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GARO Fanfic - Garo's Secret (chap. 5, the end)

A day after, Kouga was dragged toward the garden to dismiss Jabi. He saw no need to go outside, but Kaoru insisted it was needed, especially if he believed she to be a good friend.

“... Anyway,” the girl whispered, “if she wasn’t yours, would be mine”.

She turned to Jabi.

“Thank you very much for everything. You’ve saved him: I’ve got a great debt to you”. She bent as a very formal greeting, which Kouga followed.

“I'm happy to meet you again” he added. “Hopefully we could repeat it in better circumstances”.

“I agree” Kaoru pointed.

“Kouga knows how to find me” Jabi reported. She ironically as looking at him. “If you scare me like this again, you’ll really know me!. And, more serious. “Watch what else has changed or is changing. The benefits of your position have not been finished yet. As soon as you uncover them, as soon you’ll be able to use them”.

Kaoru was looking from one to the other, trying to understand what they are talking about. Jabi also alternated her gaze between the couple, before to focus on him.

“You must tell it to her. Some day”.

He sighs. Kaoru renewed her expectations.


“Give him some time”, the priestess pointed.

“Oh, Jabi, wait a moment, I want to give you something”.

Kaoru disappeared into the house.

“I can’t tell to her”, Kouga communicate to his friend, feeling it terribly hard.

“ Don’t you think that Kaoru would feel flattered aboutt what you almost did, but happy that you didn’t?”

The boy's head fell forward in desperation. Why was it so difficult for Jabi to understand? He lifted it again, resigned to do another confession, but his sight caressed the grove surrounding the house.

“This diabolical transformation uncovers the worst in a human heart. Simply you can’t watch anything good without perverting it. I couldn’t avoid see Kaoru only as an object which was mine, which he’d seized from me, and it couldn’t be tolerated in any way. If then I’d faced Barago it’d have been just a struggle for power, she hadn’t earned any thoughts of good or evil. If the transformation had been fixed, the only possible relationship between us would have been my desire or, at best, the most ruthless manipulation, as Barago did. It’d have killed any affection she might have towards me, and I wouldn’t minded: I’d rule her whole life and being, and it’d be right to me, drunk of an unlimited freedom, Jabi!”

At last, he accepted to look at her.

“And I don’t take account of what would be imposed upon my job as a Makai Knight. If human life loses its value, it's easy to guess, but the worst is what I can’t imagine. Fortunately I wasn’t there long enough. How to gess all the changes as a result of a drastic modification of your concept of the world: you've the right to do whatever you want just because you can! Really, do you think it is even worth to remember it?”

Kaoru came with a paper bag in hand. Inside, there was one of her paintings, which Kouga didn’t know: Jabi looking back to the one watching the painting, with such a melancholy that Jabi in the flesh had trouble hiding her emotion. Is this the face I show?, she thought.

“Unbelievable” he whispered, impressed. “She really took you!”

Would Kaoru know, the priestess wondered, the cause of this expression is that she took Kouga from me? Would him? I’ve to leave. Now.

After the priestess disappeared from their view, Kaoru watched as Kouga’s look went on focussed on she had left.


“I’m afraid that she avoided me to changing job.”

The young woman, who had entusiastically observed the progressive removal of the darkness in Kouga’s life, now realized that this was a mistake.

“If you'd said it before I’d have celebrated. But, really, it’s not fair you just to give up: it’s your mission in life: thank you I can continue my own!” She watched his face with almost uncovered anxiethy. “But, you’ll be careful, promise”.

He brought her head to him and kissed her forehead.

“I promise”.

No excuses anymore, Kouga understood. Kaoru herself, his bringer of light, who had her forehead on his chest, was showing him the path of darkness. Jabi was right, his beloved one was a part of the master plan that defined Garo’s fate. He was trapped.