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GARO Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 4

Chapter 4: Seduction

Poisoned Edge knows that its great moment is near. Once again it congratulates itself to find Kaoru: the young human woman also keeps in her mind the key to destroy Garo, and this is what it is doing. To get him angry was not its plan, never, because it would have little chance to defeat him. Indeed, facts proved that he could become another abomination.

Because of Kiva  and Barago, the Bariri horrors were forced into the exile. Abominations are not only predators, but do not tolerate any competition. And because of Kiva, Meshia had been asleep and left unable to care for them. No more abominations!

It raises its Kaoru’s eyes toward Rei, the Makai Knight who expects to conquer her. He’s so dreamy. It will deal with him afterwards. But it should be careful: he has looked at it several times with suspicion.

“Kaoru” he interrupts its thoughts “what’s happening?”

“Now, nothing at all”. She gave him the best smile within Kaoru’s repertoire.

But he does not smile, and Poisoned Edge begins to suspect she has done something she should not, in spite she does not recall to lower her guard.

“ I needed to get off from that house!”  she tries to explain. “I lacked air, and safety!”

“Even in cases of severe mistreatment, the most of couples take pretty time to stop loving each other, but you have done it quickly”.

The horror, which has not found anything as that within Kaoru's mind, feels that the knight is about to uncover her, she need to improvise. She approaches him, slowly, and trying to sadden her eyes. She caresses both his arms.

“I don’t know. It’s happened. How important is it?” Her hands reach the young man’s neck.

“Really" her host went on, somewhat tired and resigned,  “ar’you taking advantage of my feelings, too?”

Kaoru/Poisoned Edge did not let transpire any surprised in front of the knight’s vulnerability.

“Rei ...”

“Hav’you ever loved Kouga?”

“If that's what you think about me, why did you help me?”

Her host does not respond. He, himself, does not know why he does it. Humans are surprisingly manipulable. So many possibilities for some Bariri with initiative!”

“Well," she finishes and turns her back to him. ”I'll go, I won’t force you to do anything”.

She turns her head slightly back towards the young man, her eyes almost tearful.


Before she did the second step to the door, she feels caught her arm. Poisoned Edge can not suppress a smile of triumph. Not only she does not turn back, but her head falls forward smoothly.

“Don’t leave”.

*     *     *

After only two days, Rei forgot his fears about Kaoru’s apparent cruelty. Rather, he works hard forgetting it. So, he wants to give her a beautiful necklace that belonged to Shizuka. As she has gone to work, he looks for it to give her a surprise when coming back.

But that necklace, which he remembers very well, is not among Shizuka’s jewels. Is it lost? A memory comes to him as once she lost an earring, or a bracelet, without an apparent cause, and some time later it appeared also mysteriously enough, when its owner had lost any hope of finding it. He used to tell her, as a joke, that if she did not watch better, some day the gnomes were going to take her away.

Walking guided by his instinct, he smiles as she realizes where he has arrived. The underground of the house. Shizuka and he had explored it hundreds of times, and it had been their favorite place to play hide-and-seek. It is a room, a cellar, two storage rooms, and a hidden passageway cut into the rock, which leads to a few hundred meters away, and whose end was sealed shortly after he was adopted by the Silver Knight, to avoid childish pranks. Time ago, it must have been a very handy outlet. Rei walks, nostalgic, and a bit sad because Kaoru does not seem the type of girls who explores with you.

Suddenly, he cocks an ear. What’s that?

Just when he thinks that he begins to imagine weird things, he hears something again. A whimper? Nonsenses, who can be here! But he furthers into the dark passage, and then he have no doubts anymore: someone is crying softly.

“Who’s here?” His voice is high, clear, imperative.

The sobs end.

“Who’re you?” insists the owner of the place.

“Help! Help me, please” said an exhausted female voice.