divendres, 12 de febrer de 2010

GARO Fanfic - "The Temple of Darkness." Planning.

I did the Exiled's Return to become first part of a series I am going to call The Temple of Darkness. Well, it will be a trilogy. The second part, which I have already finished to write, has not a right title for it, yet. I am currently developing the third part, and the way it is planned to finish makes me to foresee an epilogue.

At the end of the second part, the reader will realize that this series might get a lot of "prequels". Do not expect them yet: despite that I find it appealing, I am not inspired yet. About of possible sequels, the few that I would foresee shoud to be fit before the epilogue. Nor, do not expect them, but, who knows what fate future keeps!