dissabte, 9 d’abril de 2011

GARO Fanfic - A survival affair, 2 (5)

Chap. 2: Siege (Part 5)

In the present state of things, Kouga is behaving. He is sitting in the waiting room like a good boy, waiting patiently for the doctor to go out from Kaoru's room and tell about her health. That is how he decided to reward the kind nurse who also had been informed that his beloved one is already out of danger.

He does not understand why she has taken an overdose of sleeping pills. Or, yes. Perhaps the tension of these days has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He admits that there is nothing in the future that gives some hope of improvement. But the prospect of the loss of Kaoru is more than he can bear at the moment. He has to worry more about her, convey her his strength. Or what is left of it.

When the clock in the room indicates that he has waited a half of an hour, Kouga goes to the room and comes into.

Nobody. Neither a doctor nor a patient.

The nice nurse does not meet a conformist Kouga this time. Even she swears that she saw doctor Shimizu getting into, he reproaches her that she would not tell where they are, and deeply convinced that he took Kaoru to make one of his infamous tests against her will. Kouga’s demanding tone makes it clear to the poor nurse that he did not bother to do something pretty far-out.

Fortunately for her, Dr. Shimizu comes at the time, alone and flipping through a case-history. Kouga rushes to him and grabs the flap of his green coat, forcing him to stop and look.

“Where’s my wife?”

They fight with their looks. The doctor seems determined to make him to lose patience.

“In her room, relaxing after the treatment”.

“You liar!”

“Let me go!” The doctor gets rid of the unwanted grab. “And you have no right to call me a liar”.

-“Where have’you taken her? Hav’you it your’s on way, then?”

Dr. Shimizu ignores Kouga and asks to the startled nurse.

“Why does this man think that Mrs. Saejima is not in her room?”

"I ... doctor, I thought you were there with her”.

"No, I am going to see her now”.

The three of them enter there and left in silence for two seconds.

"Miss Kobe, tell to Security that the patient ... But, what are you doing”?

Kouga is caching the doctor without any pretense.

“Leave me alone!”

“Hav’you been injured recently?” Kouga has his way, his anger substituted by alarm. “Has anyone got a shot? Have you..?”

“What are you talking about? Let me go!”

Kouga ignores him and faces to the nurse.

"Tell Security to don’t let out Dr. Shimizu, and don’t stop him only with a single agent, he’s very dangerous”.

The doctor and the nurse look at him as if he was insane.

“Do it!” he roars.