a horror. These armors have an extraordinary resistance but, thanks to this sort of metal, they react to their bearers, somehow somehow his mental and/or emotional.

Also, a sword made in soul-metal can be very heavy or very light. But the case of armors is not so simple. We do not know who made them, when and how, but it looks that their efficiency against horrors can be relatid to his basic affinity. So, to protect their bearers, they have a functionality limited to 99,9 seconds; after finishing they leave spontaneously and return to their waiting dimension. Also, we have seen that they did it after any fall or blow very violent. In the other hand, when the bearer’s emotions become like its essential nature –when they are very bad/negative– getting rid of it requires deliberate will. If not, it remains and happen other things.

It seem that Makai knights have a name/characteristic title which perhaps denote also any sort of rank, often hereditary. So, Kouga Saejima is Garo, which inherited from his father; instead, Rei Suzumura, Zero, did not inherit him for blood, but because he was an adopted child.

The plot of Garo says that a day, while Kouga Saejima "was working", he was a witness of how the blood of the horror that he had just killed splashed over a girl which was going to be eaten, Kaoru Mitsuki. The true death of poor Kaoru as a meal of the horror was substituted by an also true death by the hands of her assumed savior in a golden armor which, curiously, appeared in a book of tales and memories of her childhood, and in some recent dreams: too much to be assimilated in an only blow while a big sword is pointing you. She faints.

A Makai law forces to kill humans polluted with blood of horror, because in one hundred days, if they had survived to attacks of the lot of horrors that they would suffer since that moment, they would have an agonic death. It was the first time for Kouga to face such a case and, when he saw the girl fainting, just before to do the fatal blow, he reconsidered his action. I Suppose that he thought to leave her to live to be used as a bait of his hunting, but he only used her once knowingly. Secretly, he wanted to free her from her damned fate, although with few hopes. If he did not achieve it, he will have to her to save her final suffering.

Meanwhile Kouga fights horror after horror, another Makai knight goes after him with an evil purpose, and a mysterious guy plays his cards in an occult way, observes and waits.