dimarts, 31 de març de 2009

GARO Fanfic – Garo’s Secret (Chap. 2)

“What did happen, Zaruba?”

“An unusual thing,” the talking ring replied. “Four horrors attacked us together”.


“And, truly, they weren’t weak. I had no a chance to comment it with Kouga”.

“What must be able to gather such selfish beings as horrors are!”

“There is something else” Zaruba went on. ”He had almost finished when four horrors else appeared. The frame time was almost exhausted, so I advised him to flee from them. But they followed us very close and reached us. If those fourteen men who returned to drink didn’t ...”

Jabi sighed by the urgent and delicate task awaiting her. Injuries caused by horrors were not just physical, but they went deep into the etheric level, which turned difficult the healing process. Kouga’s main channels of energy had been interrupted, and destroyed most of the major plexa. If she did not act quickly she would not be in time.

* * *

She had to admit it: despite her logical resistence, Kaoru obeyed her. It looked as Gonza had explained the rudiments of the thought dynamics, and although she probably did not believe it, at least she was respectful to who did. She waited for the priestess outside the room and wondered how Kouga was. Jabi let her to enter once a day advising her, once again, to restrain her fear.

“How can I control it” Kaoru complained “if you don’t tell me if he gets better or not?”

She had spent three days trying, and it seemed to do fine, but there were too many things that could fail. Until she could re-establish the main flows of energy, Jabi will not know if he could be saved. As the link between Kouga and Kaoru was so intense, and it was established on negative emotions, she could do fewer else than focussing the energy needed by him. Something must be done. Tell the truth to her. Plain truth.

“Look, Kaoru, everything don’t depends of your thoughts, but you should consider that you can’t help here, that everything is in the hands of fate, and of other people. That makes no sense to worry so much. What will happen, will happen. If you put more load on it, bad things will come quicker, and good ones will be delayed. It's simple. Although, it may be a chance of saving him, but because of the delay... you understand me, right?”.

With great difficulty Kaoru listened Jabi’s advises about taking up again her normal activities, and they would help to control her thoughts. She left the room, angry to the priestess, to destiny, and to herself. She closed the door of her old bedroom (now, her painting room) where she slept again at Jabi’s request, and cried until she became exhausted.

* * *

Jabi was doing the possible to make to work the main energy leads, although she knew that her patient was alive only because she had opened a direct passage to the energetic dimension, as in a hospital he was plug to a machine to keep him alive. It was a desperate measure. The powerful flow coming into may force a re-channeling because she had already rebuilt the vital plexa that had to work, but also could overload them.

In addition, she should continuously monitor his physical injuries, which did not react well to treatment because the mess had transformed into chaos both the nervous and endocrine systems, which were veryt complex in people trained and initiated acording the Makai disciplines.

When finally Jabi had assured Kouga’s life, recovery was quick. Then she could spend some time to study carefully a rare and intense brightness in different shades of salmon color that was detected in his aura.

"Impossible!" she whispered speechless as beginning to discern what it meant.

She sank her hand in that area of aura over and between the heart and solar plexa.

"Of course he can!" she went on talking to herself. "I do not know why I am surprised".

Of course she knew. They can say it to you, but seeing it yourself is a very different affair. She looked at her unconscious friend with admiration.

"Garo" she whispered again, and let him to rest.

As leaving the chamber Kaoru, who had been waiting outside, entered.

"How is him today?"

"He is getting better and better. I think he is going to wake up before an entiere day".

The younger one’s face brighted in joy. Since Jabi said that Kouga would be saved and she could spend more time with him, Kaoru showed herself more receptive to the outsider’s dictatorship. She took one of Jabi’s hands and hold it between hers in silent gratitude. Afterwards she sat at the bed, took up his hand, leading it to her lips and kissed it, deeply touched.

Jabi looked at her half surprised and half with envy. Although she had not been able to do anything, Kaoru had insisted to be allowed stay into the chamber, once and again, until the other woman had recommended her abount spending her time in her things, so desperate she looked. Paying attention to her drawing courses in a school, and to her paintings, had appeased her. Her stuborness surprised Jabi, who felt envyous because she had achieved Kouga’s heart.

He and Jabi had remained too many years without any contact, it was obvious that the feeling they shared when they passed the first Makai initiation (after which their destinies parted) could not florish. But, she was sure, if they had been able to keep it, Kouga should not become such a surly one. She had not lost the ability to make him talk, and knew that every time she did it he recalled the camaraderie and affection they shared so much time ago. So, she also knows that Kouga’s heart is ardent and intense, though closed and distant. If occasionally something of light or heat fleed through the ice, it revealed a great power behind it. Closed and distant, but constant and reliable as a well kept fire. A hidden diamond to those who have enough patience (and skills) to dig it.

Kaoru has done it. He never interfered with other people’s affairs, had not been a personified generosity; althoug since he is with her, he is ready to do everything for everyone who he cares only slightly, as a door had opened suddenly. Kouga always expresses himself through his actions, and each one carries his whole self. Pure fire.