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GARO Special - Rei's evolution


Unlike the series, here we see this character fully integrated. No inconsistencies and ambiguities anymore: this is Rei Suzumura.

He is an ironic man, but affable (we had already seen it), used to live with people, with a bit of unconformism. Using a motorcycle to move around when you could use faster means of your own sphere of action, seems to tell us that he takes life calmly, he is a relaxed man.

Chapter 2. When the series was over, Rei ended up being a friend of Kouga. He started in a good way with Tsubasa, and did his best to put a bit of peace between their confronted prides. He regreted every time that Tsubasa rejected his attempts which, in fact, did not pretend anything else than to get a effective collaboration among the three of them.

But we can see an opposite tendence to Kouga’s: if this one begins to do timid attempts to get together with other people, Rei’s progressive isolation is obvious. We see he rejects a disciple, and he is not with the group of people on farewell time. He has grown with family, and now, he is alone.

Chapter 2. His madou pendant, Silver, is sorry because he does not accept Akatsuki, whom he has shown interested: Silver alerts he will feel very alone. Now, as happened at the end of the series, he has made clear his intention to remain lonely.

It is a calm decision, taken with knowledge of the facts? He does not seem to exhibit any evidence of a depression, so we can suppose that he has already left behind his period of mourning. So, why to become more and more alone? Perhaps has he repressed his mourning? Has not he forgiven himself his unsuccessful protection of his loved ones, and remorse poisons him slowly?

Let’s watch a symbol. If they have decided Rei to wear a black coat and Kouga a white one may be coincidence ... if you believe coincidences to be accidents. But it is not my case, which allows me to go further in my deductions.

From the point of view of physics, color white is the union of all colors of the spectrum, and sunlight is the prime example. Opposite to it, black is the absence of light. On the other hand, a coat is an externat piece of clothing, so it symbolizes what is visible about a person. Acording to these "parameters" Kouga shows himself in progress to light and, also, it is clear Rei’s way to darkness.

Chapter 2. Then, we can wonder whether Rei’s case is the same of those people who have continually television, radio or music turned on because they can not be alone with any background noise. Will the noise of the motorcycle be a resource so he did not listen to himself, his inner complaints?

Going even further, and getting into some eastern beliefs (you would be surprised to know the high number of Western people believing them) we might wonder if in the future Shizuka should reincarnate with the specific purpose to forgive Rei, so he would allow himself to leave the world of the darkness. Did Kouga and Kaoru happened something like this?

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Yuuna ha dit...

This is what I thought in the right time Rei went away from Saejima mansion, despite an invite for a dinner with Koga and Kaoru. Silva asked to him why, and he answered he doesn't like happy dinner (or something like that).
Despite his attitude, I guess Rei is, for using a right word you wrote before, poisoned by the great loss he had. After all he doesn't have anymore a house, a father and his beloved sister/girlfriend.
I guess he preferes to stay away by any affection for someone, so deep to be involved again.
But, for many reasons, I like him in this way.