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GARO Fanfic – Blood call, 1

Fanfic placed seven months after Exiled’s return.

Chap. 1: Descent into Hell

Urged on the need to go to the bathroom, Kaoru releases from Kouga’s arms and gets up from the bed. He may seem cold, but when is asleep he is very sloppy, she thinks he is betrayed by his unconscious self. Some day she is going to tell him to self control, otherwise he will sleep alone.

Later, after checking yet again that her hair is growing fast, and in a couple of months she will feel more comfortable with its length, and when returning to the bedroom, a strangely familiar smell gets her attention. It becomes more intense with each passing moment. She knows that smell. She hates it. But it should not be inside the house. Whence does it come?

She goes downstairs, and when she is going to open the entry door, stops. She should not go outside, she knows the damned incense interferes with her mind, makes she to see ... some things. It is happening again, that feeling of unreality she abhors. There are presences surrounding her. Some voices tell her to leave, everything is well. Why shouldn’t she? These presences understand her deep need to go out from this house. She opens the door.

“Doctor Kobayashi?”

“Indeed, Kaoru. Come on, let's hurry”.

Surrounding her shoulders with one arm, he forces her to walk.

“Where’re we going?”

“Do not worry about anything, trust me”.

She releases herself and faces her gynecologist squinting her eyes dangerously.

“No mysteries at midnight! If you don’t spill the beans right now I'm going to kick where it hurts”.

He makes a short laugh.

“Okay, I believe you. I'll tell you as we walk”. He holds again her shoulders and motions. “Do you remember what I said on your last visit to me?”

“How could I remember! That devil of a incense plays tricks on me”.

“Do you still have a down on the incense? We had a talk about this. Are you not old enough to become obsessed with such nonsenses?”

These words do Kaoru to feel shame. The doctor continues.

“I told you that the changes by your pregnancy are a prelude to something a lot greater”.

“I think I begin to remember” she says thoughtfully, while walking. “You told me that these colors swirling I occasionally see around people are their aura ...”

“Indeed, and you haven’t to worry about those impatience attacks, which come from the particular sensitivity developed by pregnant women”.

“Impatience? Plain bad temper, doctor Kobayashi. I can hardly recognize myself!”

“It will finish when you have given birth. As I was saying, now I take you to experience what your unborn child is going to do for you”.

“In full night?”

“It will take more than a normal visit, and we do not want to alarm your husband, right?”

“True, I hate when he gets paranoid. Actually, whenever I stand less him”.

The doctor shakes his head.

“I think we can fix that”.

They get into a car. Kaoru is more and more quiet, another effect of the smoke.

“Did you also put it into the car?”

“Do not worry about that. Do not worry about anything! I am taking care of you”.

But Kaoru can hardly understand the meaning of those words. She see auras again. The doctor's one put a suspicion that he is hiding something, but she does not care. The driver’s aura, however, is strangely black. Where has she seen her black auras? But she does not feel any threat.

When they leave the vehicle, there is a woman waiting for them. She knowns her.

“Jabi ...”

“Hello, Kaoru. Welcome”. To the group: “Come on, we haven’t time to waste”.

Kaoru knows Jabi should not be here, but she has a hard time articulating words, and she merely can babble. She looks, like in a dream, the Makai priestess making passes in the air with his magic brush.

“It’s ready” she says, “we can enter”.

This group: Jabi, the doctor, Kaoru and the driver of the car, walk quickly. Kaoru feels more presences, who comes to greet her, and she is carried on wings, not being aware of treading the ground. More incense. The preseneces look to take shape, first in the curling smoke, later they are shadows beyond. They enter into a building, or so. Dark, impressive. Many people around her, curious, crazyly happy, thirsty for revenge. Surround her. They acclaim her. Someone says she has to fix a great injustice. Kaoru does not know what he's talking about, she just feels. And, she feels that all these people expect much from from her.

She does not notice when they stop walking, nor when they take her up somewhere. A great light comes on. Suddenly, the mists of her mind rush away.

She is in an unknown, dark place, with a light under her feet, and with the only company of three people.

“C’mon, Kaoru” Jabi exclaims. “It’s time to claim your heritage. Remember who you are!”

*   *   *

It started when I got married. No, just a bit before. Seen in perspective, I know this should not have happened, but there were other forces operating in our lives, ones that we did not suspect.

Our wedding was set for two months later, but Kouga succumbed to his instincts, something very uncharacteristic. It was a real seduction. He seemed to know exactly what to do, where to touch, how to kiss. My strength faltered and I could not contain him. The following times, I did not even try.

One night I let myself to be carried away by my curiosity. How could he know my own body better than myself? I could not imagine Kouga reading a romance novel, or going to a public library to get a book about sexuality, and God knows I did not think it was never in his hands any pornographic magazine. Bothered, he released himself from me and turned back, willing to ignoring me, but I did not let him, I was truly intrigued. Finally, he confessed he did the first thing that came to his mind, he himself got surprised about, and he admitted that a book had an influence.

I remember the book. He brought it from the Temple of Darkness. There was the spell of the shield of time whith which he wanted to keep me from the death. There was also another form of protection: a sort of “Makai marriage”, with some detailed descriptions of rituals, some of them extremely erotic. It was hard to convince him to translate a few paragraphs. Later, after the pregnancy woke my perception, every time I saw Kouga reading this book, I watched him was being assaulted by the shadows that had come into the house inside of it and, since then, they came and went at ease. Sometimes they explored around and inside me and my child. They did not seem threatening, so I dida not thought necessary to inform Kouga, as I did not want he to be fixed on protect me for the umpteenth time.

On the other hand, the next appointment I did to Dr. Kobayashi after confirming my pregnancy, was the first in which that odious incense was burned. Not only the smell was not particularly pleasant, but it clouded my mind. But now, at this time, I remember everything the damned drug concealed from me on this and subsequent appointments.

By puncture on the belly and vaginally, he accedded the fetus. He said he was adding a foreign DNA to makespecial special child. Thanks to the pregnancy my body would accept it, and my mind and my heart would be influenced by the baby. I needed it, he said, to get me ready to my great destiny. At some point I knew that Dr. Kobayashi had been replaced by a Bariri horror. I saw it in its true form, and I saw the true doctor too, bound and gagged. I forgot all about that after the effects of the incense disappeared.

Apparently my numbness kept me from understanding the meaning of it all, or even drugged, I would have escaped at any price. I complained that incense made me to hallucinate, but the doctor insisted that it was useful to relax as he scaned me, and he did not listen to me anymore.

Some strange things began to happen: some people with striking black auras came and watched me with interest. I knew they were possessing horrors, but I did not feel any fear. I felt attracted to the underworld of the city. I walked through its streets and alleys with pride, feeling happy. I suspect that, somehow, I wanted to test myself. I began to intrude myself on individuals who previously I would have avoided at any cost, but I was put aside, pregnant cravings, they said. Finally I decided since I was only one, it was better not to tempt my fate. I picked on some unfortunate people at work. I had very little tolerance for Kouga’s eccentricities.

He or she is my child, yeah, but no longer Kouga’s. My baby is a horror. My baby has given me strength. Since I started dealing with the false Dr. Kobayashi I have not been afraid about anything! And I have not said “yes” when I meant “no”.

My child has made me free!

I am ready to assume my new life. Yes, I will be a worthy mother to my baby.

“I'm ready” , I tell Jabi, with a smile of confidence.

She climbs to the platform on which I am.

“D’you know where we are?”

“Inside the Temple of Darkness?”

“Exactly. As we put you up here, a passage to another world was ready”. She makes herself solemn. “C’mon, Kaoru, fly to the other dimension. They wait for you. They wait for their queen!”

Jabi did a few magical passes. And we both disappear.