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GARO fanfic - Dreams (Ch. 3)

His precision in finding horrors was not the same than when Zaruba led him. And critizased him. He almost could hear him telling “too slow, Kouga, thant horror would have already feed itself.” Even with that beloved companion –when did he refered him as “beloved”– gone forever, Kouga had achieved to find before killing someone. He ran through the darkened school stalking the man it had possessed. Soon, a woman’s scream, very near.

“Damn! There’s still somebody here!”, he complained.

The next room he entered into, kept for him the terrible vision of a person being possessed by a horror, as the former host fell down. He was not in time to avoid it. Kouga approached, and a female voice greeted him.

“Welcome, Makai Knight, it’s a good thing to see you again.”

“Why?”, he said. “Why have you wasted that man’s life?”

The depossessed man writhed on the floor for a moment, before to desintegrate. Obviously, the horror took a student girl, a ceramist, after him. There were some ceramic pieces inside an open oven realeasing and intense heat outside.

“It’s for you, Makai Knight!” it pretended surprise. “Don’t you like her?” It caressed first her face, and her breasts, and her thigs. “Or, aren’t you human enough?”

Kouga pressed his jaws and took out his soul metal sword. This is going to be nasty, he thought. The “girl” started to walk around him, slowly, with her hands joined at her back.

“But, well, you’re human enough to get a dark side, aren’t you?”

What the hell is this thing saying?

“Oh...” she pouted, “you don’t realize it, right? But you know I’m able to read human auras, so, I see that black hole... I could fit there. Whith a body like yours, I’d able to feed myself quite easier.”

That horror wants another body change, why is it so whimsical? Kouga thought he had waited too much. He raised his sword and attacked.

The “girl” jumped onto a cupboard, which trembled and almost broke. She would not be able to fight there. Kouga came closer, as she went on with her talk.

“You don’t believe in you dark self?”

Oh, yes, Kouga knew he had got one very well. It almost destroyed his soul and his body forever some days ago.

“I’m afraid”, he answered, “ you only are seeing a remaining scar.”

“Oh, the scar, yes, I see it, too. Very big, indeed.” She giggled. “I knew you were human enough.”

The cupboard cracked, so she jumped down, away from him and beside the open oven.

“It’s so hot here...” Her voice was too sensual to be believed. Touched herself again, but stopped suddenly as realizing Kouga was getting impatient. “You don’t see it, yet, don’t you?”

“Nothing needs to be seen. Stop your stupid chatter!” He approached slowly.

“I took this girl in your honour, I said you already. Look: she’s an artist; on her table has got a lot of books about great ceramists... her ideals.” She paused an looked at him dangerously. “Target hit! That black hole is increasing right now, Makai Knight. Don’t know what I’m talking about, yet? I wonder if you are going to be able to avoid me.

An inner commotion was shaking Kouga. Indeed, he realized something was going very bad, but his voice was still firm.

“You know a Makai Knight isn’t an easy prey.”

“True, true, but if I achieve that hole went on growing...”

He attacked again, he had to. Something within his heart warned that he could have met his horror match. The door of the oven moved suddenly and Kouga crashed into it. She moved it to the opposite direction to hit him again, and he was expelled violently against the floor.”

“You see, Makai Knight, this woman had some great dreams, but I came here.” A dramatic pause. “And. You. Failed.”

She paused again to watch him intensely.

“Good, very good. I wonder how many times have you have failed to protect human dreams.”

Kouga bent down as he was hit onto his stomach. Then, the horror received all the impact of his hateful look. She smiled sweetly, but could not go on her talk because Kouga had rised his sword to invoke his armor. But he remained motionless as a statue.

The horror had not uncovered itself: too early to transform. Thank to this thought infiltrated into his reluctant mind, he could realize the armor should not be invoked when there was so much hatred within his heart, he remembered that hard lesson he had to take, and almost failed. Plus, now he knew that the horror was right: he was becoming a good host to it. He wondered if there would be a chance to take care of that black hole.

He arose with all his dignity, ready to run through himself with his own sword, if needed. There was not a price too high to stop a horror of using his body to kill people. And... oh, yes, there was not either a price too high to allow a human being to fulfill his or her dreams.

As the horror’s look changed to an intense hatred, Kouga knew the black hole was starting to close.

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Yee ha dit...

Very interesting horror and the ability to read a person aura..awesome! The exchange between the horror and Kouga is so exciting and intense..thanks again for such an interesting read!

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe & blessed Christmas & Happy New Year. May the spirit of Christmas bring you the gifts of love, peace and joy always!

Mitra ha dit...

Well, if you remember the Special, Tsubasa warned to one of his students that horrors could read auras, and I took that.

I don't have enough words to thank your encouaging words. Thank you very much. I gratefully return to you your invoked blessings, so you can enjoy them all, too. Thank you very much for everything!