diumenge, 7 de març de 2010

GARO Fanfic - Exiled's return, 10

Chapter 10: “H” hour

With his habitual kindness, Gonza had helped her to get up, and now they walk in the garden.

“Miss Kaoru, you are too confined. You need a bit of fresh air” he had said.

Kaoru knew he was right, and although she disliked to disobey Kouga, she followed the good man who just wanted her good.

“ It’s a great temperature. I think this walk it's going to fit me”.

“Of course. Do not worry about anything,” he insists.

The girl does not suspect as they approached the grove, she knows Gonza is trustworthy. So, when they reach the trees and some people begin to come near, she merely look at them in amazement.

“Who are they?”

“They camped here momentarily”.

“D’you mean that Kouga has granted them his permission?”

“Not exactly”.

The group has surrounded both of them. The girl began to feel troubled and gripped Gonza’s arm.

“What ... what happens ...?”

He releases from her hand and says aloud.

“It’s she! Here she is!”

“How can we know it’s true?” a man who looks like a clerk asks.

Kaoru refuses to believe the suspecion that began to emerge.

“Gonza, what is this?”

The fake butler ignores her, and answers the others.

“Check it”.

He grabs Kaoru’s arm and tear open the bandage. She screams of surprise and terror in understanding.

“You know that if we test it we’ll lose our disguises”.

“Who cares! We're here, and it’s enough, right?”

Kaoru's legs weaken when six men begin to turn into horrors as the one who attacked her. Nothing else she can do, but scream in pain and mourn in despair when multiple antennae take turns to getting into the wound in her arm.

“ It’s a great finding” she hears someone to say. “But I think that having discovered it doesn’t entitles you to keep her”.

“It’d be my right” ‘Gonza’ replies “but her days are numbered: human biology rejects ours”.

“Of course, we’re different species. But, as you don’t know how to solve this little problem, marks you as a very bad leader. I'll keep her”.

Sitting on the floor, dirty with ground and strange substances, and no longer in tears, Kaoru notes stunned as all those beings lose their human shapes and begin to scream and fight. Fighting for her, she does not know why. Maybe she should take the commotion to escape to the house. She begins to move slowly to avoid to attract some attention.

A rare glow stains the afternoon. It comes quickly. The horrors stop their dispute. Among grunts of astonishment and rage, they give way to it. Garo, wrapped in green flames, has arrived to rescue her, and none of those things risk to be touched by them. Kaoru sobs in relief when her savior stops some few feet away. He yells.


She stands up shaky, and hurries, but she just may do a little trot. Garo moves around without pause, but soon is forced to lay off his armor.

He looks at her just a moment. However, she can not ignore that his hands and his face show serious burns. Then she remembers that she has always been forbidden to touch his armor because ‘it burns the skin’.

The horrors fall on them. Kouga manages to turn his sword with Fire and gets on scurrying around to protect her. But now the enemies arms themselves with knives, stones, sticks, metal pieces, and throw them to both of them. Kouga manages to reject many of these projectiles, but he can not be everywhere at once. Kaoru falls hit on her head by a spanner.