dilluns, 16 de març de 2009

GARO Fanfic – Garo’s Secret (Chap. 1)

The amazed doctors in the emergency department wondered how could their patient remain alive. Horrific bites in his body took so much blood from him. It was difficult to refute the explanation by the men who called the ambulance: some kind of animal, three or four (or five) that were dispersed when our group approached, they said. Wild animals in the middle of the city? Perhaps the men in the ambulance had discarded such an explanation (the gang were drunken) but it seemed obvious that they had saved his life.

The man at issue had also lost a part of the scalp, as if anyone had plucked out a big bunch of hair. Who, or what, could have done such a thing? The doctors saw terrible blows that had caused a couple of fractures and God knows how many internal injuries. It was clear that this man, despite being twenty and few years old, had already lived very bad experiences: a lot of scars were being uncovered as they examined his body.

When a nurse was going to take a blood sample from him, the door of the cabin opened suddenly. A rare woman with a long black dress was at the threshold and took a quick look. Before anyone could tell her that the entrance was forbidden, they lost her from their sight. They never knew what happened: someone who received a push, a naked leg, something big and red (or it was black?) Devices projected out in all directions, a strong blast of air ... Everything was done with the same speed. The cabin was destroyed, and the medical staff was a bit crushed, but basically unharmed. They take a while to realize that they had lost their patient.

* * *

Kaoru returned home ready to scold Gonza hard. She almost became mad at the hospital when she was said that Kouga had gone astray. When she could be calm enough to decide to call the police, the phone rang, and she almost cried in relief as Gonza told that Kouga was carried at home. But her heart pounded quickly while she returned in a taxi. Who had took Kouga from the hospital? How? And, more importantly, why? He was seriously injured and needed urgent medical attentions!

“Gonza!” she called.

“Oh, milady, you’re here. Lord Kouga is in the right hands.”

“Whose hands?”

“A Makai priestess’.”

What? Makai Priests, as far as she knew, were the makers of the special objects used by Makai Knights, but they were not doctors. She ran towards the camera and opened the door wide. The unknown woman had her back to her and moved both her hands about ten centimetres above Kouga’s body.

“If you want to enter, close the door,” the woman said firmly, neither looking at her nor stopping her work.

Kaoru felt angry, but obeyed.

“What are you doing at him?”

The stranger ignored her. Kaoru’s instinct shouted to stop her to prevent him to get more damage but, somehow, she was able to contain herself. She got closer to the other woman, and then she was able to recognize her. She did not know her name, but she remembered that she was left in her charge by Kouga when he was still enemy of Rei Suzumura. That one was a part of the gang that had tried to kill her, and Kaoru could not trust her.

“What are you doing at him?” she insisted, now strongerly.


“Why have you brought him from the hospital?”

“Because those doctors have no a chance to save him,” that woman answered as she grabbed a metal thing, perhaps a tool, inlaid with crystals of different colors, and moving it as she did with her hands before. A green crystal brightened once.

“And you have?”

“Questions afterwards. Kouga has no more time to spend”.

Kaoru surrendered before such a truth, and obeyed, but she did not left until the priestess had finished her scan. She saw the visitor looking into his unanimated eyes, and then closed her own for a while, as Kouga’s body made some few involuntary moves. She opened them and looked at her.

“Your name is Kaoru, right? Kaoru, if you are unable to control your fear, for the Kouga’s sake you should remain away from this room as long as possible. I’d spend too much time and too much energy trying to balance the influence of your suffering. Do not forget, it's a weaken emotion”.

“ What...? You’re not serious, are you?”

Her agitation increased as the priestess just looked back at her, unpity. Kaoru was rooted there. What a law prevented her from seeing Kouga, specially if he most needed her! Gonza accompained her out, with some resistence by her.

No one allowed her to defend her rights.

The good Gonza allowed her to cry on his chest.