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GARO fanfic - Dreams (Chap.1)

Fanfic placed before ending Ch. 25

Finally she was horror-free and Meshia-free, she was with her beloved one, and faced her future hopefully. Kaoru’s happiness would have been so great if Kouga would not look like this. He had not said a word since Zaruba left to exist, two days ago. He was mourning the only friend he had got for ten years, repeated herself, no wonder he was so sad. She ate her croissant without appetite. She can not do anything to ease his sorrow, he was going to need some time.

“I’m going to work”.

A light nod was his only answer. She put her hand on his back in solidarity. He looked at her for the first time and nodded again.

Along that morning she also had to go to the Post Office to get a registered letter. It was from an Italian Art Shool, perhaps about that grant she asked for several months ago, before starting all that mess about horrors. She oppened the envelope anxiously. True, she needed her English-Japanese dicionary, but the main message was clear: she had got the grant!

Later, at home, she hurried to see Kouga, who was in his afternoon training session, and stopped a moment to look at her.

“Don’t worry”, she said, in spite her great impatience. “I’m waiting for you to end”. She felt a bit disappointed in seeing him to go on with his training but, well, he was just Kouga Saejima.

After finishing, she almost ran to him and started to talk excitadely, shaking the precious letter in front of him. He stared the jumping sheet, inexpressive. After she finished, Kouga said coldly:

“Congratulations.” And left the training room without even giving her a glanze.

Her eyes remained focused on the door he had just closed, having her illusion suddenly stolen.

Later, at dinner time, something changed. Kaoru often felt his sight upon her. Sometimes she stared back smiling, but Kouga did not react. His increasing intense gaze made her nervous, so she did not want to look at him again. But it was not use to calm down the electricity arosen between both of them, and that did not soothe her at all. As soon as she finished her meal she said goodnight and went away.

She was across the dinning-room door when a noise from a chair was heard, and was half way upstairs as she felt some quick steps behind her. Kaoru hurried to open the door of her room, but an arm coming from her right side reached the left side at the door, forbidding her to go into.

Kaoru did not look at Kouga, as she knew what she was going to see. She stared inside her room over that arm clothed in black leather, knowing tonight she would not enter into. She tried hard to soothe the wild beating of her heart. So difficult, because a heat from another body was added to her own, and to the electricity apparently surrounding them.

“So...” Even his low voice was like a sort of explossion at her ear; when did he come that close? “Your room is too small.” Each single sound in that phrase sent tiny shakes to her whole body.

Hearing herself to say “where should I go?” surprised her a lot. Kaoru did not recognize her trembling voice, almost a whisper. Why did she was so afraid of the man she loved?

Silence. Something invisible sparked everywhere. Silence. Only his rythmic breath pounding heavily at her ear broke it, although her own breath looked absent. Long silence. Her mind got clossed to everything, except for those waves of sensations filling up her body. Endless silence.

As Kouga attacked her neck, a moan of relief escaped her throat.

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Yee ha dit...

That's a wonderful story to fill in the gap before the farewell. Hmmm...but I would prefer firstly an awkward yet gentle & sweet kiss from Kouga that lead to something more passionate instead of "attacking" her neck which sound so unromantic to me. You know he's like in a "fighting mode" which he does brilliantly with the horrors but when it comes to his lady love it's a no no! In intimate moment, I would prefer an awkward but gentle mode from him caused he's one shy fellow ne....well that's my two cents worth.

Mitra ha dit...

I knew you'd object, so I'd have done, too, in your place. You'll find out why Kouga is acting like that. My use of the word "attacked" is intentionally. I'm advancing you a thing: Kouga doesn't like it either (finding out next chapter).

So calm down, dear Yee, eveyone needs some time to make things work well, and this charming couple isn't an exception.

I always saw Kouga as capable of great sweetness, only needing the chance to let it out. But he's a man, and this fact has some cultural implications, and some of them have gone beyond culture. Next chapter will enlighten you, I'm sure.

This fic has four chapters, but second and third are the most important to the plot. They're longer, too.

Would you trust me? I promise you a sweet moment because, as I've said, I'm sure he really can be a sweet man.