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GARO Fanfic – Blood call, 5

Cap. 5: Check to the Queen

The revelations of the bright being do that the four humans’ faces darken. The main charged one looks at them with obvious contempt, as if listening and witnessing nonsenses believed by others. She does not have time to make any ironical comment, as the bright being speaks to his or her audience again.

“Do you think it is time to begin to decrease the weight that oppresses your species?”

“No doubt”, Jabi answers immediately.

Meshia’s shout echoes in the room.

“Slaves remain silent!”

Suddenly, the horrors attack the knights and Jabi, who are in absolute minority. Meshia takes advantage of the confusion to try to open the gateway of the Temple again. But she can not move. And, little by little, the horrors are falling to an unexplainable drowsiness. Then, Meshia and the four somewhat battered humans realize that there are six bright beings else over them.

But, Meshia does not surrender. She is able to open the gateway only with her mind. Then she does realize that her muscles are not the only immobilized: her whole body is completely isolated from the environment. An invisible net, but a real one, surrounds her and pins her where she remains.

A new attempt. Her body starts to grow with the power of her superior biology. She gets to absorb the net. However, the seven luminous beings begin to throw a number of strands of purple light that drain her energy, slowly. A burst of red light fills the room due to the sudden glow by Meshia’s body, but decreases in intensity until it disappears. Shortly after, she returns to the human size and falls to the floor, overcome by exhaustion.


Kouga, who had listened with great interest the exposure by the floating being, and hopes to escape from the dreadful fate that would be imposed by Meshia, is very surprised to be able to get the growing fear from the one who wants him so badly. He gets up on the platform of the altar, next to her, and tries to help her up, but the bright fibers continue working.

“Stop it”, he tells to his unexpected saviors.

“Stay away from her, don’t be crazy!” Tsubasa shouts, rising also until the couple is.

But Kouga does not listen. He only has eyes for the smile she does to him. Kaoru’s drained smile. He has no illusions: he knows that both of them remain as a single being, but she also knows he is the only one whom she can expect some help now.

“The gateway is open”, she whispers, “help me to cross over”.


“Cut the strands with your sword”.

“My sword was forged to deal with some very different energies. It won’t work”.

“I know”. She takes his face betweem her hands and kisses him briefly. “But now I've seen that, despite everything, you still love me and would do everything for me”.

“You don’tt understand anything about love”. His voice is as sad as decisive.

“Thanks to Kaoru I’m remembering. I knew a lot of love. It was ubiquitous when I was serving in this temple”.

“So, how could you forget it?”

“I didn’t even notice”.

“You gave your back to it consciously, Emersie”, one of the luminous beings interrupts. “When you tried to convince your daughter to contiue your work of destruction in our world, and she refused. Her soul remained untouched, and you wanted to understand it as a betrayal to your person. Then you got aware of the ego by the first time, which won over you. Since then you're just an ego, do not fool yourself”.

“Stop talking about the past”, she concludes it, ignoring her ethereal accuser and looking at Kouga. “You can not let them kill me, you know”.

He feels a hand resting on his shoulder firmly.

“Don’t listen to her anymore”, Tsubasa says. “ She only cares about her own skin, and won’t hesitate to sacrify you. She isn’t Kaoru.”

Kouga glances to him. He knows it's useless to say to him she is.

“I know she’d sacrifice me”, he replies, “but not as the way you think”.

He gets up and speaks to the seven floating beings.

“What will you do with her?”

“The blood of both of them has been locked in a way that it will not be possible to separate them until they die”, one of them replies. “Until then, we will proceed with another type of surgery. We will wrest Emersie’s soul from Kaoru’s body and will separate as much of her mind as possible. We will disable as much of Meshia’s genetic contributions as Kaoru’s body could operate as an integral being. Then, to avoid the undesirable effects of which remained within her etereal bodies shall be submitted to the Transmuting Fire”.

The silence that follows is soon interrupted by Jabi.

“Can you do all that?”

“With your help, we can. Emersie knows it is possible”.

“What are going to be the consequences for Kaoru?” Kouga says.

“The risk is great. Another reason why we need your help is that, as you all are of the same species and similar vibration than her, you will adapt our energy flow to one tolerable by her. Still, the process is complicated and some things may fail. Even, if all goes well, some consequences from the fussion will remain”.

Definitely, Kouga finally admits, Kaoru has disappeared. In the best case she will be changed. Should we go ahead with the plan? Would not it be better to release both of them? He looks at the woman lying half with deep compassion and, again, lows at her side.

She grabs the lapel of his coat to try to be more right.

“I want to live!” Her request is barely a whisper. “The gateway is open: you just have to raise your arm in the air while my mind helps, and we’ll be safe on the other side!” The tightening in his eyes makes her to change tactics. “You don’t know what I can do for you: the armor of the Makai Knights are my invention. I’ll give you a power like you never had!”

“I don’t hear Kaoru anymore” the knight says coldly, “your anxiety has banished her, and this will continue if I do what you say”.

“That's not true! We both just want what rightfully belongs to us: life. I offer all I have in order to survive, it’s so surprising? I never had to negotiate with anyone, but now I have to do it and I do it. What I'm offering is leaving me intact, and makes no sense to think that afterwards I’ll break my word. You don’t want we to live together? Oh, come on, what do you think it meant when I went looking for you at home? Meshia doesn’t need you, but Kaoru does!"

He attempts not forgetting that she wants just to increase his doubts to escape her fate. He remember that Kaoru once asked him to kill her because she would not cause troubles to him. Kaoru has fled. She has very little chance to develop as a human beings with Meshia there. The less of her, the more chances to Kaoru. He turns towards the luminous beings, getting on feet.

“What are we going to do?”


The cry by the unhappy one can be heard clearly. She grabs his leg in desperation. Kouga looks at her back, unable to hide his uneasiness. Those beautiful and pleading eyes, the risk her to die, to know that whatever happed he will lose her. Although he feels his heart breaking, he understands that he only can hope saving her soul.

“We need your power of Makai Knights” one of the bright outsiders replies. “Call on your armor and the Madou Fire. Move to the platform surounding her. Jabi, you should be able to make those three fires to become a triangle, and maintain it. If everything gets well, the triangle will become a prism and will lock Emersie whithin. Jabi, seeks to maintain the integrity of that cage: note that there will be some variations about the intensity, quality and type of energy, as required. Knights, this will require from you to be able to withstand these energies, and someone may feel to be failed. You must keep you unharmed”.

“Sir”, Rei adds, “I guess you know that our armor has a limited time of use”.

“In normal circumstances, it has. The energies that we are going to use are divine, and they counteract the demonic nature of the armors”.

“Then” Jabi asks, “would it not be better to avoid them?”

“Your human bodies would succumb to their intensity. That is why you, Jabi, can not stand with them and have another mission”.

Rei and Jabi join Kouga and Tsubasa on the altar. Kouga, who as the luminous being talked had noticed that Meshia grabbed his leg more and more weakly, parts from her. All three knights are at their place. Jabi is the outside of the triangle to be. The men invoke their armor, which fit.

From the froor, the woman in the center raises her arms to Kouga, as if was calling him at her side. Almost immediately he feels as though something heavy beats hard and almost knocks him down, and his armor begins to vibrate. By the time Rei can immobilize her arm, the vibration is almost finished.

She smiles. Kaoru’s smile.

“What hav’you done to me?” the alarmed and angry Kouga asks.

“A gift,” she says, enigmatically.

“Nothing affecting your immediate task” the floating beings involve. “Do not worry”.

This is not an explanation convincing to any of the human being there. The lightning outsiders accept to explain them.

“Kouga, Meshia destroyed a world and must bear the consequences. Similarly, Kaoru and you have chosen you to each other: she with all her circumstances and nature, and you with all yours. Doing so,  both of you have created your own destiny”.

“ Do you mean” Kouga asks, “that is Kaoru’s fate of having become Meshia?”

“Believing in fate is reassuring because you are acquitted of anything”  the incorporeal being answers, “but the more you let in the hands of any external factor, you will have less power to influence anything, not even in your own life. You know that, Kouga, you always used your power to overcome the most extreme circumstances. Why believing that Kaoru has used her own power is so hard for you?”

“I do not think she was aware of that”.

“Your world is like it is because you humans use your power without knowing it”.

Jabi gets close to Kouga and tells him about the ear:

“I'm afraid it was a ploy to make you doubt by Meshia. I see nothing rare in your armor”.

“So, she sent only kinetic energy”.

She sighs.

“Really, I don’t know what she has sent. Her knowledge is unknown to me. Everything in her is strange”.

Kouga agrees that nothing can be done. So he decides to believe that Kaoru has interfered and there will not be bad consequences.

“We wear the armor and time runs”, he decides at last, and aloud: “Let’s begin”.

“Knights”, one of the floating beings says “ignite the fire. Jabi, you can begin to combine them as they have done”.

As soon as the three fire are mixed, each of the seven beings send down a green ray into the newly formed triangle of light, increasing its intensity and its tinging it. Meanwhile, three softer beams –blue, yellow and pink– part from one of the beings to Jabi.

A scream of pure terror tells Kouga that Kaoru is fully aware of what is going to happen, and he doubts. Jabi and realizes and warns him.

Shortly after the cage was closed and light flooded inside, a increased green beam coincides with a piercing scream by torture. Kouga loses some of its determination.

“Kouga!” Jabi shouts frightening. “Please!”

He does not realize it, but she does: another triple beam blue, yellow and pink, descended to him and slowly regains his strength, and screams no longer affect his work.

The light blue replaces green in this treatment. Meshia stops screaming. Then, pink light remains and, finally, a violet one. None of them know when the victim fell into unconsciousness.

*   *   *

The room is dark. The light beings have disappeared. Also the asleep horrors that filled the room. And the gate of the temple is closed.

Jabi is sitting on her knees, hands flat on the floor, panting.

The three men, already without their armor, are also looking for strong support of the floor in different forms. Rei grabs his stomach as if to vomit. Tsubasa seems to be crushing his head with his own hands. Kouga tries to contain the terrible stinging feeling within his heart.

In their midst, the lone figure of Kaoru remains, unconscious, and finally, her face calmed.

Nobody knows how much time has passed, but they do not care. One by one, the four ones are falling victim to a restful sleep.