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GARO Fanfic – Dialogue of deafs (Chap.1)

Fic placed between chapters 12th and 15th, both included.

The potato peeler slided with the speed and the accuracy on the rough surface of that tuber to leave it clean. His long experience in the kitchen allowed Gonza to put ready to cook enough potatoes to three people in just some few minutes. He had already finished to wash them and was about to cut them, as some angry voices were heard. Again. What happens to these two ones? As much as he knew about cooking, his life experience was not useful to dampen those incidents, despite being fairly predictable, because Mr Kouga is as he is.

Gonza dried up his hands and, as he was approaching the hall, the tense conversation was heard clearer and clearer. He had not heard such a tone from his master.

“So, if that Ichiro Sato is not so important as a painter, why do you have to go this very day to his showing? Why the hell can’t you wait for me to hunt this horror?”

But Miss Kaoru, was not in her best mood, either.

“I’ve already said it! Today is the openning”.

She was in front of the door with the handle of his large brown bag across her back, ready to go, and he was in front of her, at the door.

“So what?”

“What do you mean, so what? I could establish some contacts with other artists and people interested in, which could be useful to organize my own showing. I have no reason to give you any explanation”.

He ignored his comment.

“Why haven’t you gone with the light of day?”

“Because the openning is today at seven p.m.. And I'll get late!”

She made hint to pass beside him out, but he stood again.

“Then go cycling! That horror moves continuously by the underground transport network, why do you think I haven’t got it yet? And you have the damned habit to bump into those things”.

“Of course! The subway will take one hour of journey and I’ll go by bike. You're crazy”.

“Well, then, go and get into the jaws of the beast, but don’t expect that I’ll be always available to your whims!”.

He moved aside to allow her to pass. Miss Kaoru approached until his side, really mad at him.

“My whims? Don’t worry, I'm leaving”. She opened the door and stood at the threshold. “I’ll come to collect my things when I find elsewhere”.

She left, but before closing the door she heard from inside:

“Where are you gonna go? You can’t afford any accommodation”.

“For you to know: I prefer to live under a bridge than with you!”

The girl left the house. The butler’s heart dropped. As they were both stubborn, things seemed serious. He looked at his master grieving. The young man’s eyes were focused on the door through she was gone, his anger suddenly disappeared. Perhaps he recognized thing were beyond him and that nothing could be done to change them. Gonza knew he was suffering. When is he going to admit he is in love?

“Gonza, “his master spoke suddenly, “what did I wrong?”

Such a question surprised the faithful servant. Actually, the girl had touched some sensitive points in him. Gonza cleared his throat.

“Mr Kouga, I guess that Miss Kaoru has thought that you do not ... do not respect her points of view.

“What a nonsense!” His look hardened again. “Her points of view lack any common sense, and that stupid one is ready to become the favorite dish of a horror”.

“She doesn’t know she is,” the bitting Zaruba spoke for the first time.

Ignoring him, Mr Kouga rushed to the door and went away. Gonza shook his head, helpless.

* * *

Outside, Kouga located Kaoru walking fast and emphatically, almost leaving his field of vision. It had already darkened, it would be too easy for the horrors this time.

“Idiot,” he whispered, and ran after her.

Suddenly she turned and hurried to escape from her unwanted pursuer. It did not take long to him to catch her arm and make her to stop.

“Let me go!” she cried, and shook her body to get rid of his hand, but she only achieved two hands gripping her instead of one.

She was even more enraged, and managed to free from one clutch, after which Kouga found himself on the ground. Somehow, she had managed to bend enough to push one of her legs between his, and that unbalanced. He had underestimated her, but it would not happen again. From the ground, he took one of her ankles as she was preparing to escape, making Kaoru to fall back on the grass with a groan of pain. He hurried on her, determined to protect this woman even against her will. His left leg bent on her thighs, preventing her to kick out, as his hands set her forearms against the soft soil. He heard her growl of rage as she struggled. She was immobilized and had to admit it.

Now, Kouga could see her angry face, softly illuminated by a near lamp. His mind suddenly jumped to that day in which he was forced to accept the failure of his attempts to suppress the treacherous feelings awakened within him toward this girl who could not stand the sight of him. Why have all to be so complicated? That very day which he had risked his own soul to regain hers. Unprecedented. Everything in that day forced him to face the truth. Even when he proceeded to restore her soul that the eccentric horror Dantarian took away, his focus was disturbed by the gentle pressure of her body as he recited the spell, and his resistance to break away from her. And then, in the second part of the ritual, though his mouth only had to keep open hers to allow passage to her excised soul driven by the living breath of his own, he could not avoid the delicacy to rub her lips.

It was his only chance. She hated him, so he had nothing to miss. Kaoru stood by, but when she realized what he intended, resumed the struggle. Kouga expected her to turn her face and, surprisingly, she did not, but pressed her mouth with such a force that he found no lips in it. But he worked persistently on the crack which Kaoru’s mouth had become. Until finally he noticed that her arms and legs relaxed, and her lips began to appear. As soon as she started to respond to his kiss, Kouga allowed his body to low upon hers, and surrendered to such an experience with enthusiasm.

"I prefer to live under a bridge than with you!" This sentence sneaked inside his mind as wanted to leave the mouth of his beloved one (beloved?) to start down her body, and cooled him enough to put some distance between their bodies.

He saw her to open her eyes as if awakening from a pleasant dream, with the mouth half open, and without any anger in her eyes. Curiously, the cold light of the lantern emphasized her charm in an almost sicking way. Excited by this, his desire to seduce her fully returned. It would be so easy...

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