dilluns, 24 d’agost de 2009

Garo Fanfic – Exiled’s return, 2

Chapter 2: Infiltrated

When Kouga brought Kaoru home from the hospital, he would have wanted to stay beside her, but he had to get out. He is furious. Why on earth she was scratched in that way? What kind of degenerated beings have humans become? He wants to teach a lesson to the guy who did that, but he can not, that is the duty of the police.

He get out to the garden to refresh his head, but he realizes that he really needs to puch somebody, and try to get into the house again, to the training room, but someone is approaching. What is she doing there? When has she left her room?

“Kaoru, you shouldn’t have got up, you know what the doctor said: a few days to rest to facilitate flesh regeneration”.

“Okay, okay, I’m getting back. So boring!”

Both entered.

“And now, right to the bed” he said, almost pushing her.

“I can go alone, right?”

Kouga, resignatedly, lets her go and follows his path. It seems that there is something strange in her but, well, it must be something about her injury. Or his own bad temper.

*     *     *

Poisoned Edge sighs with relief. It would have not like bump into the true Kaoru, at least until it needed her again. But it has to see how her bandage was put. Too much it have had to juggle to hide his intact arm from Garo.

But now, inside the enemy headquarters, no one has detected its presence, because the transformation process is completed and includes the aura of the original subject. As a result, it knows her way of thinking, has her memories and effectively hides its nature, even to the madou jewel of a Makai Knight.

When it looked for a place to hide until dark, and may consider the bandage of its original subject, it hears what he knows is that the doorbell. Another human one in the house. It must find a place, now!

It enters into a small room with brooms and various objects, and sticks its ear to the door. Kaoru knows that voice, which brings a series of images, memories. This other Makai Knigh that has come to visit her is very interesting.

While waiting for the house to sleep, Poisoned Edge makes its plan to defeat Garo who, according to the memories of the horrors which it replaced in preparation for this trip through the world of the humans beings, had finished the infamous Barago and Kiva (true abominations) and, a more seriously, with Meshia. When it destroy Garo, the whole underworld will hail it as the heir to Meshia, and it will reclaim her powers, now that it knows which they are!

Poisoned Edge was stunned by its good luck. It could not ever ever remotely imagined that the body it chose to copy was owned by the Mother of Horrors, but there is no doubt, because in Kaoru’s DNA remains a configuration that its antennae identified immediately. But even in her aura has an imprint of that experience. It can not avoid feeling some afection to the being copied: she is the right container for it, as it was for Her. What a ace when it returns, triumphant, to the underworld! It wish it could come back with this body! Would not wear away as much as to force him to keep the original subject alive!

*     *     *

Rei does not know how he could take it. Kaoru, who had come to his house while still recovering from a serious wound, and who asked him to remain until the next day, leaving the home of his devoted and protective boyfriend, scares him. What kind of woman would do that? She must have sensed his confusion, because she hastens to add:

“Help me, Rei. Kouga does not want to be with me. He prefers to train for hours. Not even this” she momentarily turned her head toward her injured arm, “is enough reason for him. All my efforts annoy him, and he always does the decissions belonging to me. He needs to sort out his priorities. I hope my absence makes him good!”

The young man had guessed such a problem between the couple because the unsocial nature of the Golden Knight, but he had no idea they were so serious as to lead out Kaoru, and now.

“I'm sorry to hear that, but I think you should give him another chance, you know how much he loves you”.

“Really? I wonder if...”

The coolness used by Kaoru was so unexpected that Rei’s barriers collapsed. Could Kouga’s selfishness and stubbornness have killed the young woman’s love? Now, Rei watches her with a different sight. He does not know whether to be upset or happy for it.

“OK, stay here. Tomorrow...” he was about to say that tomorrow he would intercede for her in front of his friend, “ ...We'll talk tomorrow.

*     *     *

That night, a confused Kouga tries to decide quickly how to react to Kaoru’s effusive embrace, just arrived from work. Not only this morning she ignored his advice to rest for a couple of days, but she came at midmorning, she interrupted his training and said ...

He does not know why she looks so much surprised that he is not in the same mood. Does he really expect to hold her return as if nothing had happened? She accused him of being unsensitive and a dictator. He admits that his mind faltered when she began to weep, and reproached him that if he truly loved her he’d give freedom to act. She wanted to redecorate "all" the house, and to paint the outside walls with red blood. However such an insane demand, he would have given up ... if she had not apostilled "I'm sure Rei would accept it”. What was up with Rei, Kouga wondered, and still wonders, while trying to watch Kaoru's eyes and see what game is in hand. He had believed to know her enough.

Puzzled, the boy frees himself from her embrace, rather abruptly. The incomprehension on the girl's face makes him feel even more cheated and hurt. And without any word, he turns and walks away.