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GARO Fanfic – Blood call, 3

Chap. 3: Queen’s return

Kouga tries to sleep and has been stripped from the waist up to make it possible, but without any success. Still no signs of Kaoru's whereabouts, although he has spent the whole day looking for them. Only a faint indice of a rare gas allowed him to suppose that she had been drugged to get her out of the house. But the trail was lost in the garden.

Neither Jabi says a word. His childhood friend said she would study the movements of the world's energy level, and will tell the results. Still waiting.

By mid-afternoon he began to feel cold, an unnatural coldness, as if he was sick, and this was something that made him fear a disaster. Now, he does not tremble anymore, but he feels to carry with him an overwhelming weight. He should go to Kantai to see what has been achieved Jabi.

“Kouga, something is coming!”

Zaruba's tone is unusually alarming. The young man jumps from bed and grabs his sword, at the same time he hears a loud noise of breaking wood. Before he rushed downstairs he stops short.

“Kaoru!” , he shouts, his heart jumping for joy. Joy which fades away when he realizes that something is not working as it should.

The girl is at the foot of the stairs, looking at him, serious, concentrated, as studying him.


She still does not react.

“Zaruba?”, he says quietly.

“She’s not what she seems”, the tiny metal head replies.

“Is she possessed?”

“No, but ... Not possible!”

“What?”, the knight urges.

“It’s Meshia!”

“This’ stupid. You know I finished her”.

“Yes. And yet, she is”.

The following silence is soon broken by the soft noise of the girl climbing the stairs quietly. She stops in front of him.

“Hello, Kouga”.

 A smile. Kaoru's smile, the color of her eyes, the shape and size of her body, her face. She stretches out her hand of an artist. He takes and kisses it.

“Where were you?”, he says. “I felt worried”.

“You’re always worried. You’re an expert”.

He did not expect such a derogatory comment from the woman of his life, and decides to ignore it.

“But I'm not here to lecture you”, she continues.

By the hands that bind them, the woman leads him into the bedroom, and to the bed.

“I’m here for you to become a father”.

Then, Kouga realizes that Kaoru's belly has lost its swelling. And looks at her, surprised.

“Yes”, she says, “those stupid Bariri didn’t foresee my transformation would kill my son. I fulminated them, literally”.

Coldness, almost indifference with such serious words, make Kouga to begin to consider Zaruba’s point of view.

“What did you do to Kaoru?”

“I'm Kaoru”.

He says nothing. His mind showed him reasons for and against.

“Don’t believe me? Then, I’ll show you the ultimate test”.

She pushes him with surprising strength, he does fall on the bed and she puts herself astride. She rest her hands on the shoulders of the bewildered young man, holding him against the bed, and her face comes close to his until he can hear her soft breathing. Then, she kisses him. She takes over his mouth as if it were conquered territory. No affection, no tenderness, no passion. A kiss that steals everything and nothing offers. This being flaunts deny all what Kaoru is.

His face makes her laugh.

“It looks I'm too much woman for you”.

“What have you done to Kaoru?”, he insists.

“Kaoru’s here. She hears what you sais and she’s surprised because you aren’t able to recognize her if it doesn’t behave like a sweet little flower. The concept of love which you have, humans, is exclusivist and distressing. You all are unable to recognize the soul of the beloved being it it does’nt meet your expectations. You all are full of prejudices. You’re so small, so insignificant, and so limited”.

But Kouga can see Kaoru herself whithin this woman's, he has seen her through her eyes. So, his distress is greater.

“What could make you to be interested in one insignificant being as I am?”

“Kaoru, of course. Meshia’s been so long away from the human world that her concept of beauty is highly debatable. You’d see how her world is”.

“It’ss pure dryness”.

“You’ve not seen the other one which she created within the basement”. This talk about Meshia third-person, is shooting in Kouga the feeling of talking to Kaoru. “An entire ecosystem depends on the contributions by her own physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. Both, when she was in full possession of her faculties, as when she was unconscious by Kiva, she fed her own world. When you killed her, a certain crisis occurred. The priests of Meshia kept both her and her blood as much as they could. Her dead body still feeds the horrors. Her blood runs through my veins and my being is completely transmuted. I am both of them, Meshia and Kaoru, mixed in such a way that you couldn’t understand”.

She is still sitting on his belly.

“I am the creator and maintainer of a whole world. And thanks to your precious Kaoru, I want this world to have beauty. I’ll breed another race of horrors, they’ll be be beautiful, but I need some fresh DNA. You’re being the father of this new breed”.

Kouga wants to get up, but she nails him back against the bed.

“A beautiful and powerful human being like you, and Kaoru's body, are giving to my children these virtues, and will make them suitable for mixing among humans. And in some few generations, mankind will know me as their queen”.

“You're crazy!”

Kaoru laughs again.

“I’ll have to do something with such a narrow-mindedness, I don’t want it for my children”.

She steals him a kiss again, despite his opposition. She whispers at his ear.

“You’ll be confined where only I could access and draw out your seeds according I needed them. I’ll manipulate the embryos to give my children the attributes that enable them to survive amid the horrors now existing, and I’ll make them intelligent, manipulative, strong, murderers, whatever it was hidden whithin your genes!”

Kouga bursts.

“You can’t manipulate the genes of anyone! Nor are getting anything from me!”

She laughed again, leaning back. She stops roughly. One of her nails makes a scratch on his bare chest. With the tip of a finger, remove a drop of blood from the wound and forces him to look at it closely”.

“See? Right now, my body is analyzing your blood. Afterward it’s searching the compatibilities and incompatibilities with mine. Then,  it’s isolating your genes. At the end, most of what my body can not adapt, it would be susceptible to genetic manipulation from outside. I know a lot about this: I created a world. And I created its inhabitants. Beside ...” She gets up off him and sits at his side, which allows him to sit on the bed, "you can’t prevent your body to do what it should”. She stretches out his hand until about twenty centimeters from his belly.

Kouga feels humiliated as his body responds to her mysterious call. With a snarl of rage, he throws the back of his forearm against her face. Meshia jumps over the bed and stands on the floor. He must control himself to keep him from attacking her. Just if he would not know his beloved one was there...

“In one year”, she goes on, quietly, as if nothing happened, “I estimate we’ll having between one hundred and three hundred children. Some will die in the process, but it’s unavoidable when you’re experiencing with a new blood and with the input of a new female body”.

Kouga already denies to look at her, and snorts with contempt.

“Between one hundred and three hundred? So, you don’t plan giving birth to your children by youself?”

His words are loaded with so much sarcasm as he can put, which is not much, but he is not sure he want to know the answer: he fears what she will come out.

She shakes her head, as if in disbelief.

“You don’t remember”, she says as a mother might say to her son, “my normal height is enormous, according to human thoughts. In addition, a seventy percent of my body is capable of bear a fetus”.

His head turns in the opposite direction, disgusted, hurt and angry. He has to admit it: Kaoru no longer exists.

In two quick motions, Kouga jumps out of the bed and picks up his sword from the floor. He is about to summon his armor, but something stops him when his weapon is ready to open the gateway: the gentle triumphant smile of Meshia is expanding.

“Are you so glad that I'm going to kill you again?” he tells her.

“So, when it’s going to happen, before or after your armor will make you to become mine?”

He remains motionless. He admits that the future that is waiting for him, and without Kaoru, has no incentive. He is determined to die taking Meshia away with him, but he is full of anger, and he knows what can happen if he can not finish her at the appointed time.

“Zaruba,”  he whispers to the ring, “is she alone?”

“Very near, perhaps in the garden, there’re about twenty horrors and about twenty human, perhaps Bariris”.

“They are” Meshia adds, still smiling.

His raised arm trembles with impatience, but he hesitates.

“You ended up that betrayer Kiva, and deserve that I allow you to choose” she says. “Which d'you prefer: occupying the place he rejected beside me, or you'll resign to become a drone, and I’ll have to protect you from your own children? I will, of course, but they’ll have the right to know you, and will want to play with you”.

Kouga's doubts begin to vanish.

“Sure” she adds, "you’ll be pride that they come to show their human boyfriends and girlfriends to you. And knowing your grandchildren!"

His sword in up completes the interdimensional circle. The light turns on within the room. Kouga is obfuscated, and Meshia celebrates it laughing, and leaving the room hurriedly. She has taken refuge among the horrors in the garden, for he to fall as the time is spent. He knows it, but he does not care.

“Kouga, stop!”  Zaruba shouts. “You can’t do this again!”

“I won’t allow her to reamain alive!”

The armor couples its holder, and he is chasing his prey.

“Don’t you see?” the speaking ring insists. “She’s deliberately stirred you up. She wants you to transform!”

His master ignores him, but he does not yield.

“On behalf of the Sacred Order of the Makai Knights, stop and listen to what I have to say. Now!”

Kouga does not know why his career has slowed, but some feelings about the last time he undertook this dark path have begun to invade him. They are feelings repeled by his heart, but they do not make a dent in his mind: he knows that Meshia should not achieve her purpose to use him so abominably. But he should not cross the line, he can not betray himself again, and who have entrusted his mission to him. Neither, to the humanity to which he has sworn to protect.

“Listen, Kouga, this’s important”, Zaruba repeats in his determined effort to his owner to come to.

Wearing his armor, Kouga notices that his skin, shaking of excitement, hits the metal”.

“Kaoru is still within her” the tiny speaking ring sais.

“No. She's worse than possessed: Meshia has swallowed and digested her. She’s not recoverable”.

“She is. She still shows her existence: she need your hate”.

“What a human being need the hatred by others?”

“Meshia isn’t human and has no feelings, but Kaoru is and has. As she hates you, this’s the only way now she can show her love, don’t you see? She's here, and still loving you!"

Even against his will, the young man thinks about. He do not want to maintain a relationship based on hatred, he is not sure that such a thing will give a hope to him.

“If you give your impulses up”, Zaruba continues, “both of you’ll isolate within your private hell, formed by the duality power and hate. Is this what you want?”

“The choice isn’t better”.

Kouga's mind has already stopped fighting. He knows what to do, but he is not sure that being captured and manipulated by Meshia was he best choice.

“Indeed” the tiny metal head sais. "She’ll submit your heart to a hard test, perhaps for a long time. Many humans may be contaminated and killed in the process. But if you can keep your whole heart, if you keep reminding Kaoru as she was, even knowing she’s inside that monster, there will a possibility that humanity hidden in her could surface and, therefore, Meshia might be defeated. Hate and love are the same, simply it’s a change of point of view”.

The armor is fired.

He takes a moment to gather his courage to face his new fate, one where his Makai Knight skills will not help. Only his own humanity can fight this battle.